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  1. Great thanks. Mainly was concerned about the bulb housing and wire getting hot but im replacing both with new stronger wires. The amp is only going up by about 0.5
  2. The discussion is in relation to the 12V 4W halogen parking light inside my Hella headlamps. Assuming that I have new wiring and bulb housing that can handle the increased wattage, can I increase the wattage from 4W to 10W? Checking the wiring, this globe is connected in parallel with the rear parking light which is also 10W. Should I change the associated fuse or just leave it?
  3. Just opened my garage stash and found these 5 brass Carl Dillenius roundels. Three of them have rings and all are compatible with 2002 hood. The only thing that confuse me is that two of the one's with rings (old font) have connecting rods top and bottom and one of the old font type with ring has left & right connecting rods that can be installed in 2002. The other two shiny brass roundels with newer type font also have top and bottom connecting rods which make this a challenge. How come one of the older type had compatible connecting roods with 2002 but the other two old and two new are up and bottom? I assume the ones with ring are for 700 and the other two could be 1600GT or Isetta? Has anyone removed and re-attach the connecting rods to suit 2002 mounting holes? How did you go about doing that?
  4. I've glued that back on on my previous 02 with no problem what so ever. Just make sure the counter weight piece thats on the back of the brass plate is in tact. There is no need to spend any money.
  5. I wont be registering any details on any site not directly associated with bmw2002faq. Stickers are nice but smaller the better. I'm running out of space!
  6. Yes they use koni adjustables but they have their own custom valves fitted. Also comes with adjustable castors. What other setups are available? I'm interested. Thanks
  7. If this happened here, I'd ask you who had the keys to the car overnight. If the mechanic, then I could recover everything you lost including you're taxi fare to the mechanic shop. I'm not familiar with your laws in US but I'm sure there are ways to get compensation.
  8. Thanks, I appreciate it but this has already been sourced from Hal. Cheers
  9. Looking for a used set of GC front & rear coilovers preferably with adjustable camber plates. Please get in touch.
  10. Any condition as long as it doesn't have physical damage, I can have it rebuilt. Get in touch.
  11. Yes no convensional boosters. Im using e21 pedals for test but also testing electric vacuume remote pump.
  12. Thanks Andrew. The AP racing historic calipers are good but I'm looking for a step up. Here is a picture of AP racing setup I saw here on faq last year. I cannot remember whos car this is but I like to know the model number of these calipers.
  13. I have access to mill and lathe. What need to be done? What year model Porsche 911s caliper are you using? Thanks
  14. I like to stay away from Wilwood for reasons that are good for me. Car is boosted and will have occational track days but I'm interested to see if anyone made any progress in putting together a setup from other later model BMW's or recent cars that is working for them. Here is a brembo caliper off a Nissan Skyline with Ford XR8 discs (Aussie ford) mounted on tii struts which cleared 13" wheels. I dont have much more info on this setup but I'd be interested in similar setups with later model BMW calipers. I know there was a guy from Japan working on Mini Cooper S caliper kits for 2002 but I havent heard from him since.
  15. Has anyone tried any new setup / discoveries for tii caliper upgrade other than Wilwood (and E12/24)? Preferably lighter aluminium calipers.
  16. Is this still available? 😂
  17. @Reese M. I messaged you directly but I wasnt sure if you've got my message or replied back because my inbox was full. Are you still making these? I like to purchase one. Please get in touch if you're still making these. Cheers
  18. ray asked me to do this. [emoji16]
  19. How much HP are you seeking? Stock engine with a small turbo and arp studs can get you enough power on moderate boost without having to touch internals.
  20. Reminds me of my late grandpa. He used to add a lot of chilli to his food then complain and curse for it being too hot. Maybe 2002 is not modern enough for some.
  21. Why not drive a modern car? I just don’t get why people buy a classic and turn it into a modern car. I understand if a certain part is not available or it’s safer to upgrade things like brakes or seatbelt though.
  22. Nice work egas. Now sell me your old kleeblatt wheels! [emoji16]

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