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  1. Technically speaking the new reproductions are more desirable due to the “NOS” being almost half a century old and prune to complication. Having said so, I’ll consider a generous price if they’ve been stored and looked after adequately. PM me and let’s discuss.
  2. Thanks, could you send me some pictures please.
  3. Came from either 71-72 UK tii's. Not sure about the current ratio but it can be adjusted to your diff ratio. Missing one globe and has no cable. You can use your own cable. Will ship to USA with expedited shipping that include tracking and insurance.
  4. On back order. I was told the black/black ones are sold out.
  5. NOS, New or Used (Very Good Condition). Contact if you're hording. They're available once a year or so but I need it now. **Due to the cost and handling of this product, I will only consider paying via PayPal**
  6. Time to sell the Stuart Little wheels and upgrade to 15"'s. 😁
  7. You could try Dumond's water based paint and graffiti remover. Its safe on vynil. Order a free sample first.
  8. Always check seller's feedback. Not the feedback you see like 100% positive. That could be his buying feedback. Check the tab under his feedback and you can see he sold 4 items and received 2 negative feedbacks out of 4 items so 50%.
  9. Not popular in Australia either. I saw it on friend's 912 and immediately wanted it.
  10. Don’t be embarrassed. I left the sump plug out after changing oil. Expensive oil went in but then it was drained and mixed with old dirty oil in drain bucket under the car. That 4L Liqui Moli cost me $70 and total cost of oil was $140. If that happened to any of my mates, I would’ve used it against them on every drinking occasions. So remember me when when you feel embarrassed. I’m sure it’ll make you feel better. [emoji481]
  11. The only 02 catalogue I have is this. But it’s probably euro.
  12. Was yours factory/dealer installed?
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