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  1. No doubt but the topic of this debate and my comment here are in relation to cost. For example, “why should I pay a high price for Hurschmann red tip antenna when any other none original and cheaper antenna can do the same job”? So, you’d be correct if the topic of this debate was, “I want to make my car go faster and money is no object so I’m thinking of upgrading my cheaper aftermarket antenna to a NOS Hurschmann red tip antenna”. [emoji16] I should’ve used other examples like the $3k asking price for a NOS set of tii struts or $10k for a rebuilt 235/5 since these were actually correct parts for our cars.
  2. Funny how some people throw ridiculous amount of money on s14 swaps which doesn’t even pay for itself but have difficulty understanding the market price for a genuine period correct NLA part that was sold with the car.
  3. I hope this doesn’t represent your taste for the rest of your car though. [emoji16]
  4. Driv3r

    Best fitting period wheels

    I once bought an overpriced e30 for its 3 pcs Ronal turbos, true story. I’ve been searching for 15”x7 kleeblatts for years. Only seen them once in UK on a mk1. Here is a teaser for you [emoji3]
  5. Driv3r

    Hand Turned Burl Shift Knobs **Sales**

    Almost one week left until sale ends. Don’t miss out. You can also order matching shift knob to suit your steering wheel.
  6. Driv3r

    Intake manifold recommendations

    Very responsive engine on a stand. I wonder if it can rev the same in gear with the drag of the whole car though.
  7. Yes I did say early 02s. After checking the catalog, it seems that the black tip is Bosch and red tip Hirschmann was installed on cars came with sunroof during the period you mentioned.
  8. Hirschmann red tip antenna is an authentic 2002 part and it’s a rare item. Not just rare for 02s it’s also rare for VW and Porsche. If you have an early car then buy the red tip if you find one in fair price. It’s probably not suitable for cars with swapped engines since originality and correct period is not the aim.
  9. These Shift knobs are hand turned from Mahogany and Redwood Burl. Badges are solid brass and enamel. I have only two "Racing Heritage" and limited number of "2002tii 71-75" badges available in either Mahogany or Redwood burl (badges are interchangeable). Thread size is M15 x 1.5. Also have "Klassiker Rennen" badge ("Classic Racing") with Bavarian coat of arms as per the letter B in Bavarian Motor Werks. Shipping is included in the price to USA and is via expedited mail (7 working days). Current sale price is $70.55 USD (17% OFF usual price until 15th Jan). Have a merry Christmas and wonderful new year. [emoji318]
  10. Driv3r

    Volvo Sunroof cables

    Cables are longer which is fine but apparently they’re also taller and need modification. (As it was mentioned). I don’t know the Volvo part number though.
  11. We had a member who made metal tip Volvo cables compatible to 02. Does anyone remember who? Thanks
  12. Yes, and like dinosaurs, all honest and reliable mechanics are now extinct since the mid 80's. I do not trust any mechanics in Sydney, period. On the other hand, there are number of experienced engine builders, brake and clutch shops, suspension, steering and body shops that I know of in Sydney but I always open the part and take it there. My 02 stays in my garage thank you very much! lol
  13. Driv3r

    Window guide sliding piece

    I'm now looking for item 2, 17,18 & 21. Were you able to source these? Does anyone know if there're any reproductions?
  14. Find me one. I’ll give you $1000, you keep $500.