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  1. I’ve driven an e9 with m30b34 setup and had no problem at low rpm. Maybe it was setup differently but it did have injectors sitting on top of the trumpets. The sound and cool factor is my intention for this tii because it will be decorated and displayed at the auto warehouse bar that’s in the build. I’m going to have the faq to virtually build the motor for me by recommending the build list. Another option would be to use Alpina ITBs but injectors are installed at the intake entry not on top. I’ve priced this setup and costs are in excess of $12K just to buy the ITBs. What do you recommend? Also, do I need different injectors and pump or my current tii injectors and pump suffice? Cheers
  2. Would the butterfly turn it into variable intake size for high and low rev? Same thing that was installed on F1 cars back in the day.
  3. Hi all, I'm planning to rebuild my tii engine and want to know if there are other companies that still machine ITB's with injectors on top of the trumpets (see sample attached google pic). Also wondering if there is a shop somewhere that could rebuild and upgrade my oem fuel injection pump to keep up with the performance upgrades. At this stage im just gathering info.
  4. I've upgraded to EWP in 2017 and got rid of thermostat and since, havent had any issues with over heating, leak, corrosion or other associated issues with the ancient thechnology. Also no more belt drag on crankshaft.
  5. From my retirement funds to yours. 😁 Sadly lost mine when it was left tin the glovebox of the M6 I sold and the buyer refused to return for some weired reason. Its been in my head since then and I have to replace them. Surprisingly no one made me an offer yet!
  6. I went for Drenth DG400 because it was recommended to me by local racer. Its more than what I expected and probably an overkill for turbo 02. If you're only thinking of sequetial for street use, then definately extend your tunnel and use 265/6 (not dogleg) which is what I'm using on my 450hp turbo e28 M535i. I swapped the factory dogleg with standard 5 speed which is more suited to turbo. Otherwise if you're thinking of track racing then look into Drenth. Here is a video of DG400 in action.
  7. Reese, I've been waiting for you to make one of these sport racks with perforated sides. Please let me know when youll have that for sale. Thanks
  8. All my BMW's are boosted. I love to source an Iseta so I can swap the engine with a boosted Heyabusa. 😁
  9. Also I'm sure you know but just in case, RD under dash pannels are different to LHD pieces. I sourced all the pieces from UK. Cheers
  10. They're rivets that also hold the two bras connectors.
  11. I'm in Australia. It will take a while for me to pickup specially with sharks and all that. Any chance you could exercise your good samaritan and post a pair to me foradditional fee? Thanks
  12. Message me what you have. Please reply here if you’re a new member. I won’t reply messages from new members due to possible scam sales.
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