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  1. Reminds me of my late grandpa. He used to add a lot of chilli to his food then complain and curse for it being too hot. Maybe 2002 is not modern enough for some.
  2. Why not drive a modern car? I just don’t get why people buy a classic and turn it into a modern car. I understand if a certain part is not available or it’s safer to upgrade things like brakes or seatbelt though.
  3. Nice work egas. Now sell me your old kleeblatt wheels! [emoji16]
  4. Driv3r

    M20 ITBs

    Curious to know how you found out about RHD products? Was it through FAQ?
  5. Driv3r

    I've never left.

    Haha soldier on my friend. As you remember, I've successfully removed the oem lens without any damage to the lens. If you could make the exact size of the lens with matching holes for two fastening screws, everyone can send their aluminium housing to have polished or anodized then use the new lens. No need to overkill and have it injected to the housing to sell $500 a pair. Glue & screw would be more practical since you can replace and restore forever.
  6. Sure I need a scanned copy of the actual cardboard on A4 paper without any resize. I'll do the rest. Cheers
  7. Fuse Box Wiring Color Code Cardboard Remake I've design new artwork for the back of the fuse box. There are a few things to note: 1) When printing, remember to set the print size to "Actual Size". Print to A4 paper. 2) If prompted for password just type: faq 3) Remember to use a suitable cardboard. I used a heat resistant, waterproof 350gsm paper. 4) Use proper safety when using X-Acto knife or other blades. Download PDF File Here (Dropbox) About the artwork: On the original cardboard there are 6 terminal blades that do not have their own space but only an incision made on the cardboard. BMW design the cardboard this way so that the board fits tight in its place. I've made provision for this option so instead of cutting around these 6 locations, just make incision using a sharp blade (follow the printed pattern). See sample images here: Factory cardboard (Thanks to Hal for supplying this image) Artwork: If you have any questions or need help just PM me. Driv3r
  8. Hi Hami, sorry for the late reply. The 1.6mm stainless steel wire went through the valve lever bolt with no problem. Although I think the bolt hole diameter is 1.8mm. To create the double bowden cable, I used a long stainless steel wire, bent & curled it (a few turns) in the middle, then pushed it over the lever control shaft tip which locked it in due to spring tension. Now the lever could move two wires at the same time. I can send you a photo if you need more info. Cheers
  9. That's even more outrageous than them not being able to verify my vin number. It's like I tell my kids not to change shirts when they're outside because I won't be able to prove they're my kids. You can't re-birth a car by making it look like the one made by its manufacturer. Beside the obvious fact that it's a fraudulent act, it's literally impossible to have it registered by local transport authorities.
  10. Yes we both have Identical Tii's both made in March 73. I think the VIN issue could be with RHD cars only.
  11. I've tried to order some parts from BMW Classic in Munich using their website (these guys are actual BMW company not a dealer), they got back to me saying that my VIN number doesnt match the parts I've ordered and therefore they're not able to sell me those parts. I've run my VIN number in their parts order website and it came up as GB81 181 0226 7' E32 Sedan 750i L A. I replied saying that the VIN search BMW are using is wrong. Iv'e asked them to contact Julia at BMW Classic Archive and she can confirm my VIN number is not a 7 series BMW. They replied, "You are at liberty to order what you want. If the part you order is not a match to your car, you cannot return the item". One would assume that people who made the car would have a clue about its correct VIN number. Meanwhile, I've applied for VIN certificate to be issued to my name and it was mailed to me last week. When it arrives, I will scan a copy and send it to BMW classic parts shop with a picture of Mr Bean showing his middle finger! Has anyone else had VIN issues ordering from BMW or dealer? Thanks
  12. Maybe, but I'm sure back in the 70's people were expressing analogous sentiments towards their 1930's BMW 328 sports coupe and it's correct mirrors. [emoji6]
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