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  1. My car is still being restored and has no trim or glasses yet, but you can see the size and proportion in the 2002tii pilar.
  2. He’s a Kangaroo man, what’s he doing in Wisconsin? [emoji16] M10 efi’s come up on Facebook occasionally and at a good price. Someone recently was selling a complete e21 m10 for $600
  3. Mate just grab an injected m10 from a wrecker and turbo it. Then you can get up to 3 times the factory power. You would upgrade body, suspension, drive line and etc as you increase power but at lease you have the option of keeping the amazing m10 and having an open ended upgrade path. This also works the same way if you plan to swap the injection for carbs. Easy power increase and reliability. Never swap m10 with anything but m10!
  4. I’m still gotta send you a gold badge from my vintage Carl Dillenius collection. Just gotta dig the stash in my storage. Will do it this Xmas holiday.
  5. I designed and make those for my tii but to cover production costs, I had to make 15 pairs. They’re the same as the e9 pillar badges but smaller in proportion to suit 2002 pillar and size. Can use any centre badge with 35mm diameter or any of the styles that I have. These are 74mm outside diameter. they’re mounted with special 3M double sided tape that’s made for auto badges and they’re removable without living a residue.
  6. That’s illegal here in Aus. Only belts from manufacturers authorised by government can be installed. At least here. I’d assume sewing seatbelts is also not allowed in US, being done by professional shop or not. Check with your motor vehicle registry’s office.
  7. Hi Paul, yes it’s possible to re-chrome plastic. It’s a costly process and hence require higher quantity to substantiate costs. I had 15 pairs of these (30 pieces) made that include sketch and sizing, design, prototype, mould, production, plating, adhesive trial and final die cut and other associated costs. I can have plastics re-chromed for faq members if you set a time in a year and have everyone sending their plastic parts so it will be a bulk job. Cheers
  8. Sorry guys, at this stage I don’t have any 2002 to use as display. My 73tii is currently being restored. Although paint has already been completed so I can just take photos of this badge on my car without the glass on. As mentioned, I made these for myself and they’ll be installed on my tii but I’m happy to share a small number of these that’s left. I made 15 pairs and 6 sold already. I’ll ask if buyers could post photos here.
  9. I made this for myself but I have a few extra. The frame is chromed plastic and smaller in diameter than E9 badge frame. It’s made to suite 2002 body size. The badge inside is my own design and is available in Racing Heritage or commemorative 2002tii style. Badges are solid brass and some plated in rose gold color. ADGE frame is mounted by 3M 4229 which is used in auto industry specially to mount car badges and will not leave any residue if removed. No need to drill your car! Message me if you have any questions. Price $100 USD which includes a pair of chrome frames , 2 badges, 3M mounting kit and shipping fee with tracking. Contact me for any questions.
  10. Yes you can do a straight cut with band saw. Both bracket mountings are behind digit 2's so you will keep the mounting ability.
  11. I always wanted these so I made it for my 73tii and the small batch is to cover machine cost. They're same design and style as the OEM 2002ti badge but just a little smaller to keep it looking like a proportionate grill badge. Aluminium alloy in brushed finished. Comes with a simple install kit but you can use whatever method you like to mount it. No fancy packaging or details. Price is $60 USD shipped with tracking.
  12. Technically speaking the new reproductions are more desirable due to the “NOS” being almost half a century old and prune to complication. Having said so, I’ll consider a generous price if they’ve been stored and looked after adequately. PM me and let’s discuss.
  13. Thanks, could you send me some pictures please.

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