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  1. Thanks buddy! PM coming.
  2. C’mon America, help out your Aussie allies. I’m restoring my 1985 Honda Lead NH80 (called Aero NH80 in US). Parts on fleabay are so cheap but shipping to Aus is expensive. I like to buy multiple small items from eBay USA and have them shipped to you and you put them all in one small box and ship it to me or my USA forwarding address. My USA shipping forwarder doesn’t consolidate my purchases. In return I can send you a souvenir from Australia, probably lucky kangaroo balls or backscratcher for your garage or whatever you need. [emoji16] Who’s gonna help me beside flipper? (Jerry Maguire)
  3. Driv3r

    What do you do for a living?

    I work for the government. I change bushfire alert sign once a day if needed.
  4. Driv3r

    E21 Recaro Help

    Thank you that’s a relief. At least I know my seats are BMW. I just have to find out which year model BMW. Cheers
  5. Driv3r

    E21 Recaro Help

    Thanks this was insightful. I’m still unsure about my seats thought. The side model details on the plastic cover indicates L/LX/LS. I’ve email a picture to 911 forum and they’re confident it’s an early 911 seat but I was told it came from early e21. Maybe the owner of said e21 swapped his seats with these prior to selling his car.
  6. Driv3r

    E21 Recaro Help

    Here is picture of my tii Recaro. It came with the car. They’re currently being reupholstered again due to damage. As you can note, it has no front extenders. The only similar Recaro’s I remember was in my late 70’s 911 that I sold long time ago.
  7. Driv3r

    E21 Recaro Help

    86 M535i
  8. Driv3r

    E21 Recaro Help

    This is my E28 seat which is the exact same model number as the one in your picture. Not the E21 seat
  9. What model Recaro’s were in E21 that we use in 02? I see many use LX Recaro’s but they’re from mid 80’s. I’m looking for the fist Recaro’s fitted in E21. I have the LX Recaro’s in my E28 but they don’t look anything like my E21 Recaro’s.
  10. Driv3r

    URO Door seals

    Could you take a couple of shots during your install for reference to your install? Thanks
  11. Driv3r

    Sunroof panel restoration

    Thanks. I never knew there’s a small layer of foam around the frame. I thought op was referring to this section: Looking at your photos, I can’t find item 5 & 6 in realoem diagram in my car. I can see foam attached to the back of sunroof frame from outside (not inside of the sunroof housing) which could be item 6 but no sign of item 5 in my 73 euro tii. Was item 5 fitted on both driver and passenger sides? Also no foam sheet between the roof lining and roof in my car.
  12. Driv3r

    Sunroof panel restoration

    There’re no mentions of such foaming in catalogue. I’ve had three 02’s all with sunroof and non had foam in between roof lining cover and metal frame.
  13. Driv3r

    URO Door seals

    Thanks esty I’ll try that. I wasn’t sure if I could use an oil base cleaner. Thanks again.
  14. I hear that URO door seals are not so good. I purchased a complete seal kit and the two front door seals have URO logo on them. Should I return these and get the oem from bmw for a price of a kidney or should I try the cutting pushing and cursing method and see it it fit? Also what’s with this white powdery dirt and how do I get rid of it? Tried cleaning with soap based cleaner and it didn’t go away. Any help is appreciated.
  15. Driv3r

    Sunroof panel restoration

    Metal frame has no foam. Foam is only fitted to sunroof panel.