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  1. mmbingo

    5 Lug Swap Front Hubs

    Have anything for rear hubs? Billet 5x120 rear hubs? I'd pay a good chunk of change for that.
  2. mmbingo

    5x120 Redrilled Hubs

    Will to sell just the rears? Thanks
  3. mmbingo

    E12 Rear Hub on 2002 Rear Axle?

    Ken, that looks amazing, but definitely above my price range. Any other recommendations for 5-lug options in the rear? @Ken do you offer a 5-lug hub / brake options?
  4. Alright gang, I'll list some conclusions that we all came to. SCOPE: This thread's purpose was to showcase a common 5-lug hub that would work on tii struts that was affordable. CONCLUSIONS: Usable hubs: E12, pre-1982 E24 (633csi) Upon initial investigation, I believed the E24 hub to be available for ~$70 from BavAuto. This was determined to be accurate, but only for the post-1982, sealed hubs that will not work on tii struts. Looking further into it, the pre-1982 633csi hubs are not cheap (>$350 new), similar to the E12 hubs. Bonus info: Pre-1982 633csi hubs, calipers, and rotors (280mm) should bolt directly to tii struts (Toby - can you confirm if 633csi rotors will also work?) - so if you've got yourself a scrap 633csi, you can make a nice front, 5-lug BBK
  5. Still working that out haha - fill and redrill hubs and convert to disc?
  6. Yeah I might buy one of each and compare. Could make for a good substitute for the E12 hubs.
  7. I was doodling around on RealOEM and found that the E24 633csi uses the same wheel bearings as the tii. To my delight, BavAuto caries this hub for $70! Any reason why this wouldn’t work on a tii strut? RealOEM tii: RealOEM E24: BavAuto:
  8. Toby can you send some pics of how your routed it and where/how you attached it?
  9. I want to go the FX200 route, but I thought you said the kevlar clutch is junk!?! And with this, you used an S14 throwout bearing, correct? On an M10 with a G240?
  10. mmbingo

    Rear Disc Brake Conversion

    I have tii rear hubs. Are there issues installing the Ireland kit?
  11. mmbingo

    Rear wheel bearings

    Instead of starting a new thread, I thought it would be better to ask this here: Are the 2002 and 2002tii rear bearing sizes the same? From looking at realOEM, the rear drivetrain (diff to wheel) looks identical between the two, except for the hub itself. What is the difference between a 2002 and 2002tii rear hub? Thanks!
  12. Fantastic, thanks @irdave!
  13. Thats the direction I want to go! I just didn’t know what size flywheel clutchmasters has. VAC sells a kit, JB flywheel, clutchmasters FX200, and PP for $1035 for the E30 M3. I’m assuming that is 228mm flywheels. Was thinking of going that route. But then the question of the TO bearing still remains. Im trying to reach 300lb-ft torque with my turbo M10 and modified G240. Need some sticking force.
  14. This thread was talking about exactly what I wanted to know and I knew if I bumped it, it would probably notify most of you. I find there are more kit options with 228mm flywheel if I’m buying for the E30 or E30 M3. So I’m wondering if I bought a single mass flywheel + clutch + PP for either an E30 or M3 if I’d still need the E21 TO bearing. I’m assuming yes, from what I’ve read here. And it sounds like the reason is because the M20/S14 flywheel is thinner than the original G240 stack up was built for, so the E21 TO beading is longer to increase PP engagement. Is that the best way to put it or do I have it backwards somewhere?
  15. if you use an E30 M3 flywheel (228mm), clutch, and you need an E21 323i TO bearing, or can you use the E30 M3 TO bearing?