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  1. NOS Bilstein HD dampers, include gland nuts. $240 delivered cont US Early e30 318/e21 front bilstein sports. Used but function fine. They are shorter overall than standard 2002 struts but valved similarly with the same body length. Would be good for lowering springs. Require different gland nuts for use on ‘02 $140 shipped. Also have a pair of decent condition Koni rear shocks. No leaks to be found, rebound fine. $90 plus shipping, $90 flat if bought with the Bilsteins https://ibb.co/5rcQfSH https://ibb.co/NszVkcr https://ibb.co/qDXG8pG
  2. I’d strap a snail onto the M10 before trying a funky swap like that
  3. Looking for a set of lowering springs. I have a set of Bilsteins already lined up but would consider buying additional shocks as well not interested in playing games. Tell me what you want for them
  4. If you haven’t found something to purchase yet it is said that all 168mm (small case) BMW internals are basically the same E36 are supposed to be the strongest. Also E21 diffs *should* be a bolt in if you change the flanges
  5. Your bottom piece fits fine, you need to mount it onto something hard and flat like melamine board
  6. Anyone interested in a pair of blue leather seats with fresh upholstery? There is a scuff or two on the piping but flawless otherwise. they are Pacific Blue out of a early e24 and almost bolt-in for ‘02
  7. Trade for a set of 81-84 911 sport seats (need recover) and a set of euro 911 H4s (black rings)
  8. Velour? Were those reupholstered in 1991? Straight up crackhead pricing
  9. Love them... but where would I find another pair? Looks like Tunershop doesn’t sell them anymore
  10. I have a rear seat out of my 76 that I would get rid of, I’m swapping in e24 rears. Its tan vinyl. i also have a full black leather rear e24 setup if you are interested. Message me
  11. Would you be willing to sell the classic daily stuff separately?
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