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  1. Yes thanks for that one! I saw a few more pictures, it looks fairly nice but I personally wouldn't pay the $7,500. Not saying it is not worth it but I'm looking just a tad lower. I might not get there and just might wind up paying 7k but we will see.
  2. If you know of one for 6k in this condition that is basically what I'm looking for, or for a bit lower in a bit worse condition. Still on the search...
  3. Well done on the pick, I was thinking to go by but a parts car doesn't help unless I have a runner first ha.
  4. Would still be interested, good luck with it though!
  5. Sent you a PM about the photos, big fan of the colour. Thanks.
  6. Good to hear. I was going to inquire but figured it sold... A great deal from yourself for a well sorted car. I'll continue my search.
  7. Agreed there was much that could have been hidden, I haven't gotten a reply and Oakland is a bit far from Texas to make an in person visit. I hope he provides you with a bit better look at the car.
  8. I'm down in Houston looking for a car, is it still available? Thanks and good luck with the sale.
  9. Mark - Thanks for posting these CL ads. The seller actually posted a few pictures and it looked quite nice, I was surprised it was priced at 5k. I sent a note and he didn't end up responding. I'm in the market for one of these after returning to the states from overseas the last few years. I don't have a car currently and would love to tinker with one of these. Hopefully I'll pick up one in the 5-10k range in the next few weeks. I can travel thankfully so I would enjoy flying to pick something up.
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