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  1. @Bizo912 Can you post some pics of the interior and engine?
  2. I talked to the Hemmings lister as well. Seems like a legit guy. He owns a tire/wheel shop in Edmonton. Apparently he just bought a racing sailboat (43 footer) in Europe. I guess he and his wife discussed his "car problem" so he is selling some of them. The 2002 (which he has owned since '07) is currently going through due diligence and is likely be to sold by Wednesday. The owner (Todd) actually encouraged the potential buyer to take it to a local garage (not of the owner's choosing) to have it looked over. It seems like a pretty good deal, best that I can tell. Here's another one (albeit in much rougher shape): http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sby/cto/5811372869.html
  3. Steve, I am also located in Atlanta. Can you shoot me an email ([email protected]) or give me a buzz (404.993.6122)? Would love to bend your ear if you have 5-10 minutes. -Jason
  4. Year:: 1969 Make:: BMW Model:: 2002 Location: : CA I saw this one today, so I thought I'd pass it along: http://www.ebay.com/itm/BMW-2002-2002-/161938782406?forcerrptr=true&hash=item25b44db8c6:g:GQkAAOSwwPhWjKRD&item=161938782406 It looks like it has had substantial work done, so likely won't be of interest to anyone who is looking for a project. It has been lowered as well, which I'm not a big fan of, to be honest. I have been a voyeur on this site for a long time; you guys do a great job and it's fun reading about all of the work everyone is doing. Also, the love for 2002s is fantastic. I have been a HUGE fan of 2002s since I was a kid (I'm in my 40s), but I don't renovate them. I am in the market for a 2002 and have been for a long time. I am looking for a car that has had work done, but I don't want a showroom piece. I want a daily driver (my commute is 3 miles each way). I live in Atlanta and the car will be garaged daily. I can work on the car (engine mostly), but don't really have the time (or energy) to do a full reno. So, if anyone is looking to sell one, please let me know. Again, my needs aren't extraordinary. I will buy one in any part of the US. Really I'm just looking for a car that has been well maintained and is *mostly* original. Feel free to contact me if interested. I'd also be willing to subsidize a project of some sort, should someone have the interest. -Jason[ attachment=118302:Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 2.36.49 PM.png]
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