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  1. Unknown by me. The motor was built in February of 2006 - these components have approximately 10,000 miles on them. As a data point, the build sheet shows the rockers at $300 a piece, so about twice what I originally suspected. To clarify, these came out of a running and driving stroker motor.
  2. Korman estimated my 2.3 stroker (S14 block and crank, E12 head with 47/39 valves, Weber 45’s, Schrick 304) to be 190-200 crank. Plan to get it on the dyno this summer.
  3. Will let you know if something falls through.
  4. Selling everything pictured below. These are used components. Titanium valve spring retainers, dual valve springs, lash caps, and what appear to be the real deal steel Lester Owen rockers. Happy to add additional photos at request. Hard to price used engine pieces, so I am open to offers and discussion about market value. From what I understand, these rockers by themselves are $1250+ new. $750 or best offer +3% PayPal fee and shipping to lower 48.
  5. Used for two months - went with a different solution. Like-new condition. $75 plus 3% PayPal fee and shipping to lower 48.
  6. Hi all, I purchased this three-piece header for from 2k2tii at the end of last year. I had planned to modify the 2" collector for a 2.5" exhaust, but Korman advised me to just coat and reuse the Stahl I have rather than modify the Alpina collector. Can't recall the size of the primaries, but the secondaries are 45mm. The header is currently with my car (at Korman), but I pick it up on Wednesday next week and will have it at the Vintage for anyone interested. If it doesn't sell there, I'm happy to pack and ship on your dime. $1,000 PayPal (+3% to cover fees) + shipping if applicable. Thanks!
  7. Two and a half months later and Korman is wrapping up their work. Still a few more odds and ends to go, but should be finished in time for the Vintage. Final specs: S14 block and 84mm S14 crank (pistons and rods thought to be Carillo, but not confirmed) NOS E12 Head with 47/39 SS valves Korman rocker arms Schrick 304 Weber 45mm DCOEs Targeted a 9.5:1 compression ratio, but ended around 9.3:1 due to combustion chamber clearancing. Part of the issue with the car was that the head had been shaved down too far, and cam timing was never adjusted properly. The head also had stock valves and was really not built up with the rest of the car. My CR was upwards of 10.5:1 which didn't love pump gas, and the SDS engine management was prehistoric. The goal was/is to have a reliable but fun and streetable car. I know some have had mixed results lately, but Korman has been great to work with. I'll have a bunch of my used stuff up for sale once I get everything back, including the Lester Owen rockers and 42mm TWM ITB's with port-matched manifolds. Hope to see you all in Hot Springs!
  8. Can you give some background to your comment about Korman?
  9. I have been on the buy and sell side twice (four "experiences") and, while the platform is far from perfect, it is the way to go if selling an honest car and wanting to maximize dollars. Yes, the commentators will nitpick every imperfection and bring attention to things that most buyers don't care about, but all-in-all that's what I want to see when buying a car. How does the seller respond? How well does s/he know the car? Are they making excuses for the lack of detail or are they putting in the effort? I'd guess 90+% of BaT buyer buy sight unseen, so they want a thorough vetting. You need patience with BaT staff - many of the specialists are managing a dozen auctions and yours is not a priority 9 times out of 10. My advice is to submit the best possible pictures and videos you can on the front end - don't wait for commentators to ask for compression test or PPI - have one done and post the results in the original add. Also, be prepared for a two-month process from submission to go-live. One of the major things lost, however, is the connection you feel to the new or current owner of the vehicle in question. After the wires were executed on each of my transactions, that was that. There's something to be said for creating a lasting relationship with other enthusiasts, and that has never happened when I've used BaT. Happy to share more, just let me know.
  10. Morning, I have a 1968 1600 that I am interested in selling, I am in NH.  My email is: joe18d@aol.com.   Send me an email and I will send some pictures and additional info. I am asking $16.5.


    Thanks, Joe

  11. Ready for spring! Still waiting on my stainless bumper set... should even out her buck teeth!
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