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  1. Hi all, I recently installed a proper set of bluedevils 3 point seat belts using the Peacock method and the retractor mounting location now interferes with the sub enclosure. I'll miss it, but safety first. Below are new prices: v2.0 BMW 2002 Subwoofer Enclosure: $175 JL Audio 6.5" Single 4-Ohm W3V3 Series Subwoofer (6W3V34): $180 With the sub grill installed, there was some interference with the way the rear seat is supposed to mount (hence the scratching). These parts have seen 3 months of use. I'll sell as a bundle for $300 + shipping to lower 48 or best offer. PayPal preferred. Thanks!
  2. I'm 2.75 turns out on my 45s (65F9; stroker M10; Weber 152).
  3. I am ditching my soft mounts in favor of this mounting block/gasket set from Pierce. Is there a specific installation procedure including any need for sealant or torque spec or just snug them up with washers and nylock nuts? I hope I only have to do this once... Thanks!
  4. This morning haha. Might be par for the course with the 304, just not sure.
  5. At idle, which is max shake. Once it revs above 1500 or so it smooths out significantly. Showed up for the runs and the dyno was out of commission. Rescheduling.
  6. Thanks - carbs are in sync according to my flow meter. I'll bump back down a few degrees at idle to see how things go from there. I've also ordered a set of hard mounts from Pierce, so will add that as a to-do. In retrospect, I wish I had bought 152G's with the fourth progression hole vs. the standard 3-hole 152's, but such is life. I've got a dyno appointment in the morning with the main objective being to confirm where my all-in timing should be.
  7. Thanks Chris - appreciate all of your input. The head is new, but the short block is not. However, when apart, there was no excessive build up. I have soft mounts currently - I suppose it could be those? The mixture screws are all pretty evenly adjusted to 2.75 turns out from seated. Air bypass screws are tight/closed. Come to think of it, my AFR at idle jumps around quite a bit. Not sure how much of that is normal (e.g. 12.0 - 12.5 - spike to 13 - back to 12, etc.). Should it be pretty solid? Idle is solid at 1000 rpm / 15* advance. A vacuum leak could also explain the excessive shaking.
  8. So I pulled the plugs today and I've got some evidence of pinging on cylinder #2 only. The other three look fine... any thoughts?
  9. You're absolutely correct, I'm sill learning the lingo - I'm not referring to the off-idle progression/transition. I'm trying to describe throttle tip-in that occurs anywhere in the rpm band. My assumption that just a touch more fuel from the pump jet will help. I'm running 65F9's now, so already pretty fat on the idle circuit.
  10. Well, I couldn't help myself and swapped the 36 chokes back in tonight and rejetted with 155 mains and 190 airs. It runs like a bat out of hell and I can stomp on it just about anywhere in the range. The AFRs are dead on, with my transition leaning to 14:1 before richening back up. Still going to swap for the "no-hole" spill jet to see if I can make the transition damn near perfect. I know I can get the 38s to work, but going to drive it like this while I acquire various bits and pieces. The good news is I can swap chokes and rejet in under an hour now!
  11. I realize that changing all of these things at once is like shooting myself in the foot, but I think I've settled on this timing curve. The only variable will be my all-in number, which I'll confirm on my next trip to the dyno.
  12. Interesting on the spill valve not making much difference - thanks for sharing. It really is very noticeable when stabbing the throttle for WOT (seemingly anywhere in the power band), and even part throttle acceleration. If I roll into it, it’s still lean, but can get through it and it’ll settle in to 12-13 AFR. I'm still thinking (hoping) it's the e tube. Everything I've read says to use an F2 for this engine.
  13. Yeah - definitely the larger chokes have caused it. My thought is to use closed spill valves before upping the pump jet size, but I’m just throwing ideas at the wall to see why sticks. It’s amazing how much you can spend on tuning these suckers.

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