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  1. Hi all, I have for sale a complete Etsy carpet kit in salt & pepper with black trim. This is new in box (opened to confirm correct order). I ordered this a bit a go, and circumstances have shifted to where I need to prioritize other projects at the moment. Price is $360 + shipping to the lower 48. The last image is a photo of the pattern I selected from Etsy's website. Thanks!
  2. Thank you all - I really appreciate the super quick and detailed responses.
  3. So incredibly helpful. Would it be asking too much to request the hole sizes? Need to know which drill bit to use!
  4. Hi all, The previous owner of my car filled and painted over the mounting holes for the lower rocker trim and I’ve decided it’s time to add it back - the car feels incomplete without it. Does anyone have any tips regarding the hole sizes or spacing between holes or is this a “best guess” type scenario? You can imagine how stressful it will be drilling holes into the body of my car. Thanks for any insight!
  5. Very nice original condition Victor steering wheel with hard to find T41K hub (1600/2002 fitment). These can be used with momo horn buttons and centering rings if you don’t like the horn pad. Price includes shipping to lower 48. PayPal only.
  6. I have a used one that I just replaced with a Tii booster. Holds vacuum and functioned as it was supposed to. PM if interested.
  7. Please disregard - found what I was looking for.
  8. I have a fully polished Kooglewerks rear spoiler for sale. I had this mounted for a few days before going a different direction and eventually selling the car. It's not for everyone, but figured I'd put it up for sale. The spoiler is $300 new and I paid a ridiculous amount that I'd rather not disclose to have it polished. $200 + shipping and 3% paypal fee.
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