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  1. What’s the difference bet tii seats and regular early seats?
  2. just bought these black panels from Danny in san diego. shipped on the way. interested in trading wih tobacco panels + $ if warranted. let me know
  3. Yeah there are two part numbers but I can’t tell the difference. 51216442150 51216442151
  4. Sorry don’t have the part you’re looking for. Also, the rod you got seems too long. My car is a 1971. The shorter rod as pictured. Thanks for reaching out.
  5. Looking for one or a pair of door lock rods with caps. Pls send pix and shipped cost to 91775. Thanks
  6. Thanks everyone! I’m glad how this is old thread was resurrected to a helpful DIY!
  7. You’re correct. I meant only one vertical (Pilar) gasket. The other gasket is 51367441112. Kind of hexagon shape.
  8. Removing the pin to get the glass out was a pain!!! Is there another gasket beside gasket 51367441110?
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