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  1. the car is still available. I am just back in town
  2. This is the listing with new pictures of engine and under carriage plus some pics. I also have the original carburetor to replace if desired. Also have a radio to add if desired. Didn't want to put holes in the dash for no reason. https://losangeles.craigslist.org/lac/cto/d/los-angeles-1969-bmwspeed-sweet-ride/6753229769.html
  3. I’ll update all photos this week when I get a second. Thanks Mario👍🏼
  4. This roundie was produced in May 1969!
  5. Thanks so much for noticing. It has been so much FUN!
  6. A rare older BMW 2002 for sure! 1969/70 BMW 2002 4 speed stick. Was purchased as a project car and has been carefully taken apart and put back together in the past few years. New matching original white paint, New 2 tone Navy upholstery, Original Dashboard covered with new upholstery, New headliner, New carpeting, most of the rubber has been replaced, as well as some chrome.The car even smells good :) COOL European back bumper license plate lights, as well as features like navy blue and black door cards in unhampered condition this BMW is a rare find. New tires and brake system. I was even able to find and install the original red emergency flashing button on dash which I have included a picture of. Time for me to let her go as i am going back to school and need the funds but the work has been done with attention to detail and care. There are a few minor items that need doing which is reflective in this low price for this rare BMW. They include temperature gauge wire needs reattaching $250.00, carburetor needs tuning or rebuilding estimate is $125.00. There is a small amount of rust under the back seat area which was unseen when the original body work was done will need undercoat. All in all a small amount to do compared to what has been done runs great sounds great and ready to go with Pink Slip
  7. Down to the last few parts on my 69. Sure do need a Hazard light set up and red pull knob. Any ideas where I can get that?


    1. o2 nut

      o2 nut

      Send a pm to tiretool2002. He is a friend of mine and might have one.

  8. Would appreciate any help finding or kindly selling me an early Hazard setup for my newly (almost) finished 69
  9. Would appreciate any help finding or kindly selling me an early Hazard setup for my newly (almost) finished 69
  10. Hey Nut, I will take the shift knob if it includes shipping Erin
  11. also do you know what shipping would be to 90019 Los Angeles?
  12. Are there any pin holes of break thru rust on this tank? I am a little scared of buying a tank with rust on it? Thanks Erin
  13. Heading towards the restoration finish line for my 1969 2002. Hoping someone has this trim piece for the drivers side entry? If so please let me know asap, I'm excited to see it all complete! Erin
  14. I'm in Southern California so will miss that :-/ I'm still looking for the parts especially the early front bumper and brackets maybe a cool stick shift knob and a better steering wheel ..stock now

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