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  1. Very early 1600-2. #2705. Car was originally purchased in San Francisco. This is a matching number car. No sun roof. Very minimal rust on both lower rockers. Shock towers are very good. Minor hit in front appear to be to only damage to the body. Runs, stops. Can be driven for a short test, but I have not had it out for years. Very good restoration candidate. Clear CA title. On non-operation. I have a lift in my shop for further inspection if interested in looking, you can poke around all you want. With the exception of lowering springs and the wheels, it is an original car. $4500.00 Contact: Ray Kulina. 360-951-2333 Text is best to start conversation if interested.
  2. r1600321rk


  3. Where is the black interior located and how much do you want for it?
  4. Do you still have the 1600 seats? Door cards to match? Also need original steering wheel and a decent dash pad if available. I have an early 1968 1600, #2403.
  5. How much for the Radiator? any work completed to it, for example a recore?
  6. Can't tell from your post, is this a pair or just one light?
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