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  1. Selling the first love of my life - 1974 BMW 2002. Please see the craigslist ad for all the details. https://chicago.craigslist.org/wcl/cto/6341394319.html This is definitely NOT a perfect car. But I did pour my heart in it to make it as good as I could do it.
  2. Looking to buy - reupholstered FRONT seats - either recaro or original in BLACK. Live in Illinois 60559 , willing to pay for shipping/greyhound.
  3. So, I've screwed something up... again... Was trying to adjust/fix window regulator, did not realize that some screws there should not be tightened too much... Glass shattered and here I am. Question 1: Where can I get new glass either bought or bought and installed? Question 2: How do I adjust/fix window regulator so that when the window goes up fully (which it does/did) it's also sitting in the side "track" and evenly. Because the issue I was having, it would kind of go up crooked to the side and would jump out of that side pillar/track on the vent side. Thanks for your help!
  4. Looking to buy a set of front recaro seats in black leather/vinyl.
  5. Thanks for all the input - One more question, if I decide to leave this stuff out since the floor pans are dry and not really that rusty, would i still be able to install raammat on top along with ensolite or that would make the floor too thick for a new carpet? (Will buy carpet set from Esty ofcourse)
  6. Hello guys, so ive decided to take my chances and replace carpet on my 74 '02... ofcourse that means, removing old one, cleaning up the floor, por-15 and installing raammat sound deadening. Removed the old carpet, that wasnt too hard. However, there are 3 different kind of materials below the carpet. Upfront there was some soft layer, removed that as well. There's still something that looks like its plywood where the firewall is and on the front of the center tunel. Do i remove that as well? also there's this hard-sticky blackish stuff throughout the whole car. How the hell do i remove that? Or should i just leave it and forget the por-15 idea? including some pics...
  7. No its not Polaris actually, this is Ford's "Ingot Silver"...
  8. Hello fellas, Thinking of parting away with my beloved 2002. Would try to put it up on "BAT" auction. What do you guys think I could get for it... See description below, with a link to a photo album. Thanks! More Pictures: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipO0YfyierBTtz_9RE39tm-ChREp9RCOH8D5Pw_9lryEKraXUCsWFUVfcWBxwAckDg?key=WjFIWmVOSGd5ZVlTODJLVXV3eExoOXN1X3V6MUFR Engine / Drivetrain / Other: - Differential fluids - Driveshaft guibo replaced - Bosch distributor cap with new cables - Spark plugs - Throttle cable - Rebuilt front brake caliper - Brake pads - Stainless steel brake lines front and back - New Kopi 15 inch Alpina wheel replicas - New Tires - New IE Engine mounts - Shifter upgrade/refresh - New transmission mount - New ANSA dualtip center exhaust Front suspension/steering: - New H&R Sport springs - New Ball joints - New Bilstein Heavy-Duty strut inserts - New Strut bearings - Ireland Engineering fixed camber plates - New Tie Rods and Center Link Rod - New Wheel bearings - New IE urethane Control arm bushings - New IE Swaybar end links Rear suspension: - New H&R sport springs. - Used Bilstein HD struts Body/Chassis: Body work was performed by a shop in Indiana, exterior only. Not a perfect paint job itself, however it was totally stripped down to bare metal, rust cut out and new sheet metal welded inplace. No bondo. All body work progress was photographed daily, and pictures are available for a potential buyer. Molding and Trim DELETE. The mounting holes were welded. Trim that is currently on a car is fixed with 3M double-sided tape. Can be removed. - Ireland Engineering front air dam - Ireland Engineering rear fiberglass bumper painted in a same color as the car. - Full LED Taillight upgrade from "Classic Auto LEDS" - New OEM front windshield and rear window gaskets. - New OEM sunroof gasket is available with the car, just not installed. The bad: - Interior seats/vinyl need to be fixed or replaced. These are torn and no longer comfortable. - Dashboard has one crack. - Engine is still running strong, however white puff of smoke comes out of exhaust when let go of a gas pedal from higher RPMs. My original plan was to send the engine to "Top-End Performance" in CA this winter and have them do a performance rebuild on this engine. - Aluminum trim around the windows is in a pretty "tired" state...
  9. haha, yeah forgot to warn you, mine had that terrific bang as well, almost shit my pants actually...
  10. here's my 02 with the rear IE fiberglass bumper painted in the same color as the car, with front IE airdam...
  11. Hey bud, I had my friend heat it up with the blow torch the same time while im putting more tension on the jaw puller. It kind of popped right off. Before that, i was heating and pulling afterwards, thats when i actually bent it.
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