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  1. hootie


  2. I need/want a few things: - How much for the lighter plug piece (that goes near the cluster)? - Do you have any of the screws that hold the front grills left (lost one of those on the drive down to Monterey)? - Also, this is going to sound weird, but how are those little pockets attached to the doorcards? If easy to remove (and attach), I wouldn't mind having those in my car. Thanks, Hootie
  3. Anyone doing California Melee this year? Is it even happening this year? It's in a couple weeks, but I can't even find the sign up page online... Hootie
  4. I was thinking about doing this myself. How hard of a job is it?
  5. Sweet. My number is (617) 645-1209. Let me know when you get there (and bring the touring so we can match!).
  6. Anyone doing Cars and Coffee at Treasure Island tomorrow? (https://www.facebook.com/carsandcoffeesanfrancisco/). I'll be there.
  7. Anyone got a welder to fix some cracks in my exhaust or recommend an exhaust shop in SF? I'm trying to not smell like a lawnmower every time I drive the car.
  8. I was planning on going to the SF Cars and Coffee on 2/13. The Rally sounds interesting...
  9. Don't worry. More work to be done this weekend. Also, I'm planning on going to Cars N Coffee Treasure Island on 2/13.
  10. By metal retaining ring do you mean part #10 or #12 in the link you sent? I haven't tried flattening it yet. The paper gasket I have on there looked good so I didn't swap it out. Did yours have a paper gasket on each side of part #10? I took the filler boot apart tonight and re-tightened/adjusted everything. The smell seemed to get better, but only time will tell.
  11. The car has an aluminum vent hose out of the boot and to the bottom of the car, which doesn't look cracked and has a tight seal (at both ends). I might start swabbing things down with soap water to see if things bubble. Has that been successful for other people?
  12. I don't think so. This is a brand new boot I installed about a month ago.
  13. I swapped in the new tank pickup flange seal last night, but when I went out to the car this morning, I still smelled fuel inside?! I don't get it. I used my nose to sniff around the trunk (at the expense of brain cells), and it seemed like the smell was coming from where the filler boot connects to the body. I'm going to remove the filler boot again and re-install to make sure everything is secure. Has anyone applied gas resistant sealant to where the filler boot connects to the body? Any other ideas?!
  14. Following up here, the fuel smell is still here and might even be getting worse. I flattened out the tank pickup flange tonight while waiting on a new tank seal. Once the new seal gets in, I'll swap that in along with a new feed return hose and report back.
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