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  1. Very sharp Mario nice job! My car is in winter storage too much salt on the roads up here in Boston! I’ll see if I can dig up a pic.
  2. FYI I bought these about a year ago very happy w them!
  3. $75 shipped! Cleaning out the garage! thx for looking
  4. Free Shipping! A pair of US blinkers for a 2002. Came off a 1974 in good shape. Chrome is decent, glass isn't cracked but a little hazy due to age. Came from 45000 mile car, working when pulled for euro blinkers. Gaskets pretty good and useable. thx
  5. Free shipping! A pair of square tail lights for 1974-76 2002. Working when removed, complete with housing and decent gaskets. Chrome very good condition. thx for looking
  6. will ship for free to a good home!!!
  7. Excellent steering wheel I swapped out of my 1976 2002, I upgraded to a Nardi. No cracks at all, grip area excellent, emblem excellent, just clean and go!!! Need to figure out shipping I would assume $30 or so. thx!!
  8. Hello, is the car driveable? Electric wiring all set? Nice job, good luck on your house!
  9. are those two trim pieces still around?

  10. bumpity bump, 675 takes it plus shipping
  11. Leesnap

    window stop

    I might be all set from a fellow faq'r, thank you very much bud

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