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  1. My first time doing this. It feels like it is too far down. Should it be above door or go down into that hole. Car did not have them before and I did an image search and still not sure. Thanks!
  2. Copy that. Yes...the blinker indicator light is stuck on. I will pop some regular bulbs in the rears. Can I keep the installed relay or do I have to go back to original?
  3. Even with the correct new flasher? I searched and bought exactly what everyone suggested and no one mentions it being stuck on...some mention a single flash. The lights look great and flash just fine...just indicator stuck on. It seems like there is a solution other than not using leds?
  4. So I started in the back with replacing all bulbs with leds and switching to an electronic flasher unit seen in the faq. All good, everything flashes well. Installed new MVP euro turns in the front with the normal incandescent bulbs that came installed. All work and blink great....but, noticed now that I have the car running...the B light is always on. Turn signals flash fine but indicator is solid all the time. Any suggestions?
  5. Thanks to all. Now I know how to do this too! 😂 It has been a world of discovery to get to picture 1 from picture 2 these 5 years.
  6. Update. Did a jumper from battery and car started immediately. Now...how do I plug into back of fuse 12? Is there a special spade connector or something that fits in there?
  7. Ok. Dug in some more. Thanks guys. I had the positive wires mixed up but it still looks like it should have never had a blue coil. I have 12 volts at fuse 12 but nothing in any wire at the coil. Should it be there even when just on and not cranking?
  8. Interesting...I can tell all these wires are original in blue sheathing...The yellow/red wire is not seen in your drawing.
  9. Will car crank with this happening? Car cranks strong and new fuel pump is chugging.
  10. No wire will show 12v with key on and grounded to block.
  11. I cannot see a plus or a minus on the coil. I don’t believe I even unplugged the wires when I dismantled.
  12. So i now have a new fuel pump and car cranks like crazy but doesn’t start. All assembling after paint....car ran great before I took everything apart. I did remove some wiring for old smog stuff. 1976. I have fuel now but no spark. There is no power at blue coil. Anyone have a solution. I assume the bottom of the coil is the positive side? Through searching it seems I shouldn’t have a blue coil?...but again ran fine before paint. Fuses look good and all other electrics work fine.
  13. No go on squirting some go juice in the carb but I did get the pump to grab gas from a can...and then leaked everywhere. It leaked once before after sitting a long time but stopped. Time for a new one I guess.
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