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  1. Bump! Wish I needed these. Beautiful. Best of luck with sale!
  2. Did it myself for full black change over. Very light coats and patience.
  3. Any more info? This one popped back up on my radar. Does it run and drive? Do you have the interior and what state is it in? All glass ok? Is the 5 speed already in? Is it just paint left? ORiginal motor? These things would get you far! Seems like a fair price if many of those answers are yes.
  4. Bump. Any thoughts? Steve at blunt is checking his sources too. Thanks!
  5. Anyone have one I could pick up. Just a shell, no guts needed. Thanks!
  6. I will piggyback on this. Need a drivers door in Texas. No guts needed, just shell. Uncovered some more rot!
  7. That explains the unobtanium pricing. Inwonder where that part went on my car in the last 43 years....the passenger side was still there and functioning. This side...no guide at all in front...just flopping.
  8. My drivers side window has always needed help going up and down. Turns out someone decided this piece was not needed. I need one. Rogerstii sells them in pairs for a fortune. Anyone have a decent old one with plastic guides and maybe even stop bracket still attached? In Plano Tx.
  9. You may know this, so forgive me. The big bumpers mount in the engine compartment with a giant carriage bolt through the frame rail. I assumed the new brackets would do that as well but I was mistaken. Steve told me to take the grills off and I would see a bracket (for what I don’t know) that the later cars had on each side and to replace that piece with the small slider type bracket he sent in the kit. It took some adjusting but they are in there. I will say I would have like to have used the original beefier bolt in the frame rail. The new hard ware is a little smaller but we all know these bumpers do nothing anyways!!
  10. Never mind! Steve himself called me on a Sunday. Buy everything from Blunttech that you can!!
  11. Ok. I give up. No instructions included and thought this would be easy but can’t figure it out. Is the included hardware for the front bumper or back?? What are these included plates for...and I thought I would be reusing my old bumper mounting bolts to go to the car but they are much to big for the holes. This is not as plug and play as I expected. Anyone? Thanks!! Its a 76 if that is needed.
  12. Can you give any more info on “little to no rust?” Surface rust on undercarriage is no biggie obviously...any signs of bubbling on shiny parts? Thanks! I have a motor and this car already has the 5 speed...which 5 speed is it btw?
  13. Awesome! That looks like a piece of cake. Thanks! I’ve done floors, rocker, and steering box now...but not pedal adjustments!
  14. I have not tried rotating or bending yet but will give it a try tomorrow. Does the rotation happen right outside of the pedal box? I have not ever adjusted any of the pedals before. Thanks for the suggestions.

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