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  1. Anyone got em? I could survive with just the two outer side pieces. I have the other two and they are ok.
  2. Slowly but surely getting things out back on after paint. Iโ€™m a teacher so just do a little each night after the little one goes down. Started in the back. All LED bulbs now! Need center caps for these wheels! Redyed the back panels. Pretty clean if not a little too dark.
  3. I have some black ones that are uncovered original black plastic. Perfect condition. I actually want black leather or vinyl regular non halos if you have some to trade.
  4. Got something back from Texas. They are lame and are not going to help without money. โ€œThis type of search would be a custom query run by our IT department. In order to get a price estimate, can you provide us with the various VIN characters that would identify the vehicles as not only a BMW but also a 2-door model 2002? Also, our current registration figures will not be accurate until after 4/4/2021 as there is currently a waiver on vehicle title and registration requirements which began on 3/16/2020. https://www.txdmv.gov/covid-19 Would you want to close this request and submit a new one in April? Or, our IT department could try a less accurate work-around of new or renewed registration in 2019 along with 2018 new 2-year registrations.โ€
  5. For future reference....these are so tight without punching the centers down, I got em in and took out the center rod. I kept em...if they all fail, I will fight it again. But they are on there right without them!
  6. Any help would be appreciated. I assume I clip in then punch down the center post...very scary on fresh paint! Any suggestions? Very difficult to do. No post will budge with me tapping with a hammer and punch.
  7. And....sheโ€™s home. So....much....overspray. ๐Ÿ˜‚
  8. No...sadly...the whole stick spins. I am not the only one that has this affliction either evidently. ๐Ÿ˜‚
  9. Interested to see what you find out. Had been eyeing one of these for my always spinning shifter.
  10. Pm me...I could probably sneak away quick Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning. Itโ€™s close by.
  11. I am close by in plano tx...basically the next town south. Looks decent in pictures. I have not seen it around!
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