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  1. dbsfca


    Met Bill in 1983 when I brought in this very same BMW to his shop. It was called Phaedrus, in a tiny 2nd floor shop on Fillmore St in SF, later moving to a more spacious ground floor place where their GT3 BMW 320i was built and raced at then Sears Pt. Raceway. I was delighted to see his name on the marquee over by Jacksons Hardware.
  2. Well, I believe it's a dummy; at least it doesn't pop out or react in any way when pressed. I haven't looked inside the console to see if there's an actual switch there. If so I assume the wiring for fog lights would have been installed when the car was built, but I see no evidence that that's the case. Were fog lights an option in '73?
  3. dbsfca

    2002 n00b here

    Having just hopped back into this forum after 5 years I realize my setup has parts that are probably not in existence any more. Regardless I think they translate into suggestions being made here. My 2 cents: Suspension: Stage 2 Dinan suspension. I realize this may be extinct! It has front wheel 2˚ decamber plates, Bilstein B8 front shocks, 3/4" lowered progressive coil springs, 21mm torsion bar in front, 19 in back. I'm guessing this is very similar to what others here have called a 'Stage1' set up. Correct me if that's not right! Lowering any more than 3/4" looks odd, IMO, especially with the tires being partially hidden by the wheel wells. Plus the wear on the tires will be totally weird. Transmission: 5-speed is terrific, especially with a close ratio 5th. Didn't know about the differential and now have to look into that. Air dams: Meh... I appreciate how they work but it seems to put the proportions of the front out of whack, plus they're a lot easier to scrape up on things. Wheels: Fell in love with the A30 bottle caps, never looked back. Generally a finer spoked wheel looks better on this car than a 5 or 4 spoked wheel even if they're harder to clean. I think a 15" wheel is too large without compromising turning radius and tire size.
  4. After all those photos I realized my car as the 'European' model radio with L,M, K and U bands. The original owner purchased and drove it in Germany, then shipped it over from Dunkirk to Canada in late '73.
  5. dbsfca

    I must be low on blinker fluid....

    Sounds familiar although it was so long ago I had the same issue. My first recollection is a lack of ground somewhere. For my 73 '02 it was in the circuitboard (don't know what else to call it...) that needed some brass washers on the posts where it screws into the dashboard.
  6. dbsfca


    Update....It's been a while and the car is back. Paul Heynneman at Heynneman European did the engine, brakes and 5 speed transmission. I'm now waiting to begin work on the interior, chasing down small items, removing a LOT of rust in the tire well, unfreezing frozen parts, etc. Also working on adapting the ashtray as a potential iPhone holder, but exploring other options. It's good to be back.
  7. Hi all. Long time BMW2002 owner, with one sitting in the driveway that's been on hold while we've put our daughters through college. They're out now (almost), there's light at the end of the tunnel and I'm looking for recommendations for restoring my LBC (little blue car, as my daughter calls it). I'm in San Rafael, CA. I was pretty active with the BMWCCA club in the 80's when I first got the car, and did a restoration with the paint and body (Anderson Beihl-Santa Clara) and the interior (XKSS+Franzini Bros.-San Rafael) along with ongoing repairs with Paul Heynneman BMW. I think someone totally insanely in love with these cars is what I'm looking for. thanks, David