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  1. Note, I do not have a Momo hub. Sorry! Taking offers as well.
  2. This is an original MOMO Alpina steering wheel that is rare but needs re-wrapping. That can be done easily at an upholstery shop. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, RG
  3. This is a used belt trim set. Not in perfect condition but very much useable! Took off of a clean car. I'll send more pics of individual pieces if interested but overall I'd say a good 7/10. Thanks! RG
  4. Hi All, I am looking for a dash for a 1970 restoration. Some cracking is okay, but not a goner. Thank you in advance! RG
  5. Hi, are these still available? I need the drivers side... Thanks, RG
  6. Hi Art,

    It's Chris Auty.  We spoke yesterday about finding me a good CR box.  Would you mind quickly looking at the one currently on Ebay and share your opinion about it's condition as you know much better what to look for.

      A big thanks in advance,


  7. Jean just had an inquiry as to how long the driveshaft was when using this transmission. Still for sale!
  8. bump. NOTE: the springs and shocks have been sold. Therefore, I still have a set of 2002 strut tubes available. $150 takes them home (plus shipping). Let me know! Thanks, Ryan
  9. Hi all, I have a 235/5 Close Ratio 5-speed that is currently locked up. Please note, this should be bought for parts only at this point...The transmission was in a 1969 race car and unfortunately a drain plug worked its way out during a race, the fluid drained and the transmission locked up. I have not taken it apart to see what is good and what is not, but my guess is that there are useful parts within the transmission for our fellow racers out there. I just can't verify or tell you what is good or not, I guess it is a bit of a gamble. I am not sure what to ask for this, but given that the transmission is worth $3500-$4000 working, maybe we start by saying $600 as-is (plus shipping or local pick up in Denver)...? or best offer. Thanks, Ryan

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