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  1. Check out my Auction listing that is live now for my 1969 BMW 1600 Race Car. All details are found in the auction link! https://awesomejoeauctions.com/auctions/545784d0-9304-412c-961c-6534f92681dd
  2. Hi, It's Dan in Franktown. Are you building a widebody?  If so i have some thoughts to share with you.   719 688 1931

    IMG_2186 (8) (4).JPG

  3. Thank you. I can't seem to figure out if that site sells the flares...do you know?
  4. Anyone have Alpina style flares for sale? Replica or Ireland Engineering ones are totally okay. Thanks!
  5. Note, I do not have a Momo hub. Sorry! Taking offers as well.
  6. This is an original MOMO Alpina steering wheel that is rare but needs re-wrapping. That can be done easily at an upholstery shop. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, RG
  7. This is a used belt trim set. Not in perfect condition but very much useable! Took off of a clean car. I'll send more pics of individual pieces if interested but overall I'd say a good 7/10. Thanks! RG
  8. An original MOMO Alpina wheel for sale. It does need to be re-wrapped as this is the original leather. Please see photos. Buyer pays shipping but won't cost much to ship!
  9. Email sent! Coming from rsg1211(at)gmail(dot)com
  10. https://boulder.craigslist.org/cto/d/hygiene-1989-bmw-325-race-car/6810389113.html Want to go racing? Our reliable "Lucy" is ready for your endurance, spring or drift racing career. Podium finishing and race winning endurance car with engine swap completed 3 years ago with big and healthy and RELIABLE 1994 M50 BMW 6 cylinder. She is fast and light (200hp and only 2250 lbs) New transmission and race clutch. Installed after last season. Full fire suppression system New belts - good for 3 years Rebuilt limited slip 4:10 LSD Painted a flat black and have some aero you can add. Boxes of parts ($1100+ value) Can be sold with additional race wheels (willing to negotiate on price) We have 5 race cars and that is 2 too many... Great for world racing league, champcar, AER, lucky dog, lemons, NASA, SCCA etc. Please contact to come see/drive.
  11. With heavy heart I am posting my 1972 BMW 2002tii for sale. We simply have too many race cars and Lil Black Betty needs to go to a good home. Has title. https://denver.craigslist.org/cto/d/longmont-1972-bmw-2002tii-race-car/6816483251.html She is currently set up for vintage racing with insane purpose-built rocketship motor, but I have all original Tii street goodies and engine. Her power to weight is like a go cart. 225HP and 1800 lbs Race build: Dynoed race motor with only 4 hours on it. Full dry sump system. Motor cost $18K and dry-sump another $3500. Coilover suspension Tii brakes with braided steel lines Fire suppression system New belts & 2 race seats Fuel cell and redundant pump system Glass and turn removed New 4 speed transmission, clutch, JB race flywheel Aftermarket gauges & MSD electronics 2 sets of wheels Tons of spares Legal in Rocky Mountain Vintage and all other vintage series. Comes with logbook, engine build sheets, etc. Completed post-season service and ready to race. Please contact for more information and please visit the craigslist ad above!
  12. Jackhossross, thank you. That would have been me. I built this car back in 2015-2016 and then drove it for about a year before selling it to move on to building my 1969 race car. It is an awesome resto-mod, but I am bias! Too bad it made its way out to California. RG
  13. Good luck with sale! I built this car here in Denver in 2016. Photo of original. I bought it from the original owner. Guy I sold it to re-painted it in its current blue. FYI, not a Nardi Steering wheel...
  14. I have a used, but still nice, set of belt trim. The set came off of a 1976 and is in decent condition. It is absolutely use-able and can be cleaned up and polished. There are some dings in it that can be repaired as well, but overall this is a great alternative to buying a new set. Buyer to pay shipping costs from Denver. Pictures will be posted soon as I haven't had a chance to take them yet. I can also text you photos easier and faster. please feel free to text me at 913.488.9620 Thanks, RG
  15. Hi, I am located in Denver and am throwing some feelers out there to see if anyone is looking for a near complete "project". I have a 1970 Malaga roundie that has a fresh paint job and zero rust left on it. It did have the common rust issues on the front fenders, rockers, and tire well. All rust has been cut out and replaced with new metal. The interior is brand new with new carpeting, new upholstery, and a nice used one piece dash. The engine has a fresh re-build on it with a schrick 292 cam, new pistons and rings, and all new gaskets. Bottom line is that I have too many projects and got over my head with all of them and a full time job. I need to make room in the garage to store my 2002 race car and gain back full use of our garage with winter hitting. I have $15k into the car with rust repair, paint, upholstery, engine, etc...I would be willing to take a bit of a hit on it, but ideally looking for someone that can finish the project and cherish the all original numbers matching roundie! Still to be done: Rubber door seal on drivers side, driveshaft install, new exhaust system, wire/plumb engine (engine is in but not hooked up to run yet), install new headliner (I have it), install front and rear glass Let me know if you have any questions and I am happy to discuss further. I don't have many pics with me today but I will update the thread with some when I get home. The photos I do have are below. The car was in primer when I got it (as you can see). The interior photo shows the nicely re-upholstered seats. The dash has been replaced with a good one and the fake wood console has been replaced with its original console. I have everything needed to finish the job minus the exhaust. It does have a nice Ireland header included. Thanks!

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