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  1. The tumbler shown is for the handle. One tumbler for the one handle .
  2. pick shows what remains. Only one tumbler. Once again, I have 1 front left handle with tumbler. No right hand door handle .
  3. Yes, and just to let you know. Seems to be missing cap clip.
  4. Ok. How's 100. For 2 passenger side handles.? Do you need Key and tumbler? If so add 20. For a total of 120. Post included. My PayPal is my email. Barneybryce@sbcglobal.net
  5. I have 1 key and tumbler. 1 set of nice front door handles ,1 nice rear right , 2 rear some pits and 1front left with pits. Asking 150. Not including shipping. And if you want door cards as well. Call it 200. Plus shipping. LMK THANKS
  6. Hello James. Are you still interested in door handles? I have only 1key and tumbler and of course all door handles. Did you see belt line chrome for the doors or the electronic distributor from Ireland Engineering.,door cards? Didn't hear back from you, thought I'd chime in. LMK IF ANY INTEREST .  Thsnks

    1. jamesnutter50


      sorry I was on the 02 trip in france. Only just got signal. Will email you properly in the morning but yes still after them ! 

    2. Brandyn Andrews

      Brandyn Andrews

      100. US    PLUS SHIPPING 6EXTERIOR DOOR HANDLES  1 tumbler & key



    3. jamesnutter50


      send me your paypal details and I will transfer the money. Thanks


  7. Door cards are available. What I have is 2 nice rear cards and 2 fronts . 1front card is in pieces. As I was going to rebuild as template for after market reproductions. Asking 150. For all three. Forth is free. LMK
  8. Front and rear left side are new, but in my opinion not perfect. I have front left used and looks verry good. (Picture1). Tumblers with key's are sold separately. (If your original key and tumblers still work) you shouldn't need them. If you choose to purchase you can rebuild other's to mach, or not bother. IGN. key match doors. So, I will sell any handle for 25. And separately tumblers. Picture 2 left to right 30.plastic#2 25.metal/ 3rd have 1 key asking 20. LMK Thanks
  9. Asking 50. or any new handles with key's and 25. any used . Will get back to you today with better pics.
  10. ok. Got it and will send today. Was thinking pm mentioned post meridian . Will send track#later today Thanks
  11. What's PM? please message me you address my #is (831)236-6260. THANKS
  12. U joints, hub seals ,Sole rebuild kit misc all for sale. Make offer.
  13. Almost forgot, I need your ship address . Thanks again!

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