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  1. Rozz


    '74 autocross toy
  2. Rozz

    Metal 320i radiator

  3. Rozz

    Metal 320i radiator

    I'm selling an all metal radiator for a 320i that I bought new last year. It works fine, but I decided to go with an aluminum radiator for my M42 swap. It has mounting marks from the electric fan I had in the front, and a spot where I had pushed it against a hose clamp while installing it. That spot is between the tubes and doesn't affect the performance. No leaks. $75 shipped in the continental US. Thanks
  4. Rozz

    H&R springs

    There was a guy ahead of you via PM
  5. That sounds like Marshall. Did you see his '63 Mini in the back of the shop?
  6. I don't know if you are still in Rapid, but Uncle Milt's Alignment will probably be able to help you out. He's been with the Black Hills Sports Car Club since they accepted dinosaurs as members.
  7. I have had the wheel mounting pad milled down 7mm, and still get slight rub at full lock, and that is with the fender/apron cut to clear the front edge of the tire. The rear edge also needs a bit of hammer massage. Once I wear out my tire investment, I'll switch to a different size.
  8. Offset doesn't matter when fitting them in the fender unless you actually want to turn the front wheels. 15x8 with 0 offset and 225/45/15's rub HEAVILY anywhere near lock either direction (flares won't change this). 16" tires will be nearly an inch larger in diameter.
  9. Rozz

    Fuel sender

    He came back from the darkness and bought it.
  10. Rozz


    Greyhound is $43, USPS is $35
  11. Rozz


    Right now greyhound's quote page is down for maint. I'll see what I can do later. There is one guy ahead of you via PM. I'll let you know. Thanks, Ross
  12. Rozz

    Fuel sender

    Apparently the guy that said he'd take it has gone dark, so it is back up for sale.