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  1. Rozz

    Recaro seats price drop

    I've found that they are prohibitively expensive to ship. The cheapest would be by greyhound, and that would be $200 if you pick them up at a station.
  2. Rozz

    Diff build

    This one?
  3. Rozz

    WTB front crank pulley for M10

    $65 shipped to you, or $115 for both crank and alternator pulleys
  4. Rozz

    WTB front crank pulley for M10

    Would you be interested in an underdrive pulley? It is the small one that is for the crankshaft.
  5. Rozz

    Recaro seats price drop

    bump for price drop
  6. Rozz

    15X8 wheel fitment

    The black wheels are 15x8 with a 7mm offset with 225/45r15 tires, and the silvers are 15x8 with a 13mm offset, same tires
  7. Rozz

    Underdrive pulleys

    bump again
  8. Rozz

    15x8 Rota RKR's

    I'm selling a set of four Rota RKR wheels, 15x8 0 offset, magnesium black color. They were on my turbo flared autocross car, and filled out the flares nicely. There was a small amount of rubbing at full lock with 225/45/15 tires. No curb rash or anything like that $400 OBO. buyer pays shipping. Thanks for looking.
  9. My buddy replaced the seats in his TR6, and is looking to sell the Recaros that he removed. The sliders are for the triumph and will be removed. They are in pretty good shape, but could use a good cleaning. Buyer pays shipping. Thanks, Ross
  10. Rozz

    Underdrive pulleys

    I'm selling a 3" crankshaft underdrive pulley, and a 5" underdrive alternator pulley. Both are in good shape. $65.00 each shipped in the US. Thanks for looking, Ross
  11. As the title states, I'm looking for the door threshold plastic sills for a '74-'76, both sides. I'll need them shipped to 57785. Thanks, Ross