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  1. come on mlytle it's done all the time! only time for worry is if something is stolen..... and please I don't want to debate it on my thread.
  2. still looking.... please no 1976 titles I don't want to do the smog thing. I will entertain out of state ttiles as most calif. titles seem to have a ton of back fees or are salvaged. I can't use a salvaged title.
  3. looking to buy a clean title and vin# for a race car that I what to put back on the street I would prefer a calif. title. thanks.
  4. Thanks but I just made the piece and did the repair
  5. Was going cut this fender up to repair another but it's to nice so I decided not to. front drivers side fender no rust.
  6. multi posts how do I delete?
  7. Location: : Socal multi post how do I delete?
  8. Location: : Socal please delete thsi multi post....
  9. how much was the unit with custom face? nice write up...
  10. looking for front fenders for my 76' would like rust free or close to. thanks.
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