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  1. Thanks for keeping me honest @conkitchen and @Conserv. Listing updated.
  2. @conkitchen Thanks. How can you tell? I was under the impression you needed a thermal reactor manifold to get a '76 to pass smog in CA. Since my car passed their with these parts, I assumed mine was the thermal reactor version.
  3. I removed the smog stuff from my 76 California car after moving to New York. My car passed smog in California 2 years ago with all of these parts. Everything in the photos is included plus the smog wiring harness and relays which aren't pictured. Thermal Reactor Manifold EGR Valve Smog Harness Smog Relays Air Pump Air Intake Air Filter Housing Charcoal Canister Brackets and Mounts Etc.
  4. Esteban


  5. @Conserv That's great to know. Do you still have the clear one? I'm also in NY and if you let me borrow it, I'd be interested in making a 3D model and having the plastic printed. I'm hesitant to pull any from my car to model as I just got the wiring working again and want to keep it that way for the rest of the summer. Best, Steven
  6. I'm looking for a diagnostic port and relay plugs (circled in attached photo) for my '76 car. Please reply or DM if you have these parts.
  7. Esteban

    Late Speedo

    @lmeuser thanks but I found one.
  8. Esteban

    Late Speedo

    @Conserv thanks for the info. It's a '76 California car so it sounds like anything 74-75 will work. I've been through the threads and was planning on replacing the gears on my odometer, but as show in the thread linked below, i've got a rather uncommon issue.
  9. Do you have a late model speedometer? Also interested the grommet that the lock slides through on the passenger side door vinyl. Thanks.
  10. Esteban

    Late Speedo

    Still looking for a late model speedometer. If anyone has one, please let me know.
  11. @mike thanks for that info. Some digging on this forum and looking at the wire charts confirms that you do remember correctly. I haven't found the source of the issue, but for the time being, I'm running a lead from the battery to fusebox. I just have to remember to disconnect it when I shut the car off until there is time for the real fix.
  12. Thanks @jgerock I checked that and didn't see anything obvious. Everything looks to be well connected. Is there something that could knock out power to the entire right side of the fuse box?
  13. While working on cleaning up some wiring in my car, I somehow managed to make an unintended change that has resulted in no power to fuses 7-12 which obviously caused a host of other issues. I believe this happened after I removed then re-installed my fuse box but am not certain. Any pointers on what could be the culprit here are greatly appreciated.
  14. Thanks all. That context makes me realize it's time to replace not fix.

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