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  1. CASI

    How many are left?

    Here in Germany we have the possibility to look at the KBA how many cars of one type are registered by the gouverment. At the beginning of this year, here in germany were 81 2002 ti´s left on the road which are registered by the gouverment to drive on the road. The sleepers are not counted and most of the cars are heavily tuned or modificated. Best Regards Carsten
  2. Hi there, the black one is the 0231 129 033 as in my ti! ti and tii distributors are very rare and most every used distributer has timing or axial shift problems which occur in bad idling. Don´t spend much money for used ones, send the original distributor for refurbishment to a distributor doctor like They have the exact timing for the ti and the result is wonderful. Brand new (refurbished) distributor, if you whish with Fullmax electronic ignition. Works perfect! Best Regards Carsten
  3. CASI

    My 2002ti

    When the Paparazi ... I was just overhauling a truck when he did it.
  4. CASI

    TI's are everywhere

    Hi Steve, in that picture you can see the big italian bumperhorns. In the threa "my 2002ti" you can see also before and after. Best Regards Carsten
  5. CASI

    TI's are everywhere

    Hi, as far as I know, all ti´s were LHD, so there was no ti delivered from stock to GB (LB) with RHD. There were some differences between the cars that were delivered in former western Europe. My ti was an italian car so it came to me in italian style with the big bumpers and the white/amber indicators in front. Here´s a picture before the car was rebuild: In that "trim" the car was delivered in March 1970 to Fillotrano, Italy. I decided to rebuild it in german style because I like the small classic german bumpers and very good italian front indicators are so extremly rare and expensive... Best regards Carsten
  6. Hi Andy, you are right, my car has no rear defrost. The car was originally delivered to south Italia where the rear defrost was not often needed. The rear defrost was always an option which nearly everyone ordered in Germany because of the cold and wet wheather. I think the first time my ti saws snow was in January 2013 when my daily driver gave up with a broken alternator and an empty battery. With the Michelin XAS tires it was like riding the ti on a canon bullet. Aboslutly 0 traction! - but lots of fun! I will take a look here on the market for a 121 ti head. If I find one which is not cracked, I will inform you. cu, Carsten
  7. Hi Andrew, that explains much of the car. The engine modifications you did are well done. I think that this combination matches good with that cam. The gauges with black inlay are known from the Alpina modified cars and it is also possible that the racer wanted to imitate them with a good result. It looks similar. With the Solexes and the ignition I had lots of trouble during the last year. After the rebuild of the car and engine the refurbished PHHs were not to become realy calm. After the ignition distributer gave up and was refurbished, it works perfectly! The seats and the interior was original in marine blue and in horrible condition when i bought the car 6 years ago. BMW classic had the cotton and the ceiling stuff in new and the saddler did a good job. The right mirror on the passenger site is not original to this car, but it was orderable as an option. I mounted it, because of safety in modern traffic situations. Also the automatic seat belts. I have not the wooden shift knob and as well as I know this was not standard or an option. For the chrome wiper arms, I will take a look for them and I will inform you. Best Regards Carsten
  8. Hi Andrew, what a great car! Also the original "PlasticKlapp" ignition key is still working. Take good care of it, they are very rare and often get broken. Can you post the VIN? (PN) On the pictures I can see Weber Carbs instead of Solex and the Snorkel for the Single Carb version next to the radiator . (perhaps front mask changed due older repair, the version without snorkel is not available since 40 years.) Then I saw the gauges. They are not common with the black inlay but they are series 1. (Chrome Ring) The cylinder head has the number 121, not 121ti. These modifications and well made Details tell me that You have a very rare Alpina? switched 2002 to a 2002ti ! Congratulations! Some pics of mine: Best Regards Carsten
  9. CASI


  10. CASI

    My 2002ti

    Hello again, half a year has gone with trouble on the PHHs and the ignition distributor. Also with more than fun! The Bavaria Tour was great and in this half year and 9000km of fun, I also learned very much about carbs and ignition to become the ti calm! Now at the end of the season the baby works perfectly! Great Idling, smooth going up from 40km/h until nearly 200 (with awesome sound) on the Autobahn in 4th gear! Quick Sound and fun! Wir haben viel erlebt im letzten halben Jahr! Best Regards Carsten
  11. CASI

    Bavaria Tour 2016

    Hello, now it is going to winter, for the ti it is time to sleep and I found a bit of time to develop the video from the Bavaria tour. Enjoy! Best Regards Carsten
  12. CASI

    My 2002ti

    Hello again, the ti did the first 5000km nearly perfectly! There are still some problems with the PHHs on ideling (Thanks to the ash... which sold them to me as refurbished and not "Overhouled") and after the Bvaria Tour the ignition distributor gave up. Okay, that happens! The Bavaria Tour was fantastic! 326 cars of "new class", 02 and E3, E9 in Oberammegau. That was like in the 70s! In the evening is was fantastic. Everywhere in the town M10 or M30 sound Awesome! I let some pictures play
  13. CASI

    My 2002ti

    The ti is on the road and did the first 400km perfect! He has still some problems with the new PHHs about idling, but that will be fixed soon when he goes to the carburettor specialist to get the PHHs calm... The car is wonderful to drive and I never expected that a brand new 02 BMW ist so hard and dry in the chassis and the springs. It makes lots of fun to throw him about about corners and the engine always says: Gimme more!!! Best Regards with a big grin in the face, Carsten
  14. CASI

    My 2002ti

    Hello, my ti is now ready to run and tomorrow is the day of the days! First test drive! This night will be... sleepness... Best Regards Carsten
  15. CASI

    My 2002ti

    After some time, the project goes on. The Garage where the car is rebuild had some trouble with modern cars, destroyed engines, winter tires in the last time, etc... But now it goes on!