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  1. "Berkeley SMOG. On Carelton St. North of Ashby and across from the dog pound....errr. animal shelter.. There is a Mexican restaurant (Juan's) kitty corner. I have taken all my cars there as they know E30 M3s that don't have a check engine light....." And passed! Turns out he has moved a few blocks away to San Pablo near Ashby, across Burnett from Walgreens. Saved $20 by booking online so got out of there for $65. Did not need the free re-test, but he offered that when I called Friday. Pass/No Pay shops are a thing of the past in the East Bay, that's for sure. Santa Cruz seems to still have a few. Many Thanks!
  2. For my late Dad's 1987 GTI. Haven't had to smog my 74 for so long that I haven't been in a smog shop in over twenty five years -- things have changed unrecognizably. That Shattuck Ave guy is now up on the frontage road off Gilman. Can't believe the number of smog shops in Berkeley, most of whom won't touch a 1987 for reasonable money. And the only auto parts store left in town, Carquest, is closing this week. Didn't used to be this way.
  3. I live three blocks away. Will give them a call. Many thanks!
  4. I'm in Berkeley, CA. Are Pass/No Pay Smog tests a thing of the past? If so, can somebody please recommend a good local shop? Thanks!
  5. Have you got any square (74-76) rear turn signal lenses? Don't really need the whole assembly. Pictures would be great, as I'm trying to find oranger rather than yellower ones. San Jose, CA 95070
  6. Hey, Steve, The search function does not seem to be working. Hope you are having a happy holiday. Thanks! Scott
  7. You could cook a steak on the bitchin custom tip. Is that paint color stock BMW? If so, any idea what it is called? Thanks! Scott
  8. Hi, Chris, Any idea how old/number of miles are on the Eberspacher? Would it be possible to get a more detailed photo of it's inlet pipe? Can't really tell how rusty it is. Thanks!
  9. Hey, Many thanks to those who kept this manual from going extinct. Bought one off eBay 15 years ago, but rarely use it. Am curious to compare. Scott
  10. kiloscott


    Bulge collectors may not be able to remain flaccid.
  11. Hi, I'm interested in the taillights. How much shipped to 95070? Thanks
  12. Left square tail lens here, oranger please. Thanks! Scott

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