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  1. Ireland Engineering's air dam. It's made of some polymer that makes it less prone to breaking if it comes into contact with something. Easy to install, hardly any trimming required other than slots for bumper brackets if you're running them.
  2. Well that auction ended with quite a rock em sock em battle! Very happy with the result. Onto the next classic!
  3. Let's meet at Dunkin Donuts in Yorktown Rt6 next Sunday am for their weekly Cars & Coffee. I'll drive my 911 Turbo, bring one of your Porsche's. A buddy is meeting me there with his new GT4.....we'll swap lies and make friends.
  4. Hi Nick! It was filmed at a private home in Briarcliff. Same house as American Gangster.
  5. So his production manager contacts me out of the blue and requests to use my '72 2002 for a series they are shooting here in Westchester. It was a short drive, and the pay was great, so what the heck! The shoot went off without a hitch and the car was treated with the utmost respect. Hopefully the scene stays off the cutting room floor! Look for an Atlantik roundie in the Woody Allen Amazon series if you happen to watch. Looks like our cars are gaining popularity.
  6. Not digging this new format. To me it seems like a step backwards. Sorry.
  7. Really nice car. The only thing that bugs me is that the paint hue seems off from panel to panel. Maybe it's the lighting and how it reflects, but that would bug me to no end. Wonder why he's selling it.
  8. No rust, but there is rust where it was repaired. Huh? Needs minor things in addition to engine. Again, whut?? Nice dash? Really? Is that gaping crevice a factory option?
  9. I'm not waiting for...anything. Drove mine this past weekend. Life is too short to wait, and a little salt isn't going to kill the car.
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