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  1. Happen to know if these will fit the 15” bbs wheels or have a part number so I can look it up? Thanks!
  2. The offset is stamped on the back - the “ET” number, looks like the offset is 30 on these wheels. GLWS!
  3. 75Inka

    Scam alert

    Sorry to hear about that daver, and thanks for the heads up. The same guy tried to sell me some used belt trim but was asking too much, and thankfully I never went through with it. Whenever I buy something through forums I always sent it as goods and services even if I have pay the extra couple percent. It’s cheap insurance.
  4. Looking for a complete set of the belt line trim, the cheaper, more used and need of a refinishing the better! I’m thinking of powder coating a set to color match my BBS wheels and don’t want to mess up the original set. Thanks!
  5. Sounds good. No worries on the tires, better to have lower shipping costs plus I have some 195's I can put on them.
  6. If there is no local interest and you are willing to ship I’m interested.
  7. Nice! How do you like it? I’m happy with the setup, just not a huge fan of the rims, which rims are you running?
  8. Sent them an e-mail on Wednesday morning (EST) and got a reply from Jeff later that afternoon. Great service!
  9. Hi Toby, Thanks for the info! I do really like these, just want to make sure I can make them work before investing almost 2k in wheels just because I don't like what is on the car now. Good advice on #1, and #2 definitely sounds like something I would do! haha
  10. Hi Tommy, Great, thank you for the info! If I get these wheels I'll check a couple spacer options before installing them, I figured somewhere between 5-8mm would be the sweet spot. Currently running Kumho tires but would be open to other brands if they make it fit.
  11. Hi John, Yeah I've been looking for ET25, there just aren't a lot of options that I like. All the used BMW wheels that come up for sale here are always on the other side of the country so shipping becomes prohibitive. Guess there aren't a lot of vintage BMWs here, or the people that own them are hoarders, haha.
  12. Wow, those are inexpensive. I normally love black wheels but on the Inka car I think it would be too Halloween-ish. Checked the weight and they come in around 14.2 pounds each, a little heavier than the BBS which are 10.8 each. Would like to hear how they hold up on your car, hope you get it back soon! Thanks for the info.
  13. Hi All, I'm looking into some new wheels for my '75 2002 and came across these BBS RG-Fs (RG 359) that seem like a nice fit. Haven't seen anyone running them on a 2002 though. Does anyone have any experience with them? If so, I had a few questions: 1. Do you need the PFS rings and clips, like these 70mm to 57.1mm? 2. Did you need spacers to bring the 33mm offset closer to 25mm? Anything else I need to consider? My car is mostly stock but it came to me with Ireland Engineering Stage 1 sport springs and sway bar set and Bilstein HD springs and Rota 15 x 7 wheels on 195/50R15 tires. Thanks in advance!
  14. Would you consider shipping them?

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