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  1. Thanks very much, mlytle and Einspritz.
  2. Thanks for the super quick reply, Einspritz.
  3. What diameter tubing do I need for a tight fit over the nipples? I can't find the bolt on OEM and would like to have everything on hand that I'll need before I start. Thanks!
  4. Threads on here say you need an o-ring for the brake MC/power brake connection. Realoem doesn't show this o-ring exists (at least in any diagram I could find). It does appear in pics of aftermarket brake MCs (Uro's is attached), but according to bavauto the companies don't sell the o-ring separately. Has anyone run into this issue before? What did you do? Is this a generic o-ring? Thanks in advance.
  5. HI, M!  I WAS SO EXCITED TO FIND OUT YOU'RE IN THE CLUB!!  Lookin' good there, bud!

  6. When my '76 2002 came my way, this box and adapter were sitting in the bay, disconnected. They could be like new, or they could be very unlike new. Roll the dice? Listing on ebay soon, but make me a reasonable offer and it's yours.
  7. Note: despite how they might look in the pics, the lenses are clean and clear
  8. Price:: 10 OBO Location: : Los Angeles 50-cm (19.7") red LED strip from Super Bright LEDs. It's brand new and unused. I decided to go with a different option for my third brake light. $10 OBO. PS. The pic uploader wasn't working when I posted this, but if you want a pic I can send one. You could also check out their site, superbrightleds.com.
  9. Price:: 60 Location: : Los Angeles 2 used Hella H4s (7") with 60/55 bulbs in very good/excellent working condition. Backs are dusty in the pic (cleaned since), but the bulbs appear to be new. Part # on the lens: 002-125-427 Asking $60 for the pair.
  10. Looking for the knob (with the triangle), bezel and clip. Thanks, Michael
  11. Looking for the plastic lip that goes inside the shifter surround. See the pic for images of the console (circled). Borrowed the image from user Matt on another thread. Thanks.
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