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  1. Sold for almost 30,000 Euros. Suppose the museum bought it? https://www.automobilia-ladenburg.de/aAPI/catalogs/de/979aea586badd5cc995a3ca0a3319b97/categories/4244af63d1fb5afd8e3f2331f705874f/page/1?&layout=print Scott
  2. Hi Neil, Sorry, I have bad news. I opened my sets after I'd posted to FAQ, two were rubber/cork composition, the other was one I'd bought from italianmetals (e-Bay seller name), IIRC. That one was all cork, and had fallen into pieces long ago, it would appear. I have plans for the remaining two, so I may not be able to help after all. I realize your engine is down, but you're much closer to having a running vehicle than I am. If I was to ship you my rubber/cork spare, I would want it replaced within six months. Is that agreeable to you? If you had to remove your head to repair the spark plug threads, you may want a complete gasket set. Just about a week ago, I bought this set from an e-Bay auction. Since best offers were considered, I submitted $50, and it was accepted. Funny, the mailing address is listed as Watkinsville, Georgia, same as Elliott Butler. He'd told me about two months ago he'd sold his race car and all his parts. Could just be a coincidence, I suppose. They don't have any more gasket sets listed, but it may be worth checking with them. I suppose you know the de Carlo 700 was the BMW sedan built in Argentina? Both my good gasket sets were sourced in Argentina as well, but the composition pan gasket looks to be more durable than the one from BMW. Let me know if I can help. Scott McVicker http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/262160496082?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  3. Neil, I just bought a gasket set, and may not need the pan gasket. Let me know if you still need one, and we'll try to set something up. Scott
  4. Neil, Would you be willing to share your source for the bushings? I've been wondering if a Beetle shift linkage would work, all new parts are readily available. Scott
  5. Hi Ozzie, Do you know if your white/red car was sold by a Dr. Petar Kostic in California? It looks like one he was selling on e-Bay earlier in the year or late last year. I bought an incomplete engine and other parts from him. I bought a windshield from him, too, but it didn't survive the UPS ride to Indiana. Does anyone have a spare windshield for a coupe? Scott
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