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  1. scottymac

    Baby does here thing!

    Are you still running the Sport engine in Baby, Ray?
  2. Last I talked to Bill, I believe he said he planned to acquire a 700 DS this summer and see if he could start servicing them. Might be able to help you with others, just don't push me to the back of the line (please?). Scott
  3. That would be funny, David, if it weren't so frustrating! I just tried, and it looked like it was ready to accept my order. Maybe they've heard about all the French cars you've restored, and decided they didn't want to be affiliated with your collection? Sorry, if you've missed out on the fenders. BMW is the only company I know that will occasionally do a run of parts for their old cars. About a year ago, they had new Dynastarts available, still kicking my self for not jumping on one of those. Last I checked, new batteries were available - going to try to find the funds for one. Scott
  4. David, Here is the link to the fenders, they make it a task to navigate, but hey, they're German, right? Hope that works for you. I haven't talked to Elliott in some time, he sounded very frustrated last I did, so I haven't bugged him. Certainly a wealth of information for the 700 owner. Think I spent an easy $4,000 when I visited his shop in 2014. Sorry, I don't have any sealed beam headlight parts I can spare, might have to use them if I can't get the separate reflector and lens Euro lights to work. No spare door pulls either, pretty sure Elliott had them, reason I suggested him. Dang, wish I could afford a rotisserie, sure does make the job easier! Good luck! Scott
  5. David, Not sure what your budget is, new fenders are available from BMW for about $600 each. Maximillian Importing and the BMW dealer on the south side of Atlanta have both been very helpful ordering parts through Mobile Tradition. Buckets are included in the fenders, but maybe you're referring to the parts the sealed beam bulbs sit in? I've been trying to switch to Euro lights, can't remember if I saved the sealed beam parts. Will let you know. Can you post any photos of the car? As far as door pulls, you might try Elliott Butler, he's just down the road in Watkinsville, Ga., 706 614 7158. I don't know if Elliott has sold all his parts, I know he was trying. Scott
  6. Crash fest, slightly amusing if you have 15 minutes to waste. Only 700 is a cabrio about 2:33, does much better than most of the 2002s, Beetles, and especially Fiat 850 coupes. Surprised by the number of NSUs. Scott
  7. scottymac


    I suppose many of you know, BMW will, occasionally, make a limited run of parts for their classic cars. It's worth it to go through their catalog every month or so, to see what's "new", again. During my latest perusal, I saw 700 batteries listed. I haven't ordered one yet so can't speak to its correctness, just thought I'd let folks know. I use Maximillian Importing, but many BMW dealers that subscribe to Mobile Tradition can help you. Have you found a motorcycle or lawn tractor substitute that you like? Scott
  8. scottymac

    rain gutter moldings

    Agreed, they would be too long as supplied, and would need to be shortened on both ends. My attraction was the arc on both ends looks similar to the 700, though the ends would have to be swapped (Mustang left front to 700 right rear, and so forth). There's a large auction in town week after this, I hope to use Ray's suggestion and make a cardboard pattern of my 700 and see how closely that matches the Mustang. I'll let you know what I discover. Just eyeballing it, the '02 doesn't seem to be a very close match on the angles. Might work for a 700 limo, but the '02 C pillar drops off much more sharply than a 700 coupe.
  9. Hi, I've been thinking about substitutes for the rain gutter molding, I have two sets, but both are mangled messes. What do you think about these Mustang coupe pieces? They'd be switched left to right and vice versa to fit the profile, but look close. Mecum has a big auction the middle of May here in Indianapolis, so I should be able to take some measurements before footing the bill. If there are any car shows near you where you might compare, please let me know what you find. Scott
  10. scottymac

    BMW Museum tour

    I spotted two 700 coupes, a dark blue one, and in the pictures of a blue 1500, in the background, a red coupe. I went through the 90 shot gallery, but didn't spot the 700 RS.
  11. scottymac

    Martini page added

    Google Veritas automobiles to see some of Willi's early involvement with racing. Pictures in the book of the 700 RS roadster with its targa bar are especially striking, why it was removed I haven't discovered. IIRC, I believe Elliott told me there might be four or five authentic Martini cars left in Europe. My favorite is the 1800 prototype, book notes the nose gives it a 507 look. Scott
  12. scottymac

    race car near St. Louis

    Hi, I hope you're chronicling your build with plenty of photos. Does the transaxle nose intrude much into the back seat area? I know Ray's car and some in the U.K. have converted to CV joints and eliminated the rubber donuts, I imagine you're doing the same? Have you weighed both drivetrains to know the impact on weight distribution? I have a 1961 issue of HOT ROD magazine with an article showing a Corvair flat six drivetrain installed in a 700! With the VW aftermarket, you can punch out a Beetle engine to have close to the displacement of a Corvair. Are you going stock now, or hotrodding the VW?
  13. scottymac

    700 Sport Tachometer?

    Ray, I hope I wasn't bidding against you on this, it just arrived today. It's the same size as my original tach shown above, I hope I can have the new guts transferred to the old case. I was surprised how little it ended up costing, all things considered. The seller was very friendly, he must have been happy with the bids, too. Early cars like yours and mine take this smaller size tach, but I still haven't found any pictures where they'd been mounted originally. There's no room because of the radio in the center of the dash, so I think I'll have to move the ignition switch further left, and mount the tach to the left of the speedo. They're still out there, if you keep looking!
  14. scottymac

    trim rings and whitewalls

    David, Saw a new (to me, anyway) advertiser in a Brit magazine, checked their web site. They show a 12" whitewall, don't know if it's a wide one like you want. Price is a little more reasonable. I have an electronic subscription to RUMCar News in the U.K., have you thought of writing to Chris Thomas there to publish your request for trim rings? Scott
  15. scottymac

    Martini page added

    Ray, I think you and I are close to the same age, so maybe you remember the Martini and Rossi TV commercials from the early Seventies, and of course there was their sponsorship of many race teams. When I first got my 700, I thought the references to Martini were to the brewing company. Only later did I learn about Willi Martini and his involvement with BMWs. I didn't find any copies on German e-Bay, and I certainly didn't pay what the Amazon vendor is asking, but the book is a worthwhile purchase, even though the text is in German. Some of the 700 variations he built are truly remarkable. Scott