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  1. Frank Vogel

    Frank Vogel

  2. I am showing my car there. I am coming from spanaway so I will just see you guys there. Mine is a driver in progress
  3. I din't get back from our big training event untill 03Feb so I missed this one. Do we have the next one scheduled yet?
  4. That sounds good. Let's set a date for the first weekend in Feb. What do all want to do? Grits garage seems like a nice place to to start.
  5. I work on Joint Base Lewis McChord and I am lonely. I have not seen another 2002 out this way at all. When is the next official meet up? Anyone up for a get together in in a week or 2?
  6. Highway 7 to the Mt Rainier is a great drive down through Elbe. I live in Spanaway so it is really close to me. I just hit 7 and head south
  7. I hope I can get to it before they get rid of it. I need a lot of little parts.
  8. Thanks for the help and suggestions guys. I am going to try drilling it while I continue to look for parts.
  9. This Saturday 24OCT15 The Mustang Shop is having a Dyno Day. It is 60 bucks to run your car on the Dyno and get true HP numbers. They are doing it as a social event for the local racers with an informal car show in the parking lot. They said it would go all day. I will get there at around 4:00 PM. I hope to see some of you there!
  10. The little metal knob that my wiper arm sits on is stripped on the inside. It spins freely with the wiper arm off. I have been looking for a place to buy the part but, I have had no luck so far. Does anyone know where to buy that piece of my wiper system? The passenger side wiper works fine. I hit it with a punch trying to create some friction but that only lasted one swing of the wiper arm. Can I weld this thing? I am in Spanaway Washington. Someone please help me before the rain starts.
  11. I can buy a cheap one at o'rielly's for 6 bucks. My question is if this thing will work and do i just pull out the old one? Is it screwed in or anything? I have searched but found only adverts for people selling.
  12. Lol I baught the second one I saw. I plan on fixing the little paint bubbles and the rust causing them. Thanks for the tip about blunttecj
  13. I am buying the one I looked at last night. The engine bay and the shell were in too good a shape to pass up. The things I need to fix are small things. The only question I have is how hard is it to replace shifter bushings? The ones in this car are toast.
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