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  1. Yeha I found a 275 historic race tire I wanted but it's huge, I'm not even sure it'll fit on my car
  2. That's my plan, 225s up front and 245s in the back hehehe
  3. The chassis is quite close to the ground even without the widebody kit, I can't even fit a jack under the rocker panels or the rear subframe mounting points. If I had to guess the subframe is less than 3 inches off the ground and the rocker is 4-5 inches off the ground, and the exhaust scraped getting into the garage. I can measure exactly when I get off work in a bit
  4. The box flares have a higher wheel opening so it looks the same height even though it's lower than a standard car
  5. It's reaaaaally low, my exhaust scraped a gouge in the concrete floor coming in the garage so I want to get an exhaust that doesn't hang quite so low
  6. I'll work on fine tuning my suspension/stance over winter, once I build my engine I'm gonna get meaty tires
  7. There's Ireland Engineering, Ground Control, Kmac, and Techno Toy Tuning camber plates out there. Take a look at them and see which one suits your needs the best
  8. If you look at the jets on a 38/38 and a dual 40 dcoe setup the sidedraft setup will usually have smaller jets but a bigger throttle body size
  9. Yeah Lebanese hillclimbs are crazy, I've been to a bunch and I love seeing the E30s and Evos absolutely ripping it up the mountain
  10. 205/60/13 will work if you roll your fenders and have a little camber, otherwise you might rub on stuff
  11. I'm not sure how wide turbo flares are but 15x8 et0 is gonna be 20mm further inward and 15x9 et0 is gonna be about 25 or 30mm further inward compared to what I have now,I think my front wheels are et-15 and my rear wheels are et-30 give or take a couple mm
  12. If you roll your fender lips that should help, if you go crazy and pull the fender that'll help a lot more but not everybody is about that look. You could also get offset camber plates from Ireland Engineering which will push the tops of the tires inward slightly and help with clearance as well
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