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  1. Hey guys, I'm looking for an Ansa sport muffler or something for a center exit 02 that's a little louder than stock Thanks Steven
  2. Today I put dual Weber 40s on my car among a couple other upgrades and then attempted to put a rear bumper on, tomorrow I'll fiddle with it more and make it fit better. Apologies for the absolute mess of a garage haha
  3. Just pull it forward an inch, the input shaft needs to come out and you're set
  4. I removed the intake manifold and associated bits in preparation for a sidedraft conversion soon
  5. Use a grinder and cut the studs off and use 3m automotive tape and it'll be fine
  6. Should be fine, I'm just using a deep socket with a breaker bar due to my extended studs and it's been just fine
  7. I can't speak for the Aardvark and IE kit but I have the Blunttech kit on my 76 2002 with the 5 speed swap and it's top notch quality, everything I needed was included and everything still works perfectly like like 3 years after the conversion, 10/10 would do the Blunt kit the next time I do a 5 speed swap
  8. Got around to putting tires on my Campagnolos finally
  9. I use a 195/45/15 on my wheels and there isn't much of a stretch on the 15x7 but there's a baby stretch on the 15x8
  10. Yeha I found a 275 historic race tire I wanted but it's huge, I'm not even sure it'll fit on my car
  11. That's my plan, 225s up front and 245s in the back hehehe
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