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  1. 205/60/13 will work if you roll your fenders and have a little camber, otherwise you might rub on stuff
  2. I'm not sure how wide turbo flares are but 15x8 et0 is gonna be 20mm further inward and 15x9 et0 is gonna be about 25 or 30mm further inward compared to what I have now,I think my front wheels are et-15 and my rear wheels are et-30 give or take a couple mm
  3. If you roll your fender lips that should help, if you go crazy and pull the fender that'll help a lot more but not everybody is about that look. You could also get offset camber plates from Ireland Engineering which will push the tops of the tires inward slightly and help with clearance as well
  4. Hey all, I'm looking for a decent condition 2002tii brake booster. Thanks!
  5. You can only get threaded studs if your hub is the threaded type, if it's stock 2002 or tii then they're press in
  6. I'm not sure how many states have similar laws but in Minnesota there's a law that says that vehicles equipped with collector plates are exempt from laws unless specifically stated so I can take my bumpers off and nobody really cares, I've sent insurance multiple photos of my car and they never brought it up
  7. As the title says I'm looking for a set of box flares for my 2002, condition doesn't really matter as long as they're not utterly smashed. Figured I'd see if anybody had any flares for sale before I buy new flares from Ireland for $750 Thanks Steven
  8. It's been a while since the last post but if you want longer front lower control arms the Bavaria control arms and radius rods are perfect for what you're looking for
  9. I'm also looking to go to manual brakes so I can fit intake trumpets on my dual carb setup but I haven't really found any helpful info so I hope we can find a something here
  10. 15x8 will definitely work, in this pic I've got 15x8 et25 and on my other 02 I used to have 15x8 et5 and it fit so anything in between et5 and et28 should be fine
  11. You immobilize it with a code so just download the app on a different phone and put your PIN in and turn off the immobilizer
  12. Mine is set up where it's immobilized until I turn it off even if it detects my phone
  13. I just immobilize my distributor, perks of having the 123 Bluetooth distributor

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