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  1. They are still 4x100 but for a threaded stud opposed to a pressed in type.
  2. Parts Lot for Sale - E21 Head $50 - US Turn Signal $150 (sold) - Urethane Coupling $30 (gone) - Door Brake (still in packaging Brand new) (sold) - IE Turbo Pod New $80 - IE New untrimmed Rear Spoiler $100(sold) - E21 Front hubs $80 Buyer Pays Shipping on all.
  3. Fresh e21 case 4:10 LSD. Rebuilt by metric Mechanic. Vent tube was drilled out for a catch can. Also comes with 3.91 ring & pinion, and carrier. Buyer pays shipping. 2000 OBO
  4. Spainish carbs, plastic floats, F7 emulsion tubes. 165 mains, 160 airs. 42 chokes. CarBs are awesome for a 13:1 race motor. Absolutely no issues. They are about $1200 new & these are about 3 years old. Ran 110 only through them.
  5. Did have to modify tunnel to get shifter in. It’s a tight squeeze. I ran it at Sebring, road atl, haulin ass. No issues, can’t tell me it can’t be done.
  6. I didn’t have to modify tunnel. Do have to fabricate mount pickups.
  7. New CAE shifter for 2002: $800(sold) I.E. 90 degree velocity stacks: $100(Sold) Weber 48’s: $800(includes top mount cable linkage)(Sold) I.E. intake manifold: $100 (sold) e21 MC: $30 (sold) cluster guts: $20 (Sold) e12 head: $200(sold) AASCO Lightweight fly wheel: $200(sold) (2) steel lightWeight flywheel: $100 (1) core flywheel: $30 shifter housing: $20 Used sport clutch: $50(sold) Used e21 alternator: $50(sold) New 123 distributor setup: $700(Sold) 8 bolt guibo: $20 (Sold) 4sp output flange: $20 (Sold) Ignition wires: $20 (sold) blue cool: $40 prices do not include shipping. PM me for questions.
  8. Gears aren’t straight cut, they are helical gears, steel syncros for strength. An M10 won’t make enough power to break the gears. I honestly don’t know if gears are treated... the input shaft is standard bmw. I ran metric mechanic’s twin disc setup for it. Same specs as a 245.
  9. ZF 5sp racing box for sale. Has about 4-5 races on it. It was built for me by GR-Box in Italy in 2018. Spec sheet upon request. Has steel syncros, brass forks, Rose jointed shifter... all the good stuff. Unfortunately these aren’t cheap. They are popular with escorts and used a lot in the Uk. 2.7-1.94-1.48-1.17-1 Gear set. Can come with driveshaft & mount for for a bit more. Will come with seal & gasket kit, Buyer pays shipping and PayPal fees. Thanks for looking!
  10. Looking for some pig cheeks or other version Idk name for. If you have some box flares let me know, but prefer the Alpina style. OG stuff would be great, IE great to. Would love the bolt on front fenders, but I’ll take what I can get. Thanks!
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