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  1. For a 1975 2002. I'm sure this goes without say, but in working condition, please! Hopefully not a cosmetic disaster, either. But not a big deal if it is. Thank you!
  2. Surprisingly little sarcasm from Mr. Regular on this episode. He must have been caught off guard by how great a car it actually is.
  3. Oh man. Just reading that made me giddy.
  4. Even when there's just nothing left to fix, a tinkerer will still tinker. My girlfriend recently asked me when I might be finished working on my '02. Finished? I told her I don't understand the question.
  5. Update: (long overdue, for those of you still following) Finally got the car to the shop. I couldn't find the time to limp all the way to Petaluma and see Tom Jones et al at Casey Motorsport. I will find an excuse to visit that shop soon, I'm sure. Instead, I hit up Bimmers Independent in San Carlos. I'd already picked up a cleaned/resealed steering box here on the FAQ from dar_on, so I brought that, along with some GL-4. Once on the rack, they seconded the steering box diagnosis, so I let them know I had a replacement in the trunk, and they cranked out the replacement. Verdict: NO SHIMMY! I'm very pleased with their work. They didn't over-tighten the box (still threads left for the future), but the steering is definitely tighter than it's ever been. And with the shimmy gone, I feel confident at highway speeds, again. Thanks again to all of you for your input. Special thanks to dar_on for supplying a quality box. And if any of you need the occasional professional wrench on the Peninsula, I can report at least one very positive experience with Bimmers Independent.
  6. Nice stitching, Chris! Mine looks awfully sloppy, compared.
  7. You've landed a great project, and a great site to support it. You'll find the members here very helpful, as I surely have. These are very special cars: simple enough that you'll gain a lot of confidence working on them / sophisticated enough that there's always more to learn. The people here have taught me a lot. Hit the search bar with any problem you run across, and you'll likely find it has been thoroughly discussed and addressed. I wish a site like this existed when my Dad and I started our project. Then again, that was like 20 years ago, and I don't think the dial-up would have been able to handle it (ask your Dad). I'll be keeping an eye on your project, for sure. The '72 is my favorite, if only because my first 2002 was a '72. Picked it up for $1000, come to think of it, I'd guess around the time you were born.
  8. I just want to mention here what a great operation is being run at Wheelskins in Berkeley. Commence long anecdote from a very satisfied customer: I bought an E21 wheel, minus leather, a while back. I heard good things about Wheelskins, so chose that when I recently decided to wrap the wheel. Instead of going through their site, I went with Bavarian Auto, since they were cheapest, and because I needed some Redline MTL, anyway. They also offer the shift boot, so I replaced my old torn one. I had questions about fitment, since my wheel measurements don't exactly match anything with the leather missing. I alos wasn't sure about the shift boot, Since I use a Z3 shifter. So I called Wheelskins directly and spoke with Irene. Even though I wasn't ordering through them, she offered to have one cut to my custom measurements, no extra charge. She contacted Bavarian Auto with my order info and let them know she would ship it directly to me. I got it the NEXT DAY. When the rest of my order arrived from Bavarian Auto, it turned out the shift boot wasn't quite right, either. I spoke with Irene, mentioned I live not too far from Berkeley, and she told me I was welcome to stop by and exchange it. I did so, yesterday. The owner himself test-fitted the replacement. When it wasn't quite right, either, he asked if I could stick around and custom-cut and stitched one while I waited! The first one he cut still wasn't perfect, so he did it again, and nailed it! I ended up custom-cut leather for both my wheel and shifter, and all of this for an order I made through a third party so I could save $15. I was gob-smacked. While they worked on the boot, they let me wander around the shop. It is a totally home-spun operation. I also took a moment to drool over the owner's '38 Buick, outside. If you want to support a true Mom & Pop business that is devoted to service, please check them out. And tell all your friends! By the way, I love the wheelcover. It feels good in the hand while chucking the car through twisties.
  9. So glad for this posting! I just performed this swap, minus the pigtail. Just three short equal lengths of 16g wire with male spade disconnects on one side and female on the other. Thanks for saving me time and money!
  10. Update: Finally got around to this project. Haynes manual confirmed the Schwartz (black) wire. Routed it through the rear defrost switch and BINGO, starter cut-off. Works! Thanks, everybody. Getting brave, now. Picked up a 20amp rocker switch from Napa for a coil cut-off. Found a great hiding place for it. Getting ready to wire it. I plan to use the green wire that (according to Haynes) runs to the fuse box. I thought this a better idea than the other green (split) wire that runs to the coil. Should accomplish the same thing since it interupts the same circuit, right? Should I use a relay this time around? Bear in mind these questions assume I've read the wiring diagram correctly.
  11. I need the plastic trim piece for the E21/320i steering wheel that surrounds the hub/spline. Pictured here: https://c1552172.ssl.cf0.rackcdn.com/686448_x800.jpg P/N 32331120194 ECS sells them NOS for $50. I'd like to see if I can find one in good shape, cheaper. Thanks.
  12. Alright. So many of you are saying I may have been justified in my suspicion about my mechanic's steering box diagnosis. I I think I'm just going to limp up to Casey Motorsports in the near future and make sure this is taken care of correctly. Thanks, again.
  13. That's a good point re:calipers. But I don't notice any warp during braking. Smooth straight stops, everytime. So, I assume my rotors are pretty true. Also, the car tracks straight. If one were dragging, wouldn't it pull? I can take my hands off the wheel and she stays in the lane (I don't, but I can). As for the box I have, great question. I could be okay. It could need oil and a rebuild. It could be shot and out of threads. No idea. I'm not allowed to work on my car at my apartment complex. I do, anyway. But I have to be subtle. No way I can jack the car or put it on ramps in my garage. Further, the town is basically Mayberry but swarming with parking enforcement officers and bored cops. I do my oil changes quickly, guerrilla-style, street-parked, in the middle of the night. Not going to get away with dithering over a steering box. So the change has to happen at my mechanic's. I figure if the box is coming out, it's coming out, and I can't leave my car on the mechanic's rack while I inspect, clean and reseal the thing. So it'll just be a quick out with the old, in with the other, better old. I can drain and inspect the original box when I get home. Maybe clean, reseal, and sell it off to one of you fine folks. The Circle of Life...
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