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  1. Yes , than you! It will be a while before I actually take to the car. I do have 20, 18,16, and 12 to practice on as well as an 8 foot section of a Chevy pickup bed courtesy of my local auto body shop. I also have what I believe is one of the original fenders for my car that was already fixed poorly and then bathed in a generous cover of high build and putty. As well as the countless videos on the 'tube for mig welding so it is time to start practicing a bit. I find this guys work interesting and this video was as simple and to the point for my needs. Makes me think you would get something like this if you took a class. I like where he shows you the burn through but the same setting will tack without burning through.
  2. Guys thanks for the replies. My son for Thanksgiving and I will collect the data and see where I am at. this car has a salvage tittle and the passenger side was smacked and the driver side floor pans have a few bumps in them. Those might be from previous lifts or running over things but I don't see anything that jumps out. As for the welding the gaps I plan to leave are on my practice pieces just to see what happens. From the info I have gathered I have seen metal with no gaps to metal with the square clamps molding the pieces together with a slight gap. I am not sure which method is correct and I am a long way from putting the torch to anything yet. You lost me on the softening deal so I need more info on that. You are heating it after or before you weld?
  3. Working on the rust repair I decided to pick up a metric tape measure and thought it a good idea to measure the uni body points found on the forum. I currently have the passenger floor pan out of the car and am just making some small patch panels to build up the confidence with the welder before replacing that. No I am not practicing welding on the car rather I have some metal bits I got out of a dumpster. I plan to lay down some welds on the metal itself and play with the settings as well as cut slits in the metal and then weld them shut. Gap to be the @ 1/16 of an inch or smaller with the goal of seeing how the metal reacts to different setting and where blow through issues occur with the settings. The sub frames are both still in the car and can be easily removed if necessary. Car sit on a scissors lift in the garage but is held up currently with 4 jack stands, front two under the font hubs, rear two under the rear hubs. I have 4x4's under the car that I can lift it off the stands with if needed. Question is should I take the car to a shop to have the uni body squared up in the event it is out of wack? Leave the sub frames in or remove them for that work. Thank you!
  4. Totally agree so you can't discount that they were thinking @45 years later they could get a bunch of us to be devoting time to something we can't explain, very interesting!
  5. Sorry, this picture from my car is wrong. I understand the jack points in the rockers but it is the plate or tab the look like it is held on by three rivet in the first picture on the firewall side of the footwell to the left of the seam
  6. I need to patch in some metal and was trying to figure out how it is supposed to look. Lifted this from someone here's thread (thank you). What is the metal tab for in the left corner of this shot? Mine is attached to a piece I plan to replace. What is this? Do you need it?
  7. I need to patch in some metal and was trying to figure out how it is supposed to look. Lifted this from someone here's thread (thank you). What is the metal tab for in the left corner of this shot? Mine is attached to a piece I plan to replace. What is this? Do you need it?
  8. Cut out this bit of rot in the trunk, Headed back to the metal shop to play with some of the tools. Last shot is the new piece waiting for the welder. Will redrill holes to secure fuel tank. Was able to keep the tie down eye. . Sorry for the bad shots but this is cool!
  9. Don't need the money, have the time, confident I can do this but it wont get done sitting on my ass, in great frame of mind (should not have put that in the tittle, supposed to be funny) and have never lost sight of if someone does for a living what you do for fun, it will easy to see who gets screwed. Again, no worries! No different than spending a weekend at the track burning through a set of R comps. Totally agree about the quality of the forum and the fun people have with these cars.
  10. I wanted to take a moment and share an update. Lots of things going on. First I had to clean up my garage and reorganize. Man I am a slob! Second was to let some people I know locally that I was willing to sell my project for $4k. I think that is what I could get if I sold off the parts. Might be optimistic but that's okay. I have two potential buyers, one owns a body shop the other owns a repair shop specializing in BMW's Both have said they are interested at that price but to be honest it is a lot of work. No worries either way. Then I decided to make a commitment to go out to the garage and spend a few hours per day on this as I have most of the stuff I need, other than knowledge. I have the time, the car is on a lift, so what is my problem? I think it is the vision of what I think I would like versus the reality of what I might end up with. In the mean time if either of the potential buyer step up fine but I think I will not wait for them and get going on the metal repairs. I live in a small mill town and there are guys here that are in their 70's and 80's and have garages full of neat stuff. Two of them have metal shops with tons of tools, lathe, brake, and a roller to shape curves. Most of the power tools have leather belts. The drill press has a metal dish that is used to adjust the speed. About 100 years old. Simply awesome and they gave me the combinations to their shops so I am going to do some simple metal repairs. Bottom line is that spending some more time looking at the repair work some of you have done has given me some inspiration to do something other than wait for something that might never happen. The car does not have to be perfect but it will be better than what I bought and it is fun to go out and work on it. I will make one more post here, hopefully with some pictures of the old machines and then update on the daily threads.
  11. Guys and gals, I am not depressed at all. I can't stress that enough! My thread tittle was an attempt at humor. This project has been rewarding from the start it just needs to be gotten under control one way or another. Not about cash or loss thereof as even the best steak is turned to shit in the end. It's the enjoyment of the meal. No different here I just don't know if I ever get it done. I do have some interest in the engine and I am sure parting would work fairly well as I am not interested in recovering my costs as this might be today's version of the steak. I also must stress that the kind words of encouragement and sharing of your expediences has been appreciated and is what makes this group so special to me. So I know its in the wrong thread but I picked up my hood and rear deck lid from the body shop sealed in epoxy....and cleaned the garage. There is a car under all that stuff. Who knew?!
  12. Might be going down that path. I have had another inquiry on the engine. I think I would hope to find someone that would like a crack at this. I just dont see myself with the focus and it would kill me to pay someone else to do the work as I have the time and there is no reason not to get at it. The body is actually pretty solid it would seem that every previous owner thought it their obligation to throw a coat of high build and paint on it. So I knew where I was going and that was down to as clean of metal as I could get and fix the rest. I did all the bushing and suspension first and it has been on the left since. I think the first step is just to catalog all of the stuff I have. Forgot I had 4 doors and 4 front fenders as I was digging through the parts room. No different than any other hobby I guess. Not an issue of $$ rather just dont see me actually getting done
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