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  1. After getting the car back from paint, I was happy with how it turned out. My buddy who is a painted shot the car for me.
  2. I love it, post more and let me know how your first test drive goes
  3. how much the dealer sell the bmw 1970 doors for

  4. i just bought 2 doors from the BMW dealership for less than $800 just fyi
  5. Well, i got the motor in the correct area I wanted it. Good thing is, its sits further back in the 2002 then the E39, Im hoping this will help with the weight dist. Cyl. 2-4 is behind the front axle, but actual weight % front to rear is still unknown till im finish. I got a custom 1 piece driveshaft made, with CV joint at the Trans, and a larger 1350 Ujoint at the diff. I painted the diff and cleaned it up so it looks new, also got my wheels for the car. Pretty happy how I was able to plumb in the airfilters and intake to fit in the vehicle, keeping airmass flow meters. The airfilters will be behind both front grills next to the headlights (cooler air in my mind will reach the motor then.) The motor fired up, and I was able to run the car around the neigherhood with no issues, looking forward to getting some sticky tires under the vehicle. I used a knock off cheap set of wheels and tires I had laying around with rockhard rubber, which did layout nicely on the pavement. I went with custom gauges which ill use in the stock cluster, along with 3 smaller gauges to fit inside the Turbo gauge pod that mounts on the dash.
  6. I got them from flaming river
  7. To build the front end to support the weight of the M5 v8, i went with the nissan 240sx hubs, and knuckles. After looking at the front susp on the nissan i decided to use the lower control arms and thurst arms as well. I made my own subframe and link mounts on the 2002. Since I wanted to run a big brake kit but didnt want to run 17" wheels I made my own brake kit from wilwood. Started with the firewall mock up and finished it, not as happy with the firewall as i am with the trunk floors. The trunk was only 3 panels, and the firewall was many. This is my first time doing metal work so Im learning a lot as i go. For the steering On the vehicle, im running a BMW 320i manual rack. I had to also run some pretty crazy link setup to get around the motor in the engine bay. Also I found out that the stock manifolds on the S62 wouldnt fit between the frame rails on the 2002, so I ended up getting exhaust manifolds from the M62 x5 engine. These manifolds hug the engine block making the motor a smaller package. Ran into another issue, I couldnt use the factory Altenator cause it was way too big. So I got an altenator from a Geo Tracker, and made a mounting bracket, and belt tensioner. Here my mocked up big brake kit, and finished product. Nice part about having a friend with a laser cutter, was getting the bracket to fit nice and tight on the rotor giving enought room to clear 16" wheels, possibly 15" wheels if i found the correct offset. Here I started to do some plumbing, and ran some brake lines. Also some chassis bracing was done to help support the extra power. Here are some photos of the stock 2002 harness being stripped down and then removing all the electrical wiring for the factory engine. I then wired the s62 harness to work with the factory harness. I then layed it out in the vehicle and wrapped it with cloth fabric electrical tape so it would have a factory look to it. For the turbo front bumper, i made a scoop to ram more air into the radiator to help with cooling. For exhaust, i kept the exhaust outlet in the factory location, running 2.5" into 3"
  8. Test fitting the motor trying to see how much more firewall I need to cut out. with the trunk all cut out i had a blank area to work with to build a fuel cell holder, rear diff support and whatever else i came up with Built my floor in the rear, along with some rear shock boxes to fit my new susp Im going to try out. Going to run Nissan S14 coilovers front and rear and also Nissan front susp. More pics to come tomorrow
  9. I have always played around with jeeps, offshore powerboats, and decided to build my first car. Iv worked for BMW as a master tech for over 10 years and always loved german cars. I found a local car for sale, a 72 2002 roundie. I ended up picking up and car and starting with many ideas on what to do. After purchasing the vehicle I started talking to a few coworker about my plan with the engine. I was going to swap in either a sr20, or a Honda s2000 motor. They ended up talking me out of both a keeping it all BMW powertrain. So after doing a little thinking I am going to swap a S62 motor, with the factory 6 speed. Going to run a E36 M3 rear diff to hold power and limited slip. E30 rear control arms, and E30 axle shafts. For the body I will run the turbo front bumper, flares, and keep the inka orange color. Someone decided to repaint the car i bought from the factory orange to yellow? Pics to come.
  10. you know you could be correct...i had them posted for sale for $50 and no luck so i said free and they went. So more than likely they werent the rare ones....you learn something new everyday
  11. ah i just gave 8 of these away for free
  12. Looking for the lower rocker panel trim.. Anyone have this? I need to finish my car
  13. Hey Prostock3,

    Russtafarian here, WHAT KINDA 02' YOU SPORTIN?

  14. i have front susp shocks/hubs/rotors/brakes from a 2002 72 non tii if that will work...Im in Walled Lake Mi

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