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  1. Looking to send a Tii motor out for full rebuild, cleaned, painted etc. anyone have suggestions? metric mechanic? anyone had worked done by them and feedback?
  2. Looking for an early hazard switch. Part #61311350284 Also blinker stalk needed Bmw 1600/2002 Early Turn Signal Switch #61318648072 Thanks.
  3. They are currently in walled lake but looking to move to bigger building in Wixom/Livonia
  4. From what I was told the tii had a bigger wheel bearing?\ So for the guys without tii how could we upgrade are wheel bearing or struts without going to a tii since they are hard to find?
  5. been out to a few cars and coffee.....Going to M1 sat for cars and coffee.....hoping to get some 2002 guys together
  6. Just use the stock wiring diagram. Really not much to the older cars. What is needed on the race car? Lights, ign, some engine electrical?
  7. Just under 2 years, i finshed up my build. Correction in the video oringial color of the car was colorado orange but i like inka much better. Hard to believe but this was the car I bought. https://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/topic/168309-sold-1972-bmw-2002-golf-yellow/?tab=comments#comment-1051392 Anyways here is my video, enjoy.... https://youtu.be/6J74Qkuk1l4
  8. After getting the car back from paint, I was happy with how it turned out. My buddy who is a painted shot the car for me.
  9. I love it, post more and let me know how your first test drive goes
  10. anything is possible, if your good with fab work and dont need a "bolt in kit" you should be fine. Heck I stuff a S62 motor in mine when everyone said it couldnt be done haha
  11. 1972 2002 12 fuse they are not working at all. No left or right. Bulbs brand new, housings brand new, grounds new. Nevermind everyone. I had the wrong electric relay ahhh I feel silly
  12. Need some help. I got power 12v at the haz switch purple/black and red/white. Also have power 12v at the turn signal switch purple black and the brown/black on the switch. Need to know when I turn the signal stalk left to right what wires should have power then? Is it possible to bypass haz switch, or jump it to see if something is wrong else where in the wiring? Thanks for the help, this wiring is starting to push me to go crazy..... I did the electric blinker relay also.
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