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  1. A lot of classic drivers install a cam. Garmin makes a nice one and gives you some peace of mind. Auto records with any movement around the vehicle....I have the same fears about some knucklehead putting their cigarette out on the paint, I’ve seen it happen.
  2. Sorry for the late reply, number is : 260.750.2993
  3. So an update on my 71' 2002 that I'm selling. I had a guy fly in to look at it and he did a lot of crawling around underneath the car. He did take some pics and would like if he shared some of the pics on the rust. He found some rust underneath that was concerning to him and decided not to buy the vehicle. I would like to be straight up with this ad on what he found as I don't want to make people drive or fly long distances and waste a trip. As much info on a car for sale the better so a prospective buyer can make a decision or whether or not to come look at it. I will shoot him a text and see if he will share what he found out on the underbody.
  4. Yes, it's right in the middle. It's a solid driver as well.
  5. There isn't one on the dash, the only interior light is drivers side ceiling which I replaced but have not gotten it to work yet.
  6. I think I put in the original post that it's had a second paint job on it. My grandfather had that done years ago. 123K miles and original drive train as well.
  7. thanks, it was a hard decision but time to move on.
  8. Here are some additional pics for everyone that is interested in it. The headliner is dirty and has always been like that. It could probably be cleaned up but my plan was to replace it during the minor restoration. I have also replaced the drivers side mirror with a new black rubber foot gasket and well as the license plate lights. You can see in the one pic the rust bubbles that are starting to form on the lower door and Q panel. The belt line trim is in extremely good shape and all lines match up on the car with the exception of the hood. That is only because I adjusted the hinge and arms when I was messing around with it. With some adjustment the hood lines can line up again.
  9. It has 120K on it, original drivetrain. Also, I didn't mention in the original post that it has two layers of paint, original and second. My grandpa at one point had the second paint job done.
  10. I watch sales on these everyday as I get emails from the forum, I find them very hard to price out. Maybe I should raise the price, LOL!
  11. I've been on the fence to sell my 71 2002 but I think it's time to move on. This car has been in my family since it was purchased in 71. First my grandfather bought it, owned it until 2006, then he gave it to my mother which it was under her ownership until 2014. I purchased it from her. This car is all stock with 0 modifications. It's to the point where I was going to put new paint on it but there's only one shop in town that has restored these before which is Vorderman Body shop. He has restored three of them and he's the only one I would trust for a complete paint job. He unfortunately doesn't have time this winter and also quoted me a lot higher than I was expecting. The body is to the point where it needs attention mainly because it has a couple small rust bubble on one of the Q panels. The top paint is good but the side panels are starting to show hair line cracks in the top coat. There is no rust in the rear strut tower mounts or floors. The small bubbles in the Q panel are the only ones that are visible. I have done some work to it over the years, mainly engine, plugs/wires, rotor cap, fuel pump and vacuum lines. It runs smooth, drives straight and brakes straight. I also replaced brakes all around. I put all new badges on it, had the original wheels power coated and painted grey and added new emblems on the original hub caps. All of the door and windshield moldings DO need replaced. I was waiting to replace them until it went in for a new paint job but that as stated isn't going to happen. It has the single bbl Solex carburetor which had an overall 3 years ago. The color is Grenada red with black interior. There is only one seam coming apart on the drivers side seat, passenger and rears are in good shape. I would also suggest doing a new headliner when and if a potential buyers purchases it, headliner needs done when the window comes out. There is a small bit of delamination in the front windshield, bottom left. I also added some fogs and re-taped the front grill slats. I've always like older Ford trucks so the reason for selling is to purchase an already restored old truck. I only have a couple pics that I will include in this post but any inquires, PM me and I'll send interior and engine pictures to you.
  12. I still have quite a few of the BMW/Marley shirts left over. I probably won't make anymore until I have a better sales outlet to push them.
  13. Did Blunt name their company after a blunt you smoke? I've had this question in the back of my mind for several months.
  14. Hey, sorry about that. I went out of town and meant to have my staff get that in the mail but spaced it. It is going in the mail tomorrow. I will throw in a couple extra stickers for the inconvenience. Chad
  15. I'll take it if I can make sure it'll fit on my 71'. What is the diameter of the wheel?
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