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  1. I still have quite a few of the BMW/Marley shirts left over. I probably won't make anymore until I have a better sales outlet to push them.
  2. Did Blunt name their company after a blunt you smoke? I've had this question in the back of my mind for several months.
  3. Hey, sorry about that. I went out of town and meant to have my staff get that in the mail but spaced it. It is going in the mail tomorrow. I will throw in a couple extra stickers for the inconvenience. Chad
  4. I'll take it if I can make sure it'll fit on my 71'. What is the diameter of the wheel?
  5. I recently had a short production run of these t-shirts made up and have a few left over so I thought to post them here. I've had the majority of the sales come from this forum under general discussion. I have them at my web development website under the "Store" page if anyone is interested, you will also see the same design in stickers. I have XXL, XL, L & M but only a few of everything. Stock quantities are listed once you select the size you want.
  6. I added a radio button for cost to ship stickers which is $1 and then one of the t shirts. Just select the for stickers when purchasing.
  7. no, I need to adjust for just the stickers. Most everyone's shirts were $6-$8.50 for shipping depending on where you were, CA being on the higher side. Let me get the shipping straightened out for stickers and I'll let you know when it's fixed.
  8. Awesome, glad people are starting to get them in the mail, enjoy!
  9. I did a quick inquiry through USPS and here is what I got on cost, this was to Germany as I had to pick a location...and this was the cheapest method. Priority Mail International® Large Video Flat Rate priced box USPS-Produced Box: 9-1/4" x 6-1/4" x 2" Maximum weight 4 pounds. Select a Delivery Option Expected Delivery Day Retail Click-N-Ship® Normal Delivery Time 6 - 10 business days to many major markets1,2 $35.25 $35.25
  10. i would have no idea on the offer, what did you pay for them? I might be interested..
  11. Let me adjust the backend for international shipping. Email me your address and I'll get a shipping quote and let you know.
  12. Paul Winterton just hit me up wondering about the long sleeve t's. I told him I wanted to sell at least 90% of the short t's before getting more made. My question is about posting to sell items in the general discussion forums. I see this board has a "for sale" area but I don't think it would get the traffic there if I made a new post in the for sale as opposed to general discussion forum to dump the rest of the short t's but I also didn't want to post a for sale item if it's against forum rules.
  13. Yep, The ceramic resistor is bolted right above the coil...Now that you mention it, lol. I was wondering what that was.
  14. It's a 71'. The original owners were: Grandfather from 1971 to 2008, my mother bought it in 08' and owned it until 2014 when I bought it from her. While I don't know everything that was done to it, I do know everything is still stock have all records from when she owned it. My grandpa I can't speak to any records. From what someone mentioned on here, I thought 71' didn't have a resistor wire. I only have a distributor lead and battery lead from the old coil, so I just assumed since it ran good for the past four years since I owned it that it was correct. That's why I just did a plug and play with the new coil.

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