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  1. Ed, Scott from Mid-Am fest... I finally put that 123 into my tii today. Starts and runs seemingly fine.  I loaded a curve from my USA tii manual (it is a bit different than the curve the 123 guys put on Tim's car in the netherlands) My main question is how to be sure the app is using that curve? I don't see a tab on the app other than save, but not anything that makes me feel confident it is engaging that curve.


    I used an adjustable timing light and have the ball on the correct place in the fly-wheel indicator at 1500 RPM (9 degrees  per the manual) When I rev the engine to other RPM's, 2000, 3000, 4000, the advance on the 123 dashboard does increase but not to the values I set in the curve.  Im a bit confused by that.  It is pouring rain so I have not driven the car yet.





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