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  1. jgriffin

    1974 Malaga 2002

    Will do! I’ll have interior and undercarriage pictures up on here tomorrow! Anyone with specific requests?
  2. jgriffin

    1974 Malaga 2002

    Will do! I’ll have interior and undercarriage pictures up on here tomorrow! Anyone with specific requests?
  3. jgriffin

    1974 Malaga 2002

    After almost 4 years of enjoying this little car i think its time to let it go to someone else that will enjoy it as much as i have. I thought i would try here first rather than posting it on craigslist. This 1974 Malaga has been an Oregon resident its entire life. It was owned by the original owners in Lake Oswego until roughly 2012, where it then moved to Tillamook for 2-3 years, and then was brought back to the Portland area by me about 4 years ago. I have a folder full of receipts for everything that has been done to the car back to 1978. Most of the work was done at Saltzman Motors down in Wilsonville OR. The engine was rebuilt about 50k miles ago, the transmission was rebuilt with new bearings and syncos, the rear end was replaced with a different unit after a spider gear failure (does not leak a drop out of the seals) around the same time. The suspension components were replaced by the previous owner with eibach springs and bilstiens on all 4 corners. When i bought it the Redline 32/36 had about 1k miles on it and i have since put about 10k more miles on the car. Since I've owned the car I've replaced the front calipers and pads, and also replaced the sunroof cables and seals. The headlamps have been updated to replaceable halogen bulbs. I updated the alternator to the 90 amp 1984 318i unit. The car is wearing its original paint on the hood, trunk, and above the chrome belt line on the rest of the car. Being that it is original paint it shines up very well but quickly will fade and become dull and dry looking. The RH rear quarter was replaced in the mid 90s due to "rust" according to the write up following a small fender bender replacing the rear rubber pad on the bumper at Kadels bodyshop here in PDX. Judging by the rest of the car I'm not convinced the work needed to be done. Front floor boards, fender wells, and rockers are all the original undercoating and are rock solid. There is a small spot under the rear passenger seat, bigger than a credit card smaller than a pop tart, that was patched by the owner before me attributed to a leaking sunroof drain. The RH wing window whistles when traveling at speed, but i have an entirely new assembly(new to me but not NEW) with a new seal to fix that, but i just haven't gotten around to opening up the door panel. I have new clips for all the panels in the car and plastic dowels to replace the shaker door release rods inside. Other than that the car drives really well and i get comments whenever i take it out. In addition but not included in the price i happen to have acquired a large amount of parts for the car because i thought i was going to megasquirt the car and install a 5 speed. The parts include: Getrag 245 OD Stahl Header 1 3/8th tubes ceramic coated by Finishline here in PDX 318i intake manifold New 318i fuel rail without cold start injector (and new pressure regulator) 318i throttle body as well as a 325e throttle body (probably the perfect size if you aren't planning on making more than 150 hp) New 320I manifold coolant bypass tube New 318IS fuel pump, and fuel sender with gaskets New 3 wire PWM bosch idle air controller New front pulley with EDIS wheel from Tom at 02 again with Dist block off and EDIS sensor mount New 4 Bosch 21 lb injectors for the manifold I'm sure there is more I'm forgetting i just need to look through my box of parts! Let me know if you have any questions I'm hoping this car finds a great home with someone who can love it for many years. Will attach pictures when i make it to another computer. I am in no hurry to sell.
  4. jgriffin

    Fuel Injector Size?

    So it looks like 22 lb injectors are roughly the "correct" size. Do the injector body sizes differ between the bosch and the siemens injectors or are they interchangeable? I'm not familiar with injector interchange.
  5. So I'm prepping for the EFI swap on the 02 and the only part I'm uncertain of is injector sizing. I've tried the search tool but there doesn't seem to be any concrete advice on size or EV1 vs EV6 injectors. I was thinking about using either 22 lb/hr orange injectors off a 4.6L ford or the 24 lb/hr blue injectors off a 5.0L ford. The only issue with that is EV1 or EV6 style injectors!? Does anyone know if the only differences between the two are the plug style and the 4 hole on the EV6 vs pintle on the EV1 or are the bodies different heights as well? I want to interface with the stock 318i fuel rail. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  6. So was checking out the 02 to make sure all the wiring was up to snuff and only found one issue. From looking at the forum it looks as if someone bypassed the the starter relay under the dash by connecting the black starter wire on the ignition (roughly 6 o'clock position) to the black wire with the white stripe. How it was done was rather hokey having a small gage yellow and brown wire connect the two. I'm wondering if i can just bypass the plug and connect the black starter wire to the black and white wire or if they still both need to go to the plug?
  7. jgriffin

    Portland Smogging- m42

    They do a "visual check" for emission equipment such as an evap canister and put a mirror under the car to look for a CAT, but I don't think 2002s were ever built with CATs. If you've never dealt with DEQ guys you will find out they aren't usually car guys. You could point to a can shaped object and they would check it off on their list as an evap canister (something my buddy did on a 75 ford f100). Oregon doesn't do safety inspection on any instate vehicles, and i don't think the DMV requires a safety inspection for out of state vehicles either. "Special Interest" plate cars are smog exempt as far as I know. My other buddy has a 85 4Runner with all the emission regulation removed and a hotter cam that he put "Special Interest" plates on since he only street drives it to the OHV areas to go wheeling. If you are doing megasquirt with an EDIS I'm sure you could write a ignition and fuel map that would get an early 90s motor to pass mid 70s DEQ testing.
  8. jgriffin

    Portland Smogging- m42

    So I can hopefully shed a little light on what they test during DEQ in Oregon. I found a heap of info when i was contemplating caving and getting a 75/76 02. I'll poke around some more and try to find the year by year guidelines but i can't seem to find them at the moment... http://www.epa.gov/otaq/consumer/12-miles.pdf and http://www.epa.gov/otaq/consumer/f99017.pdf give some year by year background. I've never run a pre OBD-II car through a DEQ test, but from what I know if you pass the sniff test I don't think they really care. I don't know how familiar you are with emission control devices but the M42 is a much modern motor and if it has a functional EGR and CAT I highly doubt you would have any problem passing 75/76 emission standards. 75/76 had an air pump that injected air into the exhaust to induce a secondary combustion process to reduce unburnt hydrocarbon (one of the things they test for in 75/76), but you have fuel injection now so you shouldn't have that problem! The only thing I'd be worried about would be producing too much NOx. The EGR system is designed to reduce NOx output, as well as the CAT (if you put a modern 3 way CAT on). Unless the motor has a radical cam and a crazy fuel map you will probably be okay.
  9. jgriffin

    Wanted 1968-1974 02

    1974 Malaga with cream-ish tan interior. Four speed with the stock m10. Was a one owner car up until 2005 right here in Portland. I am now the fourth owner. The motor was rebuilt 44k miles ago back in 1988 with all the receipts. The car came with a folder about an inch thick with receipts dating back to 1980 for service work done to the car. Interior appears to have been redone by a PO but there are no receipts for it in the pile. Its just too nice to be original... All of the body seals are also new so thats an added bonus! Overall its a super clean little rig that runs like a top!
  10. jgriffin

    Wanted 1968-1974 02

    [sharedmedia=garage:vehicles:456] Proof it could be found!
  11. jgriffin

    BMW 2002

  12. jgriffin

    Wanted 1968-1974 02

    The definitely exist on the West coast without rot at the 8k mark with no time travel needed!!
  13. jgriffin

    Wanted 1968-1974 02

  14. jgriffin

    Wanted 1968-1974 02

    So I'm starting to realize i might need to broaden my search radius... If anyone has a car anywhere in Cali, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Montana or BC I'd be willing to make the drive. I just want to be able to make it back in 2 days!
  15. jgriffin

    Wanted 1968-1974 02

    Bump! Still very much looking!