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  1. As far as i know about the m12(correct me if im wrong) that is that they machined previous used m10s from road cars.. they used some kind of magnesium alloy for the end plates Where the gears where mounted and yes suddenly agere that nothing beats the look of gear driven.. but if you want to buy original parts for the m12 here in europe is very expensive.. And not all of the parts are available.. a fully dresed race m12 2.0liter n/a is like 60-80.000 dollars so pretty much out of reach.. I found a british Company that makes replica cylinderheads.. those are 6000-7000 dollars.. But back to gear vs chain what are the pros and cons in a street and race car. The old porsche's have it mounted for Street aswell..
  2. Im talking about good old stuff and not that master piece of valve system mr. Koenigseggs has made in that motor 😂
  3. Hi bmw2002faq Just wondering about the pros and cons between gear driven camshaft as in the different m12 versions of the m10 and the pros and cons for chain driven ( single and double row chain ) Seen the gear driven in several older motorbikes and old porsche engines.. 1. pros i heard in geardriven is when the gears are new it can be made lash free inbetween the gears.. 1. Con is noise with straight cut gears in gear driven. But what else is there ?? Hope you nerds know 😂😉
  4. Need Id on this carburator cylinderhead says E21 1.8 what is it from ? so I can order a new gasket kit for my 2002 touring with a wrong motor
  5. Hi Krister I just got my 2002 touring repainted in agave green.. Don't be nerveuos about the color, it's looking mint in new condition..! best regards Jens L Denmark
  6. Thanks Conserv, for the data sheet! Love those ! But pretty hard like reading.. I don't feel like sharring the vin number, feel like the bloody internet is big, and it's a rare model, so makes me feel paranoid for some reason ? but would like knowing some more data on my 1969 ti, before the restore starts, and to be honest im having hard times reading that data sheet I have a simular old sheet with all Vin numbers for 1502-2002 - ti - tii - turbu - touring - sedan - left and right and production number of each year, does have any interrest to you guys ? or you proberly allready have that ? thanks for the big help on the carburetors! next thing is gonna be the original ti air box and the angled "stacks", if somebody have one in stock, maybe we could trade with something, I have alot of parts for 02s..
  7. okay thanks i didn't knew that about the cams what do you need the vin for ? yes the struts, calibers, disc size and brake booster is the ti sizes
  8. Thanks alot! ? There's the bmw badge in the casting on them, and he says there from a 2002, that's all i know of them at this point.. I tryed seaching for it, but found alot of weber talk aswell, so needed to be sure with a thread.. btw was there any other diffrences to the motor, except the ti airbox, ti camshaft, ti cylinderhead and pistons ??
  9. Hi Bmw2002faq members I have a 2002 Ti without motor. What is the original carburetors mounted on a 2002 Ti ? Found a set of 40mm double solex for sale for 2002, so i'm in a bit of hurry ?.. and can't remember if that was the original mounted carburators???!?? The price is 290$ / 267euro.. ain't that a fair price? or what do you 02-fellows think ? They need to be restored in my opinion, but the seller says they were running when they where taken of the motor, but it's been some years.. Best regards Jens L Denmark
  10. Hi BMW2002faq users what mounth and year did model 71 stop and 73 startet? i have concerns of some of my 02´s has been faceliftet to model 73, and that´s gonna be change back if thats the case :) best regards Jens L
  11. thanks alot! :) I also found this one after knowing the german name for fender "kotflügel" https://www.teilehaber.de/autoteile-shop/karosserie/kotfluegel-1925/bmw-2-(e10)-2002-tt1790.html any other good homepages for 2002´s Parts in europe ? Best regards Jens Laubjerg
  12. Hej Bmw2002faq members Where to find front fenders left and right as aftermarket??. Don't got the cash for the original ones ?? I need some chrome trim for the front hood everone making does as well ? i would like it as aftermarket as well in europe, and would be unsatisfied stealing it from one one my other 2002´s which are not road ready yet.. Best regards Jens Laubjerg
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