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  1. Messaged rstclark few days ago but never got a response...
  2. Anyone have an extra center under dash panel? I would like to replace mine as the PO went on a drilling rampage. Thanks!
  3. Hello, I found out I only have two bolts holding in the steering column cover bottom. Does anyone have any? Looking for the screws the hold the attached photo on.
  4. PO replaced with a weber. Pulling it tonight! Thanks! Less crap in the engine bay!
  5. Thanks guys. I'm going to unplug it and see if I have any issues. Looking around it appears no vacuum lines or anything.
  6. Oh nice! I live in California and the car is a 72 so its pre-smog so I do not have to comply with any emissions. As it broke from its mount can I remove it? Thanks for your reply!
  7. Hey Everyone, This part fell off from my firewall and I am having problems identifying what it is. Can anyone help? I think I found it in the Haynes manual as a "reading therm. transmitter" but can not find any information online. Does anyone know if I can still buy the rubber that broke? Any advice or insight would be awesome. Still learning to wrench. Thanks!
  8. Car is at the shop but as soon as I get it back Ill take a picture. Thank you!
  9. Hello, I need the aluminum upper trim for the driver's door. Anyone have an extra one? Thanks!
  10. Next time do! Cars down for a little bit to install a electric fan.
  11. I've seen you around. I live in the Miracle Mile area. Im so sorry to hear. This is fucked. I will be sure to keep an eye out.
  12. Hey Everyone, Just upgraded my radiator so selling my factory radiator out of my 72. No leaks, worked great. Minor fin bends to be expected. Local to Los Angeles. Specifically Encino.
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