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  1. gearheadgreg

    Stock Single Barrel Carb and Manifold

    No, I'd prefer to sell all at once
  2. Stock setup, from a car I sold. $150
  3. Came with a car I sold. No idea on condition.
  4. gearheadgreg

    14x6 Minilites - Set of 4

    Thank you BKGolde02 - for waiting until mine were sold to post a link to others. FYI - I'm not sure who the mfr is in Italy for these, and the ET18 sounds more like an E21 320i offset, but I am not a 2002 expert.
  5. gearheadgreg

    14x6 Minilites - Set of 4

  6. gearheadgreg

    NOS Weber 32/36 DGAV - 2 of them, Builder Carbs, MORE!

    NOS 18A carb sold, as well as one elec choke and oval air cleaner.
  7. Kind of interesting air cleaners for a DCOE Weber or DHLA Dellorto or even a Mikuni/Solex I think. Have a velovity stack shaped intake with a dropped center to help the airflow.
  8. I have a number of Weber DGVs and parts for sale for sale. New Old Stock - never installed or used real Weber DGAV carburetor, version 3D2. The box says no choke thermostat or cover, but it is obviously there. $275 Another NOS Weber - 32/36 DGAV 18A - $275 Builder Carb 1 - DGV with Manual Choke Linkage - $100 Builder Carb 2 - DGV with water choke, missing a linkage nut, etc. $75 Builder Carb 3 - DGV with choke plates removed, but included $75 If you prefer an electric choke, I have two NOS electric chokes for sale as well ($25 each). K&N Air cleaners for these available ($20 each) I also have an NOS Sync Link kit to change it from a progressive to open the butterflies at the same time $50 New rebuild kit for 28/30 DGV, 32/36 DGV, 32 DGR $25
  9. gearheadgreg

    2002 1967 - 1976 Aftermarket Steering Wheel $75

    I'm not trying to be a dick, only to point out that fatigue marks at the holes on aluminum steering wheels are common. Do I know a lot about your steering wheel? Maybe not. In general about old sports steering wheels? Yes. I likely have had around 200 over the years. I have around 20 right now, hanging in the shop and in boxes, etc. to say nothing of all the ones in cars. Again - not trying to be a dick, just trying to point out and offer some potentially important information to both you the seller and any potential buyer.
  10. gearheadgreg

    New Replica Cibie Oscar Plus, Super Oscar/Oscar SC

    PM sent - I have a few pairs that came in - available for $125 a set
  11. gearheadgreg

    14x6 Minilites - Set of 4

  12. gearheadgreg

    Recaro Expert Seat

  13. This is a high end older Recaro. Perfect for an 80s/90s European model (VW, BMW, Mercedes, Alfa, etc). There is some leather damage in the outer bolsters (common on these). Most of the adjustments work, the heat indicator LED lights up. I suspect any problem would be just the switches needing cleaned on the contacts, but can't be sure. $550 Willing to trade for other Recaro/Scheel seats. Happy to ship.
  14. gearheadgreg

    2002 1967 - 1976 Aftermarket Steering Wheel $75

    Also, be aware that the cracks in the paint near the holes are likely bend marks - it make have been fatigued quite a bit.
  15. gearheadgreg

    New Replica Cibie Oscar Plus, Super Oscar/Oscar SC

    They stopped making them. I'm inquiring as to have some made, but it will likely require several hundred sets so I'll see. I am trying to get the last case delivered that they found in a corner, which means 4 more sets, but I haven't seen them show up yet. I am a dealer for Cibie now, but Cibie USA doesn't have them available, so I am trying to import genuine ones from Europe.