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  1. I'd do $165 on the wheel along. I can take more photos on Monday
  2. Older Momo Monte Carlo wheel. 12.5" diameter - 320mm Leather does have some cracking/wear, but useable as is IMO. Date stamped 7 - 84 Was installed in a 1970 BMW 2002. Will separate.
  3. They look to be in good mechanical condition. An idle jet I pulled was plugged, but that's not a problem. The throttles feel solid and crisp. 40s on a hot 2L engine aren't too big at all. I know people that prefer 45s, but I think that's too much short of something set up for race. These are jetted for a little smaller, milder engine than yours, as they are, but it's super easy to change the setup. I ran a set of 40 Dellortos on a mild 1.8L 8V GTi engine many years ago, and with 34mm venturis. It was at sea level, but it was awesome compared to the 32/36 progressive that they replaced.
  4. Pair of very clean Dellorto (Italian) carbs. DHLA 40 F. Idle 55 Main 145 Air 210 Emulsion 7772-8 Venturi 32mm Great carbs - Dellortos tend to have nicer progression than Weber DCOE carbs.
  5. Set (for 2 seats) of sliders. Late style. I received these and had an early style slider car, so couldn't use them.
  6. Single Weber carb - genuine Italian version. Was installed on an MGB. Main 125 Air 165 Idle 50 Emulsion f11 Venturis 34
  7. You are replying to a post from 2016. The frame sold years ago.
  8. For Sale: Two Genuine Italian Weber DCOE 45 Carburetors - Excellent condition - MATCHING Pair of 45DCOE 9 2E. These were on a B18 Volvo at altitude, so have smaller venturis and jets, but ran fine, and were only used for 5000 miles. Venturi - 30 Main Jet - 115 Air - 160 F16 Emulsion Tube Idle 55 $650
  9. Brand new, never mounted, have boxes. Missing one center cap, but they are available new still. ET38 and it still has some dish/lip, which makes for a really good looking wheel. These cost $570 to $600 on Ebay for a set of 4

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