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  1. Try launching at 5.300rpm on a f22c turbo engine with slicks, 275/50/15 🤯
  2. You are right I was just thinking on going with a e46 m3 rear end.
  3. Thanks for the information, I will contact this company to see if the have a solution for my problem.
  4. Any luck finding stronger stubs for the bmw 2002, I tried the Ireland engineering billet option but they didn’t hold, im currently pushing 650hp and I can’t find a better alternative, I’m using an e30 custom diff with the CaTuned monster subframe.
  5. we are going down with the rpm, 7.000 will be enough.
  6. We were using the stock ap2 transmission with a twin Disc clutch, we already knew it won’t hold but we tried to make it last. ATF made the adapter and custom build the transmission.
  7. Hello guys, the stock transmission died at 18psi so now we are taking it seriously we decided to try the 2 speed powerglide that will hold 1300hp. I will let you know the results once we have the back running.
  8. Hello guys I know it's been a while but we have been very busy moving some parts around the car, after many trial and errors we decided to mount the radiator on the front of the car, so right now ae are just finishing that, we are also fabricating a better designed exhaust Manifold we are swapping a log type Manifold for an equal length one. We hope to see more hp with less psi. I'm leaving you guys a little update on my videos. Hope you enjoy it
  9. S2002

    BMW S2002

    Hello guys it's been a while I will leave you a link so you can see my latests videos.
  10. Haha come on guys, i know it's not what you would expect but it's definitely a new step toward finishing this 2 year project, I promise that once it's fully done I'll post some new videos.
  11. I always wanted the F22c engine, it was my first option. The idea was to build a turbo engine with the capability of handling 750hp+ and be able to rev up to 9.500rpm, the engine is fully built and all the complementary parts of the car are made to sustain that kind of power, i know what a bmw engine can do, my other car is a 335i with jb4, downpipes, exhaust system, charge pipe, intercooler, etc, etc pushing around 500hp but its a completely different beast. We are talking about a german 3.600lbs beast with 500hp vs a potential 2.000lb 750hp go kart.
  12. Believe me, i was in that same situation too many times to remember lol
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