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  1. Ace and Pre, thanks for the comments and suggestions. Yes, there is a shim just like the one in this previous post (below), two lips and all. I plan to reassemble just as it was and check the fore-aft play. Hopefully, all is copacetic. I was thinking I needed a gasket. However, you guys state I don't need one, a gasket is not shown in diagrams, and I cannot find one for sale - I can take a hint from the Automotive Universe - you don't have to hit me with a brick... Regards, Larry
  2. Getrag 245 What goes between the bell housing and the input cover, i.e., the two cleaned surfaces shown in the photo? Some sort of some kind of a thin "paper" (?) stuff or sealant (hard to tell; hard to remove) was used previously. I cannot find a commercially available 6-bolt-hole gasket for this purpose. Thanks. Larry
  3. Check the info in this posting. I, too, am looking or as-close-to-original-as-possible '74 tii upholstery. Looks like World Upholstery gets close. Larry Seeking advice on reupholstering front seats for ‘74 - BMW 2002 and other '02 - BMW 2002 FAQ.webloc
  4. Am doing a Getrag 245 conversion 2 years and ~3,000 miles after rehab of a '74 tii. During the rehab, new 228-mm PP/disk and a new release bearing (RB) were installed. Q 1: The PP/disk and RB should be compatible with the 245, correct? Q 2: Anyone know of a source for a plastic pivot pin? NLA? Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving. Larry
  5. Yep, Tom, lately I have no assurance my text will transmit. Still, the best car site in the Universe. Larry
  6. pminasi, Thanks for the comments. When you post photos, please show close-ups of the pseudo-perforations in the center sections of World Upholstery products (both front and rear). Q: By "new horsehair padding" do you mean the original replacement pads? Larry
  7. fljjmarz, Here you go: Fortlauderdalian introduced this blue padding to us on September 3. The process and posted results look pretty darn good. Larry
  8. bluehills2002, My winter project exactly - same year, same color, same need for upholstery. My plan is to use the new-fangled latex-coated "horsehair" material discussed a month or so ago here on FAQ as stuffing. The big question remains: where to obtain correct upholstery material with the correct or as-close-as-possible-to-correct pattern (see photo), or, preferably, complete assembled upholstery. Larry
  9. +1 on the Driving School and M2M3's sage advice and wise counsel. After DS, how you drive on the open road will be safer and more. Oh, and let's, indeed, see some photos.
  10. Steve, For the high quality of your consistent and reliable service and dedication to this site and to us, we'll wait forever.
  11. Today was offered an opportunity to score a Getrag 245. May I assume its '81 320i provenance and "245..." on the rear case document the transmission as a 245? Larry Photos: bell housing, rear case, the transmission
  12. Yep, a little pricey, I'd say, unless it's got something really, really, really special going on somewhere. NYNick is correct: the forest is more important than the individual trees. Good luck.
  13. Bilstein HD's (or whatever they're called now) perform superbly in the fun/grin/woah! spot between street and racing. Larry
  14. Does that car appear to you to have more responsive steering than do our 2002's? I can't quite tell... Larry
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