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  1. 2002#2

    NOS OEM Goodies

    x3 Tii Fuel Pump Mount #16121177891 $10/each You still have 3 of these?
  2. 2002#2

    FS: BMW Center Caps

    PM sent.
  3. Ceramic coating (outer and inner; Keco Engineered Coatings, Indianapolis). The exhaust down pipe was also coated. I do not remember which of their coatings was used: Cerakote? Keco 400? I think Keco did a great job. Other views of the coated exhaust manifold are below. Larry
  4. Replaced upper timing chain cover gasket and adjusted the valves. Another tip to add to you Armamentarium of 2002 Mechanical Knowledge: After removing coolant hose clamps... Part 1: To prevent loss of coolant, replace all of the clamps your remove. Repeat, all. Not just most of them. Part 2: To prevent loss of more coolant, replace the aforementioned previously neglected clamps correctly. Not just sorta, kinda, pseudo, quasi correctly. Oh, man... Larry
  5. Seems like someone likes my '74 blue?/grey? antenna tip.
  6. Hmmm...what's that smell? A laundromat?
  7. 2002#2

    1502 Finally Arrived

    Sweet. Very sweet.
  8. My next 2002 will have a carburetor or two. So, I need to learn (hands-on) carbs (operations, levers, pivots, jets, venturies, floats, etc.). I need a used/dead Weber to disassemble, learn, reassemble, rinse, and repeat. Going to Pull and Pay tomorrow to play in their sandbox: scavenge a Weber and maybe some E21 parts. What's the most likely POS junker to have a 32/36, 32/38, or 40/40? For educational purposes does it matter (a) which Weber or (b) if it's from a Ford, Chevy, Alpha, Fiat, or whatever? While I am at it, anyone in Ohio and surrounding states have an old/dead M10 I can use for the aforementioned educational purpose? Thanks Larry
  9. 2002#2

    Seen this bag before?

    An OEM engine support to suspend Isetta engines during suspension repairs. NLA.
  10. 2002#2

    Seen this bag before?

    Dirty "BMW" patch in old style font. Sweet.
  11. 2002#2

    E10 engine rebuild

    Hudo, You could start with the easy stuff: sorting out the engine bay. Clean it. Arrange hoses and wires in neater, shorter, more direct, and more reasonable paths. Replace old/cracked wires and fuel and vacuum hoses. Clean all grounds. Reroute that fat red positive battery cable away from the negative battery terminal (current route gives me the willies). For ideas, look for the multitude of photos of impressive engines and bays on this site. These suggestions relate to my "play with it" and "taste it" comments in my December 31 post. Regards and have fun.
  12. 2002#2

    E10 engine rebuild

    Hudo, Do not be so fast to let your new 2002 go. If you have not driven the car much, do not know much of its provenance, and are not all that familiar with 2002's, you might be in for a surprisingly pleasant treat. Drive it as is, drive it a lot as is, and then drive it a lot more as is. During that time, tinker with it, play with it, taste it, yell at it, spend daily time on this 2002FAQ site, learn all you can about it, and meet with and jack your jaws with other 2002 owners. I predict you will find your car special in more ways than you ever expected, not the least of which is the joy of meeting fellow owners. A 2002 is not your typical "Hey, what year is that?" old car. Soon you will know why. Larry PS: ...and who knows, your engine might never need a rebuild. My first 2002 went 250,000 miles over 34 years without one.
  13. 2002#2

    1974 Rear Seats

    Need rear seats for a 1974 2002. See style in photos below. Can PU if not too far. Larry Gray Cincinnati
  14. The "Ask the seller to send you a photo of him/her beside the car and holding a piece of paper with his/her and your names on it." verification method worked for me this week. Seller was cooperative.
  15. 2002#2

    New guy from Pittsburgh

    Chris, Commendable color choice and dash simplicity! Request more photos. Larry