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  1. 2002#2

    Rear Seats (1968 to 1976)

    Steve and Lars, Thank you for the useful history, detailed info, and photos. Such will improve the quality of our collective 2002 wisdom. The info will help me as I build some new seats. Larry
  2. 2002#2

    Rear Seats (1968 to 1976)

    Good info, Hodgepodge. Thank you. Larry
  3. In which 2002 years (1968 to 1976) are rear seat bottom/back frames interchangeable functionally and "installationally"? Same question for fully upholstered frames? Of course, the upholstery designs and patterns were year-specific, e.g., 1974 rear seat upholstery had flat panels at the shoulder blade level; 1973 rear seat backs did not have the panels. I am thinking more along the lines of, for example... using 1973 frames to build 1974 rear seats (with 1974 upholstery, of course) or installing fully upholstered 1976 seats into a 1973 (if someone wanted to do that for some reason) Many of the years' frames might be sufficiently similar to be interchangeable...just add year-correct upholstery. Maybe not. Dunno. Your thoughts and experience? Thanks, Larry
  4. 2002#2

    1974 Seats front and back

    PM Sent.
  5. 2002#2

    half shaft can lid

    I do not remember performing the suck test when I completely overhauled my CV joints. Nice test. Good Idea. Sounds like such an air leak might be an issue; however, experts here might say not to worry. Are we to assume (1) the contact edges of the lid and the CV body are clean, smooth, even, and not dented, (2) the lid, after being tapped into place, is tight and snug, and (3) you did not use any sort of sealer? Larry
  6. Original '74 tii... Were either of the following covered with a rubber boot? temp switch serving the gauge (photo L) cold start temp switch (photo R) Old photo. Forgive the sad state of this part of the CS harness. A newly fabricated one is in place now. Thanks, Larry
  7. 2002#2

    1602 - 2002 tii Door cover

    Looks like a nice product. Do your door protectors peel off and re-adhere easily, i.e., can they be used several times?
  8. 2002#2

    74 Tii exhaust

    Like this...?
  9. 2002#2

    74 Tii exhaust

    Here, same comments as SydneyTii. Entire tii exhaust is stock. Manifold and downpipe were ceramic coated. Larry
  10. POR-15 worked well for me. Two years now. Be prepared for loooooong drying times post-cleaning, post-derusting, and post coating (probably applies to any product you use; acetone likely less time). Photos: 1 before; 2 after. Good luck. Larry
  11. "Sir, we saved you some money on those pesky axle boots last month. Back so soon? What's the problem this time?"
  12. 2002#2

    1972 2002 Golf

    PM sent.
  13. 2002#2

    Rocker Height at Four Corners

    Tom, Looks like you and Seattle have very close heights all around and, like his, vary less than mine. I have 3-dots in the rear and no spacers up front. Larry