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  1. Yes, remove the subframe and put in new rubber and ball joints. Larry
  2. Steve, I did not chose to "...not believe it," for 38 years now, but rather, to ignore it. Regards, Larry
  3. I, too, have read that section of the owner's manual - many times - and still do not like the idea of seeing the indicator hanging just below the red. I saw it there too many times during the 34 years I drove a '73 2003 as my only car. Thus, the new rad and elec fan in my '74 tii. Now, Bob's my uncle. Larry
  4. D Seattle, Sounds hot to me. Perhaps answers to my questions below might benefit you, too. Group: Speaking of measuring temps... With a new radiator, new electric fan and a 185 F thermo switch in the bottom hose, my temp indicator stays at ~3:00 in most conditions. When it rises to 2:45-2:30 the fan always kicks in and indicator goes back to ~3:00. All is good in the Universe. With the assumption that temp measurements of hoses and radiators give indirect indications of the temps an engine is experiencing... Q: Where is/are the best place(s) to aim the temp gun to check actual temps in the system to get good ideas of (1) relative temps, (2) what is going on in the system, and (3) potential trouble spots? Q: Is there a single, measurable place in the system which might be the most important to measure, monitor, and/or address? Thanks. Larry
  5. Mike, I received my two sets last week. The sheets are exactly as advertised and appear to be of high quality. I wonder if not being able to see thru the plastic when working on the door will be an issue. Probably not. The entire sheet contains adhesive. Have not used the product yet. Shipping time was longer than expected (no fault of the seller) b/c US Customs had to damage the package, poke their collective noses into the package, and then re-seal the package. Product was not damaged. See photos. Larry
  6. jgerock, Any reason to clean injectors ("while I'm in there") which are installed and have been performing well? How do you clean injectors? Ultrasonic tank? In which solution? Thanks.
  7. Gracer, great idea. Never knew. Paul, thanks. NOW you tell me! I found that out as I was removing the first two tube cap nut. Used two wrenches on the other two. I did remove all four runners and the KF return line before removing the old tubes. MUCH easier. And thanks for the suggestion that snug + 1/4 turn might work well. Those 2 "check valves" are not valves from the top of the KF. Those are the tops of two injectors...pre use of two wrenches. The 4 check valves on top of the KF are still nicely seated and do not leak. Larry
  8. jgerock and Mike G, I very much appreciate your advice. I did not know about the Cu crush washers. I found the torque values in the manual shortly after I posted the questions. Q: How does one torque the injectors with the intake plenum, throttle body, and throttle linkages in place? Special offset short wrench attached to torque wrench? My KF linkages are perfect now and I do not want to upset them. tii74, BluntTech has what appear to be the same/similar (white) tubes. I bought mine (white) from La Jolla Independent BMW at MidAmerica 02 Fest last week b/c the tubes were being conveniently sold on-the-spot. WallothNesch has them (black) also. All three about the same price ($49 shipping from WN). I will leave explanation re: white vs. black to our experts. Larry
  9. I installed new tii KF fuel injection tubes (the plastic ones). Cap/retaining nuts not yet tightened. Two injectors came out when I unscrewed the cap/retaining nuts of two of the tubes. Q: How tight should injectors be? Snug? Gutentight? Q: How tight should injector cap/retainer nuts be? Snug? Gutentight? Q: Anything in particular I should do/check re: installation of these tubes? Thanks. Larry
  10. Thanks, Harry. Conceivably, that beautiful car could have been bon within a day of mine (2782059). They ended up so far apart in so many ways. Maybe with the right time, funds, and touch it could...naaaaah, no way. Bummer.
  11. Complete service manual downloaded into a thumb drive. The drive can be tossed a the tool box or placed on a keyring. When the info is needed, someone will always have a laptop.
  12. Hal, Looks to be 2 problems -- (1) stalk flops forward and backward freely and results in (2) hi and lo beams cannot be controlled. PROBLEM: I have a floppy stalk (It's OK to laugh.) The two really tiny roll/tension pins which go into the stalk, secure it, and allow it to pivot securely are worn and do not do their job. I could not find replacement pins that small. SOLUTION: I replaced them with a single SS rod which goes all the way through the supporting plastic housing and completely through the stalk. The stalk now is relatively secure vertically. PROBLEM: The end of the stalk does not seat securely horizontally. The end of the stalk is hollow and contains a spring which terminates just short of the end of the stalk. It appears something normally should be at the end of the spring, be pressured outward by the spring, and seat into a groove to hold the stalk secure; however, such a piece appears to be missing (probably lost). The result is the stalk can be pushed forward horizontally to engage the hi beams ON (a correct function) and pulled horizontally back to briefly FLASH the hi beams (a correct function). HOWEVER, the stalk will not remain in the middle to keep the lo beams being on. I think the aforementioned spring should push a nylon/plastic BB, ball, or other small specifically shaped object into a groove in the switch housing at the end of the stalk and, thus, secure the stalk in the middle (lo beams) position when not pushed forward or pulled back. SOLUTION: Tomorrow I will fabricate such a small piece from a nylon rod to go into the end of the stalk and see if the stalk will remain securely in the center and keep the lo beam on. Stay tuned. News at 11:00. Keep a good grip on one of those switches (61311357000?). Might need it. Larry
  13. 02Les, Lovely car. We look forward to seeing it next year. Thank you for including mine in your plate frame. Regards, Larry
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