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  1. Robert, Show us the new aluminum trim. I’d like to check them out as well...
  2. Sorry bro. These sold awhile ago. The ad does say “sold” in the original post header for reference.
  3. You never responded to my pms a few months back.... was trying to make a purchase with you, I’m still interested.
  4. Probably to get the best possible cash offer. But I’ll play, pm sent to find out.
  5. looking for early black door card vinyls to rebuild . Need both sides in relatively good driver condition. No need for the top metal backet or damaged cards itself but if available ok also. My vinyls are beyond repair. So many holes and rips everywhere.
  6. Your better off getting some Volvo all metal cables. The used cables plastic parts are likely bad already and you’ll have problems again. Or they are available new for $300 plus, but your likely going change them again in a few years.
  7. Anyone have a clear non tempered front driver side vent glass? Glass only, I do not need the whole assembly. See below for reference, again need clear NOT the tinted version like in the photo.
  8. If you still have those aluminum front strut spacers, put those on top of your dot 1 or 2 pads and see how you like the height.
  9. About to leave.. Got there about 930 and saw some beautiful cars.

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