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  1. In san pedro
  2. Not mines but I’m San Pedro...
  3. Did you need a hood also? I have 2 of them you can choose from if you need one. I’m in OC
  4. Fredric

    WTB Hood + trunk lid

    I have both, all rust free from SoCal but the shipping will be expensive
  5. Fredric

    WTB: driver door for 71 car

  6. Fredric

    Hood torsion bars

    Location? you want this shipped to you? only locally? i have one.
  7. Fredric

    Right side Euro turn signal

    I have 2 drivers side euros. 1st- good chrome, gasket ok, good interals, BUT has 1 crack on lense 2nd- pitting in chrome, gasket ok, good internals, no lense crack, BUT has 1 seized mounting screw (might be able to drill out). let me know, pm me for details. 1st one: 2nd one:
  8. Fredric

    Late model front seats black

    Just a reference, greyhound shipping is about $150 from SoCal to western Pa. If you are interested in that route, send me a pm and we can work out the details. Thanks
  9. Fredric

    Late model front seats black

    Yes everything works fine and the headrest come off easily.
  10. Fredric

    OEM Suspension Spacers

    Can someone please buy these and his racing seats before he updates his ads with “all pms replied” or “still available” every frickin day! 😂 free bump fritz!
  11. Fredric

    Late model front seats black

    Weekend bump. OBO!
  12. Fredric

    Late model front seats black

    Pms replied and bump.
  13. Fredric

    Late model front seats black

    Laguna Hills bud...
  14. I have late model front seats for sale. Black vinyl, very good condition. Was reupholstered and restuffed a few years ago. Some imperfections from storage but no rips or tears. Overall very good condition. Sold as is, $300 picked up only in oc.