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  1. Where are you located? I have a drivers door here in SoCal.
  2. I have 2 euro driver signals for sale, good as a replacement or spare. 1 has a crack but the chrome is nice, the other has no crack but the chrome is pitted and has a mount screw that needs to be drilled out. $75 each shipped.
  3. I have 2 drivers side euros available here in Orange County. I’ll pm you photos.
  4. Email sent for availability. Thanks.
  5. Need some early grills and kidney for my 71, deep or shallow will entertain either one. I’m in socal
  6. Grills sold. Kidney still available
  7. Grills sold. Kidney still available. The kidney is in great shape with only a few blemishes. Minor marks at the top middle from when the hood touches when opening and at the lower mounting bolt where it is cracked. Does not cause any mounting problems. See photos. $65 shipped anywhere in the US.
  8. In need of a steering box, one with plenty of adjustments left. I’ll be replacing seals if it’s leaking. I’m in SoCal.
  9. I would like to buy this from you. I am in Riverside. I can pay in advanced but will not be in the O.C until next Wednesday. 


    Vince 951 823-6416

  10. so basically only 6 digit plates can only be used on vehicles 1970-1979, only 1980 vehicles can use 6 digit or 7 digit blue plates.
  11. Chris reminded me of something... I had a 1971 year sticker when I went into the DMV and the agent told me that since the 70's blue 6 digit plates did not have a specific year that they are matched to, I wouldn't be getting those small metal tabs that you attach the current year sticker too. I had to place the current year sticker to my actual plate. So I have no use for the 1971 sticker. I know yom plates in the 60's attach their year specific sticker to the plates and put the current year sticker on the metal tab they provided. I guess it's not the case with 70's blue plates. But I do however have the older red lettered month sticker though. I'm not a fan of the blue month stickers.
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