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  1. Can this be done with say 1/4 vinyl chrome pinstripe?
  2. Need some driver quality items for my daily. If you have any let me know. I’m in SoCal. Can pick up or ship to me. - black front door cards, early version - passenger door window glass, clear - upper door window trim finisher, the aluminum trim that has the squeegee and felt for the window.
  3. I have one in nice shape. I’ll send you photos in a bit.
  4. First set sold. Second original set still available.
  5. I have 2 sets of rear bench seats for sale. First set were stuffed and with new vinyl about 4 years ago, very nice shape. Vinyl is nice and soft and the stuffing is comfy. $400- SOLD! Second set are the originals from my 71, the lower bench is in good shape no tears and the vinyl is in good shape also, the back piece is ok but has cracks and the vinyl has harden from years in the sun. $150. Can ship on your dime or local pick up in Orange County.
  6. Hey all, so ive finally had the time to install a new headliner on my sunroof 02, and it’s been a few months since I removed my sunroof panel from the car and I’ve forgotten how some areas should be installed. So for the rear side track, does the tension rod go over or under the black pin connected to the sunroof cable? See below on what I’m mean. My2002tii shows it over not under Thanks Under pin Over pin
  7. I have one of @HBChris filler adapter to gas up, haven’t spilled fuel since then.
  8. Dion, make sure you buy some cable clamps. They don’t provide them when you buy the wire set. I had to buy them at Home Depot.
  9. Here you go, In Long Beach https://losangeles.craigslist.org/lgb/pts/d/long-beach-bmw-2002tii-bumper-set-with/6979957507.html

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