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  1. Fredric

    Rear panel

    Depending on the damage of your trunk floor, the tail panel might be straightened out. But if replacing the tail panel is what you prefer, the job can be tedious but a lot easier than replacing the front nose panel though. Check out the link below, has some nice photos of it being replaced. Wallothnesch or jaymic may still have it available.
  2. Fredric

    1971 front grills wanted
  3. Fredric

    WTB - 72-73 Nose, Fender, Hood, Grills

    I have a rust free straight hood in Orange County. Pm if interested.
  4. Fredric

    SOLD Door Cards - Black/Black

    2nd in line if 02many passes. Pm sent.
  5. Fredric

    WTB Roundie rear panel, between the tailights.

    You mean the tail panel?
  6. Fredric

    SOLD. Late Model Chrome Plated Center Grille

    Thanks dicky, so the grill you have is genuine Bmw nos?
  7. Fredric

    SOLD. Late Model Chrome Plated Center Grille

    @Harry Malkas, is this a nos item or a reproduction? Also can you post some photos? I’ve purchased a repro in the past and the fitment and quality was not the best. Thanks.
  8. Fredric

    WTB rear spring pads dot 3

    Anyone have a good pair laying around? I need some dot 3 rear pads as I’m doing some suspension adjustments and messing with different set ups. I know they are available new but just checking if someone has a good set first. I would like them shipped to me if not in SoCal. Thanks.
  9. In san pedro
  10. Not mines but I’m San Pedro...
  11. Did you need a hood also? I have 2 of them you can choose from if you need one. I’m in OC
  12. Fredric

    WTB Hood + trunk lid

    I have both, all rust free from SoCal but the shipping will be expensive
  13. Fredric

    WTB: driver door for 71 car