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  1. Solved the problem. Put new points in the distributor. The last ones were apparently worn. Swapped the condenser too. So of anyone is having this problem in the future save yourself the trouble and buy a pertronix. I replaced the points with new ones, (cheap replacement) fired right up. Then I went to buy the electronic one.
  2. OK, so now I checked the new setup. Everything is how it should be. Started it up! It worked, didn't know why. Turned it off and started again. Fired right up!!! I noticed it was low on oil so I added some. Filled the oil up to just below the top mark. Now it won't start again. Same issue as before. It seems inexplicably temperamental to the point I am getting annoyed.
  3. I Didn't disconnect any relay wires. Just took a picture of it and tried to find a new relay online or at a parts shop. Can't find a replacement. The Red wire with blue spade goes to the electric choke. Checked voltage of old resistor and I had 1.1 ohms. Checked the resistance of the old coil, primary has about 2.0-2.5 ohms. 9.53k ohms on the secondary though. I'm not sure what the specs should be, but that seems like too much for a coil. I have't checked the new coil or resistor yet, but I will.
  4. I checked the fuses, all look pretty good. Traced the wires all around and didn't notice anything that might cause a problem (but I could have missed something.) My next best guess would be the relay above the coil. But that's just a shot in the dark. I looked into it anyway and can't find a replacement Saw another thread about the relay,
  5. Thank you for your help, John. I still have no spark out of my coil. And I've tried the new setup. What else could it be?
  6. Looks like it was the stock setup. I'm not entirely sure. The old stuff looked pretty worn and needed to be replaced. I was driving it around the engine died and I had no idea what I was. I narrowed it down to the ignition coil or resistor because I get no spark out of the coil.
  7. After reading many different threads on here about this issue I'm having some issue with my new setup. I purchased a red coil (silver with red label) and an bosch external resistor (1.8ohm) similar to the one in Johns post above. But Before I bought the bosch resistor I tried a cheaper one that was at a local shop, but it fried as soon as I turned the car on. (Same resistance, smoke was coming out of it and looked toast on the inside) I don't want the same thing to happen to the Bosch one I had to order. So before I install it I was wandering if anyone has had similar experiences or advice. '72
  8. Thanks for the heads up about the other clearance issue, Simeon. I had a electric choke on but have since converted to a manual choke. I don't suppose the hoses will interfere with that though since I do have generic hoses and no water choke. I think I'll just get the one form ECS tuning. It has the same part number as Chris posted. If the can pump is going to cause any problems like you said I'll just avoid it for now. Thanks for the help.
  9. I'm having trouble finding the correct pump. All the posts about Fuel pump problems that have been posted before have been mostly helpful, but going through all those threads I keep finding different information. I tried solving this given what I could find but after purchasing the 'short' neck fuel pump and not able to return it, I decided it would be better to get some answers before I continue. I have a '72. As posted above the short neck pump interferes with the coolant hose. So what would be the correct pump for my car. Installed the weber 32/36 on it. From what I found out my car had the original single barrel manifold on it but was replace by the previous owner to fit the later twin barrel. The simple answer would be to put an electric pump on, but I would prefer not to. Looked on Blunt tech, they sell the short neck pump that I already bought. Bavarian auto sells the lever operated one. I found this one, seems like the neck is slightly longer, but I couldn't find anymore information about it. This one looks the most similar to the one on my car now, but some differences.
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