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  1. NYTransplant

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Got the print today. Fits like a glove and installs in seconds. The only issue is it can tip toward the rear of the car under hard acceleration (I assume the car has enough guts). Two options: 1. Put some velcro at the far end of the base to hold it down. 2. Drill a hole between the uprights and screw it down using the screw that's already in the stock console. I relieved the bottom of the base to make room for the screw head. Drilling a hole is super simple, and I'll probably do that. I only had gray PLA, so I'll paint this one with black plastic paint to see how it holds up. I'll do the next one in black.
  2. NYTransplant

    My Mother. My Hero

    Harry, my condolences to you and your family. Thank you for sharing her story. It reinforces what we all know about how life should be, but sometimes fail to practice. Your mom practiced truly and from the heart. The way it should be.
  3. NYTransplant

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Designed a slide-in cup holder for the factory console. I'll print it next week and see how it fits. I wanted something I could install and remove quickly.
  4. NYTransplant

    Sale at Cocco mats

    That's the material I'm ordering! I wasn't really fond of it when I saw it on the web, but when I put the sample in the car, it was a perfect match, and I knew I had to get it. The Sandlapper Chapter of the BMW CCA arranged a factory tour on Saturday, and all of us were picking through the scrap bin for samples to lay on our floors. After looking at all the samples on their web site, I was certain that I was going to get this one... ... but this one matched too well not to order it: Cocomats was so gracious. They had a spread laid out for us with Coffee, doughnuts & bagels. Super nice people! You can also see the quality that goes into each mat. it's definitely a small operation that takes pride in what they do. Here are some photos from the tour: I called yesterday to have them send me the paper template. I should get it tomorrow. The woman I spoke with on the phone (Chrissy?) told me they send out the templates because of discrepancies in different 2002s. I mentioned that it might be the result of five speed conversions and the "modifications" to the transmission tunnels that are created by hand. 😉 Tim
  5. NYTransplant

    Spring has sprung!

    I was grabbing stuff out of the trunk of my E36 at work this morning and saw this out of the corner of my eye. I always store the car indoors, but obviously there is some nice rich organic material leftover from a previous owner storing it outside. With the amount of rain we've had lately, the conditions are just right. Anyone else ever grow crops in strange places? I had trees growing in my gutters when I bought my house in NY. That was quickly rectified.
  6. NYTransplant

    Rear defrost switch location?

    My headlight switch and cigarette lighter are swapped compared to yours, but the fan switch and "unlabeled" wiper speed switch are in the same places as mine. My guess is they intentionally locate the lighter on the the ashtray side depending on right or left steering wheel location 😉
  7. NYTransplant

    Rear defrost switch location?

    Mine has the heating element on the glass as well.
  8. NYTransplant

    Rear defrost switch location?

    Interesting that it's so different on the later models. On the '72-'73 (and perhaps earlier), the lower left knob is pulled for rear defrost. It's the same knob that controls fan speed when you twist it. The lower right, which is your rear defrost location is the wiper speed on the '72-'73. Found this in the reference section. See #2 & #8:
  9. NYTransplant

    Rear defrost switch location?

    Impeccable timing on this question! I was wondering the exact same thing yesterday. Unfortunately, I subjected Fritz to an absolute deluge on the way back from our CCA Chapter's Cocomats tour and the rear window fogged up. I just ran down to the garage, and sure enough, the switch pulls out. No idea if it actually works, but hopefully I won't have to drive in the rain again anytime soon. I did pull on the lower right knob as I was fiddling around yesterday and the wipers sped up. That was a bonus find 😉 Thanks for the info, Tim
  10. NYTransplant

    Sale at Cocco mats

    How long is the offer available? Our BMW CCA Chapter is doing a meet & greet and a tour at Cocomats this coming Saturday. If they don't offer 15% to the club members (hopefully they will), the discount code could be an option. I plan to buy a set of mats once I can get some sample material to compare in the car.
  11. NYTransplant

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Took Fritz to Cars & Coffee this morning. This afternoon, I tackled the passenger side lock and latch. Cleaned up the latch, added new grommets, and re-keyed the lock cylinder to fit the ignition and driver's door key by filing the brass tumblers with the key in place. Worked like a charm!
  12. I'll give the preload trick a try. Hopefully that fixes it, and I don't need the bearing. Thanks for the info Simeon!
  13. I added a Nardi wheel, and I reused the tab, Number 8, between the hub and the bushing as Preyupy & Mike mentioned. While we're on the RealOEM illustration, I haven't been able to figure out which part is the steering column bearing. Number 7 is a "Ring", but it certainly isn't a bearing, as it's a solid piece. Am I missing it? My column is making a scraping noise at the steering wheel, so I assume it's the upper bearing. Thanks, Tim
  14. Awesome shots! I love the older couple both checking out your car. When I drive by someone walking on the side of the street, I look in my mirror as I drive by, and so many times I see them turn around to figure out what kind of car they just saw 😉 Good luck with the diff.
  15. NYTransplant

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Never mind... found it. https://www.braillebattery.com/index.php/braille/product_series/mounts