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  1. Where are you seeing the message? I haven't seen anything like it so far.
  2. Pages 12-0/7-12-0/9 of the attached file lists the timing specs. 10-Electrical_Engine.PDF
  3. Took Fritz for a drive today. Saw this cool new sign in Cramerton, NC.
  4. I think they're awesome. You'd certainly stand out in the '02 crowd with those wheels!
  5. I remember this one. It was about 20 miles from my house. Can't wait to see you work your magic on this one Barney!
  6. Thanks @Loue02 The experience was great actually. John is an American living in Thailand, so there are no communication issues at all. He's very responsive through Facebook messenger. Make sure you contact him through Facebook. He gave me a little better price since there are no eBay charges going that way. These are not true E21 seats, but I think the only difference is the branding on the plastic parts. They actually sit slightly lower than the stock seats using the Aardvark adapters. There are other mounting options that will put the seat slightly lower. If you search the forum for "recaro adapters", "recaro brackets", or "recaro mounting", you should cover most of the mounting options. I've learned a ton from this forum on so many things. The floor mats are genuine Cocomats. The pattern is "Jaspe". Whenever you buy mats for a 2002 from them, they send you paper patterns that you modify to perfectly fit your car. They told me there are too many variations in these cars to go with a single pattern. I had to widen the passenger mat by 1-1/2" and modify the driver's mat slightly around the pedals. The rear mats I left untouched. Good luck!
  7. I got my Recaros from recaroseatsforsale on Facebook. They came out great and were priced reasonably. They come from Thailand, so shipping takes 8-11 weeks after they're finished. If you can wait, they are high quality.
  8. Harry, if you have a set, I'm interested. Thanks, Tim
  9. Sorry. Just noticed you're looking for the whole assembly.
  10. I buy the rubber only and reuse the flat stainless sheet metal and clip.
  11. Pretty sure it's Saddle. Tobacco is a bit darker (I think). I'm planning to respray the door cards with a custom matched vinyl dye that matches the seats. The color we found to be closest and used as a starting point is "Nutmeg" from an '82-'84 AMC Interior. 🙄 It needed a good bit more black to darken it up. I have Aardvark plywood panels to transfer the vinyl to. I also have Aluminum HVAC tape to redo the "chrome" trim. The panels are not perfect. There are some small cuts, but they should look pretty good.
  12. These Recaros have latches on both sides, but the incline adjust knob is only on one side. Shouldn't that be on the outboard side?
  13. I got them from recaroseatsforsale on Facebook. He's a US expat in Thailand who refurbishes them. His prices are very reasonable. The seats, rear seat covers and shipping were in the $1,800 range. Shipping is 8-11 weeks after completion. I caught him just as he was completing a brown set, so I got lucky with timing. I'm not sure how often he does brown. The adapters are from Aardvark. I just installed the rear covers yesterday. I might need a tetanus shot after that exercise. 😉 Those little points are sharp! Sorry for the crappy iPhone picture.

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