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  1. NYTransplant

    Prospero’s garage contact number?

    I looked into Prospero's last year and assumed they were long out of business. If you find out differently, that would be good to know. I could use a '72-'73 USA tii diagram if it's high quality. I have a scanned one I found here. It's OK, but a little tough to read.
  2. Just saw this note on the BAT listing: "Sorry for the confusion folks but we remeasured the wheels and they are in fact 4 X 98. We also test fit them on a BMW 2002, and they DO NOT FIT. We bought these wheels from Fiat vendor for a Fiat Jolly 600 project we sold before finishing. Any questions let us know. Thanks!"
  3. Hi. Did you ever get a throttle body cover?

    If not let me know.

    1. NYTransplant


      Yes I did Harry.  Thanks for checking.



  4. NYTransplant

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Weather permitting, I'll see you there! I put the Concord event on my calendar as well. Not sure if I'll make it.
  5. NYTransplant

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    That's mine. Definitely not original paint. It's a desert car which had a crappy repaint fade like crazy. I've been "aggressively" cutting and buffing and it's somewhat presentable other than the roof. I'm still working on that. The car came from the factory in Sahara and was repainted in Malaga (twice). I swung by your car as well, and you weren't around. I saw your car last month and when we left, I actually followed you out in my Gray Z3 Coupe. We gave each other a quick wave as you turned onto the I485 exit, and I continued on Arrowood. We'll have to catch up next month if you're there. Tim
  6. NYTransplant

    2002 Beauty Shots

    Took this today after Charlotte Cars & Coffee. This is "Metalmorphosis", a dynamic sculpture located in the same business park as C&C.
  7. NYTransplant

    Z3 e36 - yes or no?

    This one looks interesting, but at that price, it might need a maintenance makeover.. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/BMW-320i-1992/SSE-AD-5510220/?Cr=10 This one looks like it could be a contender as well: https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/BMW-325Ci-2004/SSE-AD-5585922/?Cr=0 You don't seem to have a ton of choices. Lots of convertibles or automatics.
  8. NYTransplant

    Z3 e36 - yes or no?

    Nice looking car. I would say it depends on the maintenance. My E36 has about the same mileage on it and it still runs strong and reliably. I'm not familiar with the longevity of the automatic transmissions though. You certainly would not be doing any track duty with that one. Wasn't that one of your criteria early on?
  9. NYTransplant

    Z3 e36 - yes or no?

    I'd still say E36, whether it's a compact (ti) or a standard E36. I consider the E36 as the last of the "driver's cars". I went from an E36 M3 to an E46 M3 a few years back. The E46 was an awesome car, but I found it a bit too porky for my taste. I ended up going back to an E36. Of course this is just one person's $.02.
  10. NYTransplant

    Z3 e36 - yes or no?

    I can't recall exactly, but I'd say about 13-14 ft. High. The lift came from my old house which only had 10-1/2 foot ceilings, so it's a low-clearance version. You can see there's still a couple of feet of clearance between the E36 hood and the raised garage door, so a taller lift would work without modifying the door tracks. I built the house with the large radius garage door tracks to gain more clearance. If I started from scratch in this house, I'd have bought the 12' lift. One downside of the shorter lift (other than whacking my head on a tire once in a while) is the cables and hoses run across the floor and not over the top. There's a ramp to protect them, and it's a pain to drive up and over it.
  11. NYTransplant

    Z3 e36 - yes or no?

    Thanks. 24x36. I also have another garage in the basement, so none of the cars sit outside.
  12. NYTransplant

    Z3 e36 - yes or no?

    I'd probably steer clear of the roadster if you want to do any serious driving. It's pretty flexy. I have an M44 Z3 Roadster, and it's fun to tool around in, but if I want to get out and play, I love my M54 Z3 Coupe. Such a blast to drive. If you want an E36 chassis, stiffness, and an M44, get a 318ti. If you don't mind a little bigger E36, the 328 is a fun car to drive and is comfortable to boot. I've never owned an E30, but I'd have to agree that it's a viable option as well. My wife asked me this morning as we were winding through some twisites in the 650i; "you're having fun with this one, which cars are your favorites". I told her that the Z3 Coupe and the 2002tii were absolute keepers. The rest could be quickly sold to swap with something different without an ounce of regret. I daily the 650i, but love to just go out in the 2002tii for a "one-on-one" with the car on weekends. I took it out for about an hour today.
  13. NYTransplant

    NM/NA Schrick 292 Cam Kit

    Not sure how much they retail for. The ad was gone within an hour after I posted it. I recall seeing a photo of the cam, a cam sprocket, rockers and valve springs. Not sure if there was anything else.
  14. NYTransplant

    NM/NA Schrick 292 Cam Kit

    A friend sent this my way. In case anyone is in the market: https://charlotte.craigslist.org/pts/d/schrick-292-cam-setup-early-bmw-m10/6742664913.html
  15. NYTransplant

    Autocross at BMW Performance Center

    I've done the Sandlapper BMW CCA Autocross many, many times (I used to live 8 miles from the plant). As far as insurance, I've not heard of anyone ever purchasing a policy for the autocross. I assume if you asked a track insurance company, they would give you some guidance. I've seen a couple incidents with damage, but as long as you're keeping it somewhat sane, things should be fine. There are a couple of areas where there's some armco barriers, but again, if you take it easy through those areas, you'll be fine. There's a good bit of runoff in most places. If you want to see a preview, here's a video from a few years back in my MINI.