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  1. Looking great!!! I may need to get one of those chrome tips. I've got a very unattractive stock pipe sticking out. 😞 Would you post a link or a part number?
  2. Like this guy... https://orlando.craigslist.org/cto/d/orlando-1973-bmw-2002-round/6981491729.html
  3. This is the first repair I did to my car when I bought it. It worked great, and is still holding strong. Of course I just jinxed myself. My flashers are probably going off as we speak. 😁
  4. Welcome to the FAQ! Looking forward to seeing the progress.
  5. Yes, they are. I'm not sure if those lenses were used anywhere else in the world. it's likely @Conserv would know.
  6. Another supplier of the CN36 is Performance Plus Tire in Long Beach. They list the 185/70-13 for $155. I had done some research before Tire Rack carried them. https://www.performanceplustire.com/antique-tires/pirelli-classic-tires/cinturato-cn36-blackwall/ty:Antique:ts:185-70-13/
  7. Toby, @Jackie Jouret would be disappointed you haven't bought her book yet 😁
  8. My turn signal lever was locking up whenever I tried to indicate left hand turns. It got to the point where I couldn’t move it at all. I pulled it out, cleaned it with MAF sensor cleaner and re-greased it with dielectric grease. Super smooth now. I couldn’t quite get the canceling tab to work correctly. It’s a bit deformed, and I couldn’t get it right. It cancels beautifully on right turns, but not lefts. I may need to 3D print a new one and press it onto a shim so it doesn't crush. I greased the slip ring while I was at it. No more squeaky wheel! As a reward, I took the car for a 35 mile drive. 😁
  9. Cool video. They must have cut off the last few seconds of the video when the car responded: "calling Arby's in Nantucket". 😆😆😆
  10. Thanks @iinca. I love this car. I'd have to be in dire straits to part with the tii or the shoe. All the rest of my cars are expendable. I bought it in Los Angeles sight unseen and drove it back to South Carolina. It was quite an adventure. If you've got a little time for some light reading, here are my daily blog posts: Clownshoe Diary
  11. Those are certainly nice, but if I were to spend any coin on lug nuts, it would only be on original Campys to match the wheels. Tim
  12. Replaced the brake light switch. I was planning to go for a drive with my buddy with an E21 last weekend, and noticed my brake lights were not working. I was bummed, but plan B was the Clownshoe, which doesn't suck. While I was in there, I replaced a sketchy fuel return line. I cleaned the windshield with clay bar, and swapped the open lug nuts for chrome closed lug nuts. All-in-all, a productive day.
  13. I hit the windshield with clay bar and water today. Came out great! I went out for a drive and it was like the windshield was removed... well, maybe not quite, but there was definitely a huge improvement.

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