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  1. Out getting lost after Cars & Coffee this morning...
  2. Brandon, do you have a good passenger side vent window regulator? Thanks, Tim
  3. Welcome and congratulations! Two things that can mysteriously drain a battery (though you haven't specified that's your case) are: 1. A Hazard Switch that fails to hold itself in and energizes the flashers... until the battery dies. 2. Bumping the turn signal lever when getting out of the car. It lights up one side of the indicators without flashing... until the battery dies. Ask me how I know 😀
  4. Thanks for the heads up Steve. I know three of the previous owners plus two leads such as "a couple from Sacramento" and a "BMW CCA club member from Grass Valley, CA". 😁
  5. I'd be interested in doing the same. My car came from California, and I have a little history, but would love to learn more. Please elaborate on the process if you would. Thanks! Tim
  6. Looking great!!! I may need to get one of those chrome tips. I've got a very unattractive stock pipe sticking out. 😞 Would you post a link or a part number?
  7. Like this guy... https://orlando.craigslist.org/cto/d/orlando-1973-bmw-2002-round/6981491729.html
  8. This is the first repair I did to my car when I bought it. It worked great, and is still holding strong. Of course I just jinxed myself. My flashers are probably going off as we speak. 😁
  9. Welcome to the FAQ! Looking forward to seeing the progress.
  10. Yes, they are. I'm not sure if those lenses were used anywhere else in the world. it's likely @Conserv would know.
  11. Another supplier of the CN36 is Performance Plus Tire in Long Beach. They list the 185/70-13 for $155. I had done some research before Tire Rack carried them. https://www.performanceplustire.com/antique-tires/pirelli-classic-tires/cinturato-cn36-blackwall/ty:Antique:ts:185-70-13/
  12. Toby, @Jackie Jouret would be disappointed you haven't bought her book yet 😁
  13. My turn signal lever was locking up whenever I tried to indicate left hand turns. It got to the point where I couldn’t move it at all. I pulled it out, cleaned it with MAF sensor cleaner and re-greased it with dielectric grease. Super smooth now. I couldn’t quite get the canceling tab to work correctly. It’s a bit deformed, and I couldn’t get it right. It cancels beautifully on right turns, but not lefts. I may need to 3D print a new one and press it onto a shim so it doesn't crush. I greased the slip ring while I was at it. No more squeaky wheel! As a reward, I took the car for a 35 mile drive. 😁
  14. Cool video. They must have cut off the last few seconds of the video when the car responded: "calling Arby's in Nantucket". 😆😆😆
  15. Thanks @iinca. I love this car. I'd have to be in dire straits to part with the tii or the shoe. All the rest of my cars are expendable. I bought it in Los Angeles sight unseen and drove it back to South Carolina. It was quite an adventure. If you've got a little time for some light reading, here are my daily blog posts: Clownshoe Diary
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