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  1. Hi there! Not on here much but will be attending and bringing lots of trim, late model grills & kidneys, wheel covers, hub caps etc... Anything you’re looking for? I have so many parts! Thanks and I’m looking forward to meeting and looking at all your cars! I take my coffee with cream, please don’t hold it against me. Ha! -Steven 425-344-0351
  2. Hi All, I'm not on here much but I am friends with some of you here in the PNW. I hope it's okay to post my craigslist ad of some 2002 sheet metal I am selling. I thought I'd share if it would help any of your projects. Best, ...Steven 425-344-0351 https://seattle.craigslist.org/sno/pts/d/snohomish-bmw-2002-e10-parts/6996141181.html
  3. Thanks for the reply. I can weld, yes it's fixable for sure. Do you know of a resource for the rear frame rail? (Next to tank). Thanks again!
  4. Hey FAQ, I'm new here. I've owned 4 2002's over time and currently own two. I love these cars and enjoy working on and driving them. I picked up this '76 Polaris Sunroof last year and started tearing it down. My question is: Is this 02 shell too far gone? Would you put in the effort to fix these rust issues correctly? Should I not waste my time? thank you for your help.
  5. Hey there, I have a '71 2002 and I'm looking for a drivers side fender and passenger side door. I'm located near Seattle. Email me @[email protected] if you can help. Thanks!
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