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  1. Since lower outer skins are out of stock I thought whatta heck i'll go for it. One side starts to form. One to go.
  2. One is for diff and other could be for transmission? Can't remember E21 era cars but E30 M3's had them about these locations (mounted up, not flat). Or if tranny is out of Q then one could be for engine oil. The oil tank is in trunk right? Maybe not so much for cooling but getting air out of oil going back to tank (bigger bubbles formed here helps a lot later in oil tank).
  3. tzei

    Well, this is a new one...

    Ouch. Maybe just gasket let go. But that's some serious bounding right there. Did valves bent?
  4. Check valve adjustments again. Inspect rocker arms for integrity.
  5. "The Swedish flick" gives me nothing by Google. I believe the driving technique referred here is called Finnish flick (or the Scandinavian flick). 😉 Here at 1:25 (first). It's called "vastaheitto" in Finnish language btw.
  6. What the h#ll is swedish flick?! When i got to drive hard a front engined AWD car i was told to drive it like FWD - works
  7. I had 2,5” Martelius pipework & mufflers in M2. Time to replace it and i’m considering their ss exhaust. Not a direct fit because S14 but no matter.
  8. Nokian Nordman 7, but it comes only factory studded. If E30 14” steelies could be an option then Hakkapeliitta r3 (non studded). I have 14” Nordman 7’s
  9. Started doing a small mainantance Service...
  10. Mosse’s engine is very rough copy of M10. It looks like one at first glipse but it’s really not. Basic ideas are copied but... hmm ... executed more... hmm uhum different attitude. The car was poor in every aspect and wasn’t appreciated even in USSR. nuff said.
  11. Not true. Read an article where factory engineer at that time was interviewed. (Racecar engineering, can’t remember the vol & nro thou).
  12. Only one atm. 123g a piece. Heavy i know but didn't have stomach to grind further.
  13. I had these one time. Broke two. Didn’t like them. (Bought two new, remaining 6 are crack tested so full set is available if someone wants). Went to KM rockers (old cast, heavy version), made em lighter. Not a single problem since.
  14. Tom. Cover your battery +. When fatty spicy one comes, it’ll electrocutes itself and burn ya car for a retribution.
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