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  1. I tried searching for pics and such. rebuilding a set of 1970 axle shafts to install in my 74.. I had them laying around. I searched the forum, all of the links that pertain pop up page not found. I took some pics and I'm certain they are going back together like they came apart but some more visual proof would be helpful!! Thanks everyone. The one end I have together doesn't want to move/rotate. Thanks again! Trent
  2. I have the Corbeau seats in my 74. They are comfortable but ride a little low in the front, planning on correcting that this winter. Sure a nice set of recovered recaros would look better, but these fit the bill for now!
  3. My engine and trans mounts are rubber. The vibration is more of a "buzziness" at highway speeds, not a tire imbalance issue, those I've felt. This is my first 02, but not my first older car. I've owned an 83 GTI, I still own a 1977 westfalia (not the same animal I understand). I've driven multiple vintage mercedes when I worked at a benz resto shop. I really do appreciate the input from everyone, hopefully this helps in understanding my past experiences. I don't expect a new bimmer, but it's very harsh. I've been looking at getting some very soft (low durometer rating) poly and making my own bushings. I'm a machinist and I'm willing to guinea pig myself!! So far I've found some that is just a slight jump from the hardness of rubber but it should hold up better in the long run. I guess we'll see! Thanks again everyone!!
  4. lube yes, torque yes. sound deadening is stock 1974 at the moment, but that will improve over the winter, but that shouldn't change the vibrating steering wheel
  5. I don't mind it for the short drives, but the look on my wife's face... Better get it right
  6. 185/14's, I'll check pressures, but I have all winter now!! salt,salt,salt!!
  7. trans,diff and engine mounts are rubber. The rest of the suspension are poly.
  8. 74 02, suspension completely redone. poly bushings (Ireland I believe) HR progressive springs Bilstein Hd's. Reinforced engine cradle, new rubber engine mounts. My car feels "buzzy" more race car than street car. Any advice?Thank you!!
  9. I have the vacuum port on the carbs!! thanks for the help! I'll get to it soon, but possibly up to 12" of snow by friday... no good!!
  10. 74 02 with Weber 40's and Ireland intake. Can I use my set of vacuum gauges to set them up? I use them for bike carbs and they work great!! If so, where can I hook them in? Thank you for any help! Trent
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