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  1. sort77

    sun visor mounts

    Hey guys sorry for the late response, For some reason I wasn't getting notifications on new posts. This is VERY helpful. Glad this isn't a case of me needing to track down something else random and hard to find.
  2. Here is a stupid question. Where do the sunvisors mount to? I'm finally working through the mess that was made of my 02's restoration and not having sun visors is finally getting to me. I have a terrible, but intact headliner that was installed in my car. They installed the catch points but not the visors—See photo So, Before I start stabbing holes into the headliner I figured I'd ask if there is a piece they could have removed (because they likely did) or if the mounting points are fixed. Any advice is welcome. If it matters this is a 1972.
  3. Quick question: What sort of connector is there supposed to be between the clear plastic fuel line that runs through the cabin and the fuel lines in the engine bay? Currently the black fuel line in the engine bay is slipped over the clear plastic. Had a hack paint my car and wreck havoc on all sorts of things, so I wouldn't be surprised if he removed something. I noticed air in the fuel line when I pulled back the carpet. I'm having cold start issues. I've got to crank the car for at least 20-30 second before I thinks about starting, and the car will not start when hot. Figured I'd address this connection if its a problem. I'm going down the list of culprits. If I'm missing anything please feel free to chime in ordered 8mm fuel line to replace whats in engine bay—No fuel smell in cabin so figured the plastic there is likely fine. ordered carb riser/spacer—Didnt find any obvious air leaks with a carb cleaner spray-test ordered new gasket for fuel sender will replace inline filter ordered new stock fuel pump. replaced fuel line at gas tank. will check float when I install carb spacer FYI entire ignition system was replaced and timed recently by a reputable shop & head gasket was repaired.
  4. I picked up these a couple weeks ago and am wondering if anyone had any experience on where to get these refurbished in the LA area. Either polished and anodized or polished and powder coated. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Because “naaaawww she won’t notice we broke this.” Trust me, I noticed errrything. Finally working on fixing my door so it will close properly. Slowly but surely, project by project. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. sort77

    Fan switch removal

    Thanks everyone. I think this is a job for a multimeter before I accidentally damage something. The knowledge here is appreciated. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. sort77

    Fan switch removal

    Hm that seems almost impossible without damaging. Ok I’m going to have to try a plan b on how to test the functionality on this. Doesn’t seem worth the risk it it’s still working. Thanks for the clarification on this. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. sort77

    Fan switch removal

    Been pulling on it and it won’t budge. Just want to confirm the just the black knob itself pulls straight off? It doesn’t unscrew? It’s not budging and I’m worried about putting too much force on it and breaking the switch. In other words,Someone tell me to shut up and give it a good yank. [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Sorry stupid question how do it remove this fan switch? Is it threaded on? I’ve been sifting through the forums for 30 min and am frustrated enough to just ask now. Help! I have to leave for work soon and hoping to get something accomplished before then. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Right?! At least I give myself a pat on the back for being in the general vicinity of the problem the whole time. This one was waaaay too big for me to figure out on my own. & It's amazing how much better a car runs when the exhaust ports aren't half blocked. Crazy right? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. sort77

    Lots of inexpensive but useful parts

    this still available? 1968-1971 Tachometer. Works but pretty bit up. $15+shipping Let me know, I'm interested.
  12. For anyone that cares for a follow up. The answer in this case was ALL OF THE ABOVE compression test offered that the head gasket blew, and quite dramatically. head had been replaced about 10 years prior and the mechanic installed the exhaust gasket in upside down. ignition also failed, Petronix was replaced, someone, at some point, had also welded something into the distributor effectively not allowing for any advance (???) coil was also replaced and ballast resistor is now removed. There was such a slew of problems pretty much everyone was on the right track. Its amazing the car ran as long as it did. No surprisingly, the car is running great now but its nearly impossible to start. I have to crank and crank and crank it to get it going, even when warm. I'm hoping its something simple now like a jetting issue. Also a lesson in why you should only see an '02 specialist. Grateful for really good mechanics.
  13. Looking for an already damaged driver (or probably even passenger side grill) with good center slats. I'm going to give it an ol college try and attempt to repair the grill I've got. backstory: What were great condition grills were returned to me damaged and broken after a botched "restoration" I'm finally trying to move on and hopefully acceptably repair these. please let me know If you have a damaged grill you want to get rid of. I'm not willing to spend too much—as I'll just be looking to replace it if this experiment doesn't pan out. Or if you want to take pitty on me, clear out some junk and just send me one eeeeven better (ha) let me know your price and shipping to 91505
  14. Well after reading up on the symptoms of a failing coil I had most of them. However I tried out my suspicions yesterday with a cheap $30 coil that was supposed to be like OEM from AutoZone yesterday and it improved nothing. Would have been worth the $30 to be back on the road.oh well I've watched a few videos on checking resistance and still can't make heads of tails of my multimeter. Obviously I'm a terrible student. Heh. I'll see if I can get some help later and check for spark and if I can get my hands on a compression tester that too. Otherwise I'm considering throwing in the towel on this one until I can get some funds to drop it at a mechanic. Because this happened slowly and then suddenly should I maybe suspect a vacuum/air leak issue somewhere? oh and as an aside the jets are different on my old carb. I'll be swapping those into the new one once I get it running properly again. Hope that fixed my terrible mileage.
  15. Yes, I'm by no means a mechanic. My carb was broken when returned and I put a new one on with the settings straight out of the box. It fouled a set of plugs in a couple weeks. That's when I took it to a mechanic —who owns a 02 as a daily driver—to adjust the carb, I'm not certain he did a great job. He even said it seemed still a bit rich to him. I then employed some secondary help to adjust the idle screws some more and it did help. I've still got the old carb and do plan on checking out its jetting and pulling those out (I'm assuming it has jets (?) not investigated yet). The old carb's set up gave me way better milage. I do think that is a part of my problem but not the main issue. Its current set up took me through almost an entire year of (terrible milage) driving. Ha. Things were running fine for a time until I noticed the car was running just a tad rough. After that stall it's not at all. I'd assume that if there was a failing part of the ignition system it would follow that path: Car stumbling just a bit and then a bit worse and then to a point where the car isn't running nearly at all. In the past When I was having issues at the distributor my tach would jump. I don't have that symptom here but perhaps that's not ubiquitous (?) And unless there is play in it —and its shifted—chances are its probably down stream of there since I was running ok in its current set up well prior to the restoration. I'm going to tinker around with the multimeter again today (meaning I'll be watching more YouTube videos To make heads or tails out of it. Ha!). And I'll look for play in the distributor. But If I'm following this thread right —When we checked. The resister was getting 12 volts which it then lowered and it was 7 at the coil, I'll put the multimeter on a few other parts too and see if anything of the numbers jump out as way off. Again, I'm no mechanic. I can only diagnose and fix the specific issues I've dealt with before. This one is completely new and with the restoration thrown in there I've got some weird variables. It's been Very frustrating. The only advice I can offer on this thread is keep your cars ugly and running well. HA! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk