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  1. Thanks. I have the bezels, but I seem to recall having these plastic rings that went behind the bezel to help keep the glass in place.
  2. My cluster had a plastic rings on the inside of each of the gauges....all of them have broken. Any idea where I could source? Check OEM and didn't see the part number. Any insight are appreciated. Thanks!
  3. QQ -- was black vinyl used on the A and B pillar on the interior? I'm having trouble finding a solid picture/information and I can't recall what was on my car, though I do remember there being a thin layer of foam, similar to what was under my headliner on the A pillars. Any insights are appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Interested if the trunk is still available.....sent you a PM
  5. Hi.  Do you still have the trunk lid and would you be willing to ship?  I’m on the East Coast 06232. 

    1. bmwm3_freak




      I still have it yes. Shipping I assume would be expensive

    2. Z3M


      Do you have additional photos, etc.?   Email might be best - I’m at ianmstanton@gmail.com

  6. Does anyone sells a complete wiring harness? I have a '68, six fuse car and my harness looks to have been spliced five ways to Sunday and not sure I want to deal with sorting it out. I've done a bit of searching with no luck, have a note into W&N to see if they have an leads. Thanks in advance!
  7. If seats are still available, I'll throw my hat in the ring as well. I'm in CT and can swing by to pick up.
  8. I’m looking for a 121 TI head...ideally a ‘68 or ‘69 stamp. Thanks!
  9. Gents -- I am the owner Vin 1662720 and have been absent from the forum for a while as I purchased an E30 325is, which took my time for most of the summer. Anyway....I wanted to fill you all in on some details regarding the process of finding the original color, Caribe. The below picture is the non-wet sanded and rather dark (sorry, was getting late) picture of the car as it sits today. I have undertaken the task of painting the car, using all OEM PPG paint products. I worked with the local PPG paint distributor/retailer to find the right color mixture, and let me tell you, it was oddly difficult, even with the correct BMW supplied paint code. It seems that over the years, the paint manufacturers have consolidated and when using the original BMW paint number and cross referencing with an actual original BMW color book the distributor had (it was really cool!), we could NOT find Caribe in their database. The rep. called a few of the manufacturers directly and only found Caribbean listed and we surmised that the person inputing paint names/codes into their data base system must have thought Caribe was short for Carribbean. To make sure, I brought in a sample piece of the original color off of the car and they made me a very small batch to check for color match. It did! However, seeing the above thickens the plot as the color I am applying is much darker than the above -- almost a more slate colored blue. Now, maybe it'll lighten up a bit after sanding and waxing, but I'll be really curious to see how it turns out as anything I've seen online has Caribe being a bit darker blue.
  10. Order new directly from BMW, but ended up not needing it.Order new directly from BMW, but ended up not needing it.
  11. Z3M

    Dustless Blasting Today!

    Sorry for the delay.......the exterior was $800. I primed it the following day and have very little flash rust as he put a chemical in the rinse to slow that down.
  12. Z3M

    Engine tear down

    Today I did a full engine teardown. While I have yet to do the head of the engine and remove all the valves and springs, I was able to completely disassemble the block. While I already knew the tops of the pistons are likely not salvageable, the rest of the engine looked in surprisingly good health. What surprised me the most was the shape of the clutch as it looked barely used. What was most surprising, was the fact that I found two broken and to dipsticks in the bottom of the oil pan. I guess you never know what you'll find. Once I get the valves removed, and br
  13. Today was a big day, as I have the car duster blasted by Monster Blasting out of Avon, Connecticut and I couldn't be happier with the results. We found some interesting bodywork under the paint, but otherwise things went very very smoothly. He used a very high-pressure industrial blaster mix of water and fine grain glass that easily cut through the paint and a little bit of rust that was on the car. There was no metal warping. I will say there was a fare amount of glass mixture all over the driveway, as well as within the car that need to be cleaned up. On the plus side, there was rus
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