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  1. Z3M

    Dustless Blasting Today!

    Sorry for the delay.......the exterior was $800. I primed it the following day and have very little flash rust as he put a chemical in the rinse to slow that down.
  2. Z3M

    Engine tear down

    Today I did a full engine teardown. While I have yet to do the head of the engine and remove all the valves and springs, I was able to completely disassemble the block. While I already knew the tops of the pistons are likely not salvageable, the rest of the engine looked in surprisingly good health. What surprised me the most was the shape of the clutch as it looked barely used. What was most surprising, was the fact that I found two broken and to dipsticks in the bottom of the oil pan. I guess you never know what you'll find. Once I get the valves removed, and bring in the entire engine to my mechanic for review to understand in better detail the shape of the block and the extent of the engine rebuild the house to take place.
  3. Today was a big day, as I have the car duster blasted by Monster Blasting out of Avon, Connecticut and I couldn't be happier with the results. We found some interesting bodywork under the paint, but otherwise things went very very smoothly. He used a very high-pressure industrial blaster mix of water and fine grain glass that easily cut through the paint and a little bit of rust that was on the car. There was no metal warping. I will say there was a fare amount of glass mixture all over the driveway, as well as within the car that need to be cleaned up. On the plus side, there was rust inhibitor within the spray and I've only experienced in the last 12 hours a very light flash rust. I'll see what happens in the morning. Tomorrow, I will be spraying PPG epoxy primer on the car to seal it and will then have to do a few bits of bodywork. As I said, overall it was a very positive experience and I'm glad I had it done.
  4. Eastwood high build self etching primer will go on first, then I will go with a urethane primer over it before paint. Plenty of sanding in between coats.
  5. TBD on the painting it myself....I am going to get a coating of primer on it to protect it.
  6. I'm getting the car dustless blasted (high pressure water) on Saturday so I'm getting myself prepared for an interesting weekend!
  7. Good clarification....going onto bare metal prior to paint
  8. I would imagine a random orbital sander using varying grits of sandpaper would do the job and going by hand in tight areas. What have folks done here......certain brand/type of sander? Thanks!
  9. I'm having the exterior of the car dustless blasted (water) next week, so today I spent time removing all of the aluminum trim and other associated clips from the car. A few trim removal tools made easy work of the trim and it is in very good shape for me to re-attach. To my surprise, there was no rust underneath any of the rain gutter trim and only limited rust around the chrome in the windows. Overall, it was a pretty easy process and I look forward to having the car blasted next weekend. I'll be sure to post a video and pictures.
  10. I'm going with dustless blasting (aka water) and will post up pictures and experience in my blog. It's getting done, next Saturday, April 29.
  11. Great conversation and real good insights. I'm in CT and will do a little research on blasting. I completely stripped the underside of the car, reprimed and coated, and reinstalled brand new components on it's front and rear subframe. It took me almost all summer and was just a hateful job. I'd prefer to not spent my time scrapping.
  12. Is it orbital sander, chemicals, something else? The car has only two coats of paint and not real rust on any of the panels, etc.. I think a orbital would be just fine, but would like to know what others have done. Thanks!
  13. Ok, so it's been a while. Actually, a long while, where does the time go! Now that youth hockey season is concluding and the weather is bound to get nicer (except for the MAJOR nor'easter we're getting tomorrow,) I'll be able to get back to some appreciable work. Since this past Thanksgiving and the holidays, I was hard at work putting the finishing touches on my sub-frame and re-attaching it to the car! I was able to do this over my holiday vacation and am more than please to have the car back on it's wheels! It looks like a car again! Over the last few weeks, I've just been puttering away on what I will be doing next. The near terms finds me taking apart my doors as the bottoms of both are rusted out around the seams, but I did get some replacement sheet metal to repair them. Once I get this done, I'll have a professional repair them for me. The next job will be to start stripping the paint off the car and getting it ready for a re-paint and some metal work. I've been lucky and have only found a few spots of rust -- one on the lower rocker near the front door and some around the lip on the driver side rear-wheel. The spare tire well has a few holes in it too and I'm wrestling on whether to just patch it up best I can or get the replacement trunk metal. Decisions, decisions. To strip off the paint I'll used a orbital sander so if anyone has a brand/type suggestion please let me know!
  14. September 17, 2015 is when the complete strip down began and today, I've competed a major milestone of getting all four wheels back on the ground. Over the last year I've completely stripped, primed and recoated the underside. I've had both the front and rear subframes powder coated, as well as a few other parts. And I've installed IE lowering springs, sway bars and new shocks all round. I've got a long way to go, but felt good getting it down today. I've asked this community a ton of questions and even relied on one of you (Mike, OH) to help with the acquisition. Thank you all for your help and expertise as I don't think I could have accomplished this without your insights. Have a great 2017 and I'm stoked to start on the next phase.
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